Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 11

“Get me a drink.”

Niyi barked at Andrew after Clara drove off. He would have darted after her if Andrew hadn’t stopped him.

“That’s not a good idea. Ignore the girl. You don’t want to unleash that demon you become when you drink. ”

Niyi didn’t feel like a demon-to-be. He felt like a victim. The one chosen to be the butt of his brother’s joke. His head was spinning as if he had already consumed a whole barrel.

“Get me a fucking drink.” Niyi shouted at Andrew with the force of the rage, ripping him apart.

And as soon as Andrew disappeared back into the pub, he turned his attention to the ash bucket next to the flowerbed and kicked it so hard, its content flew into the road.

He walked back in, acutely feeling the need to curb the rage that had manifested in his balled fists.

“One drink and then we go Niyi.”

Andrew wore a noticeable frown, as he stood, waiting at the bar with a bottle of beer and a glass of wine. Niyi walked over to him – without mouthing a word – picked up the bottle and sipped his first Lager in twelve months. A year sober, flushed down the drain, thanks to his girlfriend and brother.

Still, the familiar taste of beer in his mouth rushed to quench the fire raging within him. The demon within him that only his love for drink could overpower. The only trouble was, drink had saved him in the past and then laid double edged swords in his path. It would start by blunting his misery then turn into a nightmare. A desire stronger than that he’d ever felt for anyone or anything. He stared at the empty bottle, wondering how something so small could will this much power over him.

“Let’s get a table. I will have two more and call it a night.” He grinned at Andrew, who now looked as pasty as a ghost.

By the time he finished the fifth bottle, he still felt raw. Lager hadn’t worked as much as it had in the past when women let him down. Staggering to the bar, he ordered a few shots, enlisting the two blonde girls at the bar to help him get the drinks to their table.


She was standing in front of him when he opened his eyes.

Lights had filtered into the lounge –where he’d spent the last few hours. She looked ravishing in a TM Lewin shirt that revealed more than it covered. The shirt belonged to him. Sade wore it better.

Her newly plaited braids were down, framing her face. He wanted to pull her down beside him and own every bit of her. Including her heart.

Especially that.

“Looks like someone partied hard last night. That should sober you up.” Sade pointed at the cup of coffee on the table.

“I had one or two bottles.” Niyi said, knowing he looked like Death himself would look on a bad day. He didn’t like lying to her. One or two bottles couldn’t be further from the truth. He had downed pints and shots until the skinny blonde girls started to morph into curvy, attractive women right before his eyes. Luckily, Andrew had persuaded him to come home.

Sade had stopped smiling. And in the place of that smile was that look she’d given him in the past. The look she gave him when he confessed to her in London that he attended to patients whilst drunk.

“Don’t worry, your man doesn’t need deliverance or an intervention. I had one or two. I am fine. Okay?”

Niyi wished he meant his last statement because as soon as Sade disappeared back into her room, he scrambled to the kitchen. He found what he was looking for in the fridge. The unopened bottle of Baileys.

He emptied half his cup in the sink and topped it with Baileys. Then he put the bottle back and sought solace on the flat of the kitchen door.

One last drink to cure the hangover.

Taking the cup to his mouth, he savoured the rich creamy taste. The burst of ecstasy made him shut his eyes so that he didn’t see Sade come out of the room. He heard the klap klap of her slippers and his eyes fluttered open to her curvy frame.

She mouthed something as she sashayed past him into the kitchen. The headphones of her MP3 player were plugged into her ears. The device hanging like a pendant on the first button of her shirt. He guessed she couldn’t be that angry with him because her long legs were still uncovered.

He drank the rest of his drink as she set about putting utensils and ingredients on the worktop. Eggs. Oil. Butter. Frying pan.

“Omelette is a good hangover cure.” Sade piped.

He nodded, wondering if she learnt that from her pastor because eggs were the last thing he wanted.

Sade walked over to him. She still had the headphones in her ears, so he put his mug on the worktop and wrapped his arms around her waist. With him leading, they started to move from side to side – as if they were both listening to the song. She buried her face on his bare chest, a radiant smile beaming on her face as his hands held her tighter.

He knew she was listening to Bruno Mars’, It Will Rain because of the way her palms grasped his back. But mostly, because that was what woke him up every Saturday at hers. She’d sing the song to him, running her palms all over him – the way she was doing now.

‘Cause there’ll be no sunlight

If I lose you, baby

There will be no clear skies

If I lose you, baby…


She eventually stopped moving against him, although her hands stayed, wrapped around him.

He guessed the song had finished and unplugged her headphones. “That song mirrors what I feel for you, babe. I wonder though if you love me like that…”

The awkward silence after his statement lasted a while. The awkwardness was still there when she gazed into his eyes and whispered something about desiring him above all else.

“But you loved Femi from the beginning.”

