20 thoughts on “You’ll Like It! (3)” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. Hey! Don’tell me that the honey has gone sour

  2. See matter oh. This guy’s mother is a ninja. But why did the Dento even call his mom in the first place? Levuz, next episode abeg. I like where this thing is going.

  3. Why do some Mother put their eyes in their son’s family afire. Nice story.
    Punctuation checked, Story line maintained ,

  4. Why is Mrs. Chukwu so pugnacious
    I wonder like Dent who’s conscious
    trying to build his marriage with Esther
    on a palatable tray disjointed by his mother

    @levuz, “You’ll like it” is unfolding quite beautifully.

  5. Mehn i am just speechless…is this what the mother should be doing??instead of talking to esther calmly like a mother and daughter…she dey throw slaps…some women sha…dis marriage is doomed

  6. Nawa o! Honeymoon abi bitter leaf moon?
    This mama sef, na wetin be her own.

  7. @ameenaedrees lol! nah real bitterleaf moon. I was excited when I saw this post as I have been patiently following. I cant wait for the next one. this one was too short for me because I am really enjoying it. Cant wait to see what happens next.

  8. That’s the reward of inviting your mother at such early stage of marriage

  9. The Honey in the Moon has gone missing o. Dento should have gone for a sexy wife nah, instead of causing all these drama.

    Next plz…..

  10. na real hot slaps. Dento is not a man, if he was he would teach his woman how to please him and only him. anyways i don dey pity the wife.

  11. This marriage is ruined! His mother went too far

  12. why is mother so pugnacious lmao, this guy

  13. @kaymillion, @six, @leofemmy, @innoalifa, @schatzilein, @ameenaedrees, @Ivie9ja, @Ordeezy, @jayrume, @Miss3me, @Aminat, @kevweodogun.
    Can’t express how happy I am to see that you are reading and following this Series!
    Thanks a million.
    Please don’t stop.
    I can only promise that . . . You’ll Like It!

    1. @Levuz, I’m liking it :)
      Keep bringing them

    2. yeah right! I am sure liking it…

  14. Dento! A man needs to act like one. Don’t be mummy’s boy. He could have spoken to his bride telling her exactly what he expects in bed rather than reporting to his Mummy.
    Mothers also need to know where to draw the line

  15. Wrong move by Dento.

    But guy….the Mum raining beatings upon Esther was kind of rather extreme…or is there something to it that we don’t know of yet?

    This line – ‘He knew she wasn’t fighting for him anymore, she was fighting something else which he could at present not explain.’
    – leaves me to suspect that there’s more to it. That will make me still not conclude that the Mum’s actions where too much.

    I hope this will all be justified further in the story.

    Still loving the flow!

  16. Awwww! poor Dento, he’s really in between the devil and the deep-blue-sea. he shuldnt have told mama buh i cant blame him tho. Honeymoon turned sour. All these born-again-sisters sha! cant wait to know how the scene unfold.

  17. Oh my see wahala during honeymoon. good job

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