Story Don Finish

Story Don Finish

I picked my pen to write something, anything at all, the pen stopped working. Not that the ink stopped flowing, no, the muse left me. The creative mind went dead. My pen rests on my paper for almost two minutes without a word scribbled on it. How do I start the story? Once upon a time? That old school way we started stories back in primary and junior secondary school. But the question is, once upon a time what? What happened once upon a time that nobody already knows?

The guy sitting next o me in the common room yawned. Chai! all these hall three boys ehn. The text book on pharmacognosis was apparently too big for him to read the way he stared at the book with confusion streaming all over his face. Some of these pharmacy students sef, they stress themselves too much. I am sure he has been here since morning, the body odor oozing from him is the reason mosquitoes have been far away from us. Natural insecticide. But the mouth odor kill me. Dead brain. Even if I try leave this seat there is no where for me to sit, everywhere is occupied. Exam is close.

I faced my book again hoping to write something. What would I even write? I have not written anything in a long time, and I need to start now. My head is trying to touch those creative spots , looking for somewhere to get inspiration. Nothing. No muse. I need to write something original. Original? That word original makes me laugh. Is any literary piece original? No. people recreate the story of a writer they don’t remember. No story is original. Somebody has written it before. You either heard of it or read it somewhere, you don’t create original stories. People have written it all. That’s my problem, there is nothing to write.

I am thinking on writing on the most popular movement of the 21st century, the one women folks like to shout about, feminism. I laugh whenever I hear the word feminism. How many people even believe in the word? Who believes it is a womans’ world? “who runs the world? Girls. Really? Girls? No. men run the world. Most of the feminist movement are vocal activities. Even the women who scream pro-feminism don’t believe in the idea. Girl power does not exist. People use the word because its vogue. Please don’t judge me. I love the ladies, I love intelligent independent women, but lets be real with our selves. Do you ladies believe in it? Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Beyonce, Jeniffer Lopez and all these powerful women who scream feminist movement, how well do they know about the girl in the village of eastern Nigeria trying to pay her way through secondary school? Go tell feminism to a woman who has a drunk for a husband and is working very hard to fend for her five children, tell that to Adesuwa in Lagos whose parents are pressuring her to get married because she is forty, tell her. I don’t believe in a feminist movement. Maybe some sort of equality but that too is a dream that would never be achieved. There can never be equality. Call me chauvinistic all you want but there is never going to be a time when men and women would be equal. Feminism is nothing to write about.

I bit the cap of my pen, same way I did it back in primary school when the teacher sets difficult tests. I spied and was never caught. I am here thinking of what to write when there is a competition I should be writing on. Kola magazine writing competition. The topic is THE FUTURE OF THE AFRICAN CHILD. The future of the African child? What a topic. What is there to write about the African childs’ future? Nothing. I am myopic? No. I just hate hasty generalization. It’s funny when people are asked to write on the African child, they are always biased. If Europeans write thrash about us must we also write even more classical nonsense too? Most of the story of “African child” are fake. The African child is always described as that big stomach, big head, with tattered pants on his waist, thin legs, a child suffering from abject poverty. The African child would be portrayed as that child that can’t go to school, that one that wears worn out school uniforms that’s been patched with thread and needle in all corners, that child who can’t speak proper English. The African child is seen as the delinquent who smokes weed, rapes young girls. The African child is rarely painted in his true picture.

Africans love sympathy.

Nobody talks about that kid that lives in GRA with fat cheeks, that wears the best cloths, that drives in an air conditioned car to school, that is taught in a well furnished and conducive classroom. Nobody writes about that child that wins the science competition abroad, that has the highest SAT score ever, that child that graduates with the best grades in medical school. Nobody writes about that 20 year old app developer that just created an application that apple is willing to pay so much money for, nobody writes about that great business idea by that African child that is set to take the business world by storm. No, that is not an African child.
So there’s nothing to write about the future of the African child. If I write about a future I would be writing about somebody present state. The African child has no future. Just a present.

Wetin I go write about now? There are no stories to tell, they have all been told. Should I write about the bad government? No. too much articles already. Love? Girls? boys? Family? God? There is NOTHING to write. No story to write, it has all been written.

Goallllll!! The sound of goal from the common room brings me back. My muse returns. E be like say chelsea don dey beat Arsenal. I close my empty book and keep it inside my bag. School bag on my arm. I am headed for the common room. Since there’s no story to write, at least there’s still match to watch

23 thoughts on “Story Don Finish” by oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

  1. Lol, this was nice.

    1. thank you for stopping by. story never finish though.

