That One Night


That one night
He was a piece of leaf on a flowing stream
I was a captive bird seeing the signs of rain

That one night
He told me
“Oh, my lovely Shadiah
You are beautiful like a deer.”

That one night
I told him.
“Take it easy, Prince Obadiya
This is my first time, dear
You will surely be there.”

That one night
Drums laughing like mad drunkards across the doors
Fretting feet awaiting the pride of the bride outdoors

That one night
He was moving like the waves of a stormy river
I was moving like the ripples of a gentle breeze

That one night
He burst into a smile of nobility as the sun
I burst into a cry of dignity as the ocean

That one night
A rose of crimson arose from the plain robe
Where foes awaited tears of woes

32 thoughts on “That One Night” by Ajenifuja Adetokunbo (@Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo)

    1. @kycee’stales Thanks for the read Miss.

  1. i’m anxiously waiting for that one night.

    1. Me too jare. The prayer is to come across the right person. I pray for you my Sis.

  2. That one night
    brings eternal light
    to my life’s darkness

    This is great @ajenifuja-adetokunbo :)

    1. @innoalifa Wow. What a lovely line you rendered! I hail you sir. But you have passed through that already, shey?

      1. Certainly, I’ve passed through that, @ajenifuja-adetokunbo :)

  3. Please do consider writing song lyrics. This is incredible!

    1. Hey…..Haba. No dey flatter my sister. Thanks so much

  4. That one night
    He sang so sweet in lyrical tones
    And the best i could do was listen

    great poem indeed

    1. Reallyyyyy? Good to hear that. Thanks a load.

    2. Lol. Abeg, listen to am well for home theater. I salute o.


    1. Lol. Na wa ooo. Na so sha.

  6. That night, was a lovely one to remember

    1. Yes ,my bro..

      Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Simple poem that was clearly understood. Nice use of simplicity and metaphors in depicting a tradition of virgin testing by a royal groom.

    Despite its briefness, the poem says so much within its just few lines. Now thats the power of rich imagination

    1. @afronuts Lol. Thanks. I am glad to hear that. I appreciate the compliment,

  8. That one night I’ll become his honour and him my pride.

    1. @uzywhyte …… Hmmmn. Thanks

      I like that. May God make you and I witness the night. cheers!

  9. That one night is beautifully crafted..It arouses our senses from different perspectives..good work.

    1. @storm Hmmmn. According to your name, your words storm my heart. Thanks.

  10. That one night, I hope we don’t regret the next morning…

    1. @ufuomaotebele That’s another thing o, my sister. That one night might just be so special, who knows what happens on the following morning or night.

  11. “That one night
    He burst into a smile of nobility as the sun
    I burst into a cry of dignity as the ocean”

    I love these lines……

    . memorable night it will be.

    1. @kaymillion Thanks for the like Miss.

  12. what more can i say? That one night when even the stormiest of wind can quench some burning light…

    1. Hmmmmn. Lovely line @Petersonspecies. Thanks for the feedback bro.

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