Sade withdrew from him, putting inches between them as if he had just stung her.

“I know.” Niyi leaned on the door for comfort. “I know you had a relationship with my brother. Clara told me.”

“Was it one of those relationships that don’t lead anywhere? Please tell me, you didn’t let him touch you? Talk to me Sade!” He barked.

“Once.” She whispered.

He turned away as soon as she spoke. The word was out and it hurt more than anything had ever done. He shut his eyes and counted from one to five.

Sade had started to cry when he finished counting. She was rambling.

“You were in Lisbon. I started to see Femi like he was the one…”

“Was something going on when I was still with you two in Manchester?”

“No, it started when you left. You just left and I needed you. I was angry and Femi supported me…”

“Shut up. Stop blaming me for your stupid mistake.” Niyi moved closer to her and she stepped farther away.

“You let that swine fuck you because I wasn’t there. I was in Lisbon working twenty four seven to keep a roof over your heads. Or did Femi not tell you where all the money was coming from? I even told him to look after you for me. I guess… that’s how my little bro looks after the women around him.”

“I didn’t know Niyi. I didn’t know for sure that you liked me and when I moved to the UK, you were not even single. You had that Bongi, the South African girl…”

“And you and Femi were always together as if you were joined at the hip.”

“But how was I supposed to know you liked me? You used to hug me as if I was your cousin. I’m not a mind reader. Femi was more determined. He did all the right things. We drank wine one night and…”

“Wine? Are you saying you were drunk? He took advantage of you then.”

“No. I wanted him. He didn’t do anything I didn’t want him to. He said he loved me and…”

Niyi reached for the bottle of olive oil on the worktop and threw it across the room. The bottle smashed against the backdoor and shattered into several pieces.

Sade noticed the tautness of his jawline but it was the dark look in his eyes that made her run out of the room.

The last time she saw that look creep into his eyes was when he pummelled his father, fracturing his wrist and collar bone. It had taken two neighbours to get him off the screaming man.

Please God, this can’t be happening.

Sade headed towards the front door. She ran until two strong arms gripped her from behind. The arms held on to her with the strength of steel. Nothing about the way the arms gripped felt like the limbs of the man that claimed to love her.

As Sade felt herself been lifted off the floor, she let out a chilling scream.



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  1. Ahhh what is wrong with Niyi? Hmmmmm next abeg.
    I like your writing style, it has a way of evoking feelings really wonderful.

  2. “Cause there’ll be no sunlight
    If I lose you, baby
    There will be no clear skies
    If I lose you, baby…”

    The heightening and lengthening
    of the story with sweet wording
    makes me desire and aspire
    to read more as far as I respire

    This is spine-tingling @olajumoke :)

      1. Watching out for them dear :)

  3. So @olajumoke I read this again and again and again, covering my face not my fault, you got me glued and pinned.
    I noticed this.
    ‘Been lifted’
    Isn’t suppose to be ‘being lifted?’
    Na Over reading cause am.

    1. Hehehe, over reading @ameenaedrees.
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      1. Stalker ke, hmmmm I must be hot, I will follow you back.
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  4. @olajumoke …now this is what i’m talking about …intensity…when people read your story and excuse your flaws for genius. i like this installment … spikes the ratings for this story upwards again…*smiles*.

  5. Thank you for the cool comment @dees-hive.

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      1. Na niyi cause an oh…his actions left me speechless

  6. Nice job, anticipating the next episode. I also read Our Angels though I followed it up then. You are just too good. Gburg. I pray nothing happens to Sade.

    1. Awww, you read my first series @hoyeenz?
      Thank you.
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    1. It’s good to see your comment.
      Thanks @Nalongo.

  7. Omg I really love this couple and wish Niyi would forgive Sade instead of doing something rash by hurting her or leaving…please u guys should try to sort this out n come out much stronger. Clara you are a Killjoy

    1. Thank you so much for following @Kosnie.

  8. Going about destroying people’s homes and happiness what do you really derive from this eh Clara answer me quickly o

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      Thank you for checking in . Hope the essays are coming on okay.

      1. awww thanks 4 asking and yes! they are going great…

  10. So Niyi is exactly the animal Peju called him. I pray he doesn’t hurt Sade and his unborn child. @Jummy, tanks for this episode.

  11. @aadetoyin, how you dey?
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  12. Yes, but I don’t think I commented throughout *coversface* Niyi had better not unleash the animal in him.

  13. @hoyeenz, it’s okay…the commenting thing.
    I just really appreciate that you are reading. It makes getting it down more fun.
    Thank you.

  14. Clara AKA satans wife smh

  15. @ivie9ja, lol.
    I was thinking deputy but first ladies usually have more say than the deputies sha…so yeah I’m with you.

    Many thanks for reading and leaving helpful comments from the very beginning.

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