  2. Really feminism maybe surreal but I do believe in it……… Yes Africans are in the present …….thumbs u @oxymoron93 this stuff is a BLAST!!!!!!

    1. thanks dear. if there is feminism then… thanks for reading darling.

  3. I read with passion
    and feministic affection
    reading in between the lines
    and seeing that stories can be written

    Nothing it seems is new
    but something novel with a clue
    can be recreated from the old
    and shared for all to read on the floor

    there’s so much about the African child
    who, though gifted, rough and mild
    can struggle through hard times
    and emerge like the best limes

    I dare voice out
    not just to flout
    but to urge us on
    to not give up on writing

    1. of course sir nothing is new, just recreated old stuffs. nd about hey its nice to see you read with feministic affection. that’s beautiful. i strongly believe the African child is better off than what most of us potray him to be. i read a short story that talked about the African child and i was pissed. thanks for dropping by sir. you and your poems though, wish i had such poetic license

  4. You did write something, in fact plenty things.
    Try not to be myopic and antagonistic though, there is a future for the African child, and there is hope in Africa even for us girls.
    Nice piece, a very unique way of passing your message.

    1. okay. let me just say her though that i believe firmly in the future of the african child but not in the sense a lot of people see it. we are not perfect but we are not as bad as people paint us. we definitely can get better, but we are not the worst there is. and for feminism, lol.
      i would stop being myopic. thanks foe reading

  5. There is really nothing to write after all those topics you hurriedly discussed. that was creative, it tasked my mind to think far and thus made me to pick up my PEN….. something has to be written!

    1. I am happy I inspired you. I would be waiting to see the piece

  6. Yay!!! I was really excited while reading this… Like everyone else said, you did say alot when there was nothing to say. I loved how you didn’t even start with the government.. story for another day.

    good job @oxymoron93 and yes, Chelsea always beat Arsenal

    1. Government tori too plenty. People don too write about am. Thanks for reading

    2. pack well @ufuomaotebele, which Chelsea dey beat Arsenal. No go there o before my GUN will blow off your screen…

      Bar man! Biko, arrange me one bo, make I take cool temper.
      Any way, @oxymoron93, ur tory make sense sha, but no fall my club hand for this place or ….

      1. @Pkc lol… It amazes me how loyal Arsenal fans are.. as in!! una no dey tire?? The only reason I dey reason with you is because my boyfriend Danny Welbeck currently joined ur family of Arsenals so I gats to chill…. no more hate… #ManUistheteam…

      2. @ufuomaotebele, at least there is a reason, you are welcome. #Arsenal4Life.

  7. Haha! So youve met my chubby cousins in GRA Benin? lol this one hit home for me I enjoyed it. I have a poem in review that has a hint of this story kind of. Any way you and @ufuomaotebele are in my head. I always seem to have something in common with the 2 of you

    1. hehehehe this babe be stealing our thoughts…
      we will be waiting to read it ma’am…

  8. Feminism is real its not women trying to rule the world but women fighting for a better treatment of women. if you won’t give us we will take it by force, in every woman is a silent voice screaming to be heard. The few brave ones say it loud and clear. As for the African child there are just few remaining. There are just a lot of wannabe Americanas

    1. i think though that the way women folk scream feminism it does not look like they just want a voice, it looks more like they want equality. no hating but that is how i see it. lol at only americanas are left. we just ant to feel among. Africa no dey too give us that needed swag. thanks for reading

      1. We are not asking to be like men, we are asking to be given the same opportunities and a choice to decide to be whatever we want and do what we want with our bodies as an individual and not as a minority. I love your write-ups still but i am sure you would love a woman with a voice and a choice.

  9. Haha. We all experience writer’s block once in a while. One of the most trying times in a writer’s life.

  10. Nice one. @ Amara Ugo…Feminism thing….we make big issues out of nothing. Both the male and the female need each other for well rounded life and continuity. The man is not in anyway better than a woman…just different. The reason why men are to be the “heads” of the home, is not because they are better, but because an organisation without a head or order is as good as dead. So the man as the head, is just a form of creating order, so we don’t have families that run like companies without a CEO.

    By the way, I am a guy. Don’t allow the Amarachi fool you.

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