Mama Dora (Prof Dora Akunyili)

Mama Dora (Prof Dora Akunyili)

Dora Akunyili
Dora Akunyili

Mama Dora
A woman of Adoration,
A leverage on which the nation
Became known for commendation.
In the health sector, a big no to corruption
Expired food not for consumption
No to fake drugs! A means to life termination.

Unfortunately, with great indignation
Against the knowledge of cancer’s proclamation
Which snatched you from the hands of this great nation
A great confrontation, unfortunately no solution.

Nevertheless, we feel the loss
Tears rolling down, we grieved for the loss
We are left alone to carry the cross
Of pains and agony that your death brought on us

As much as we wish to have you stay
Your creator understands that you needed to go away
But hopeful someday
That we will meet in that good way.

For the lives that you saved
For the culprits that you disgraced
An inspiration to the black race
Shame to those who wanted your good works curtailed
And still your bravery prevailed

Long live your legacy on earth
Long live a great heroine
Ambassador of good health
Long live Dora Akunyili.

7 thoughts on “Mama Dora (Prof Dora Akunyili)” by Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

  1. I know she heard the voice
    eulogizing her with choice
    special choice of words
    which speak more than swords

    telling forth her greatness
    in lines full of brightness
    simply thought and shared
    in a way grandly proclaimed

    beautiful lines for the GEM….

  2. well done. She was really a heroine. One like no other

    1. @motaomu: Thanks bro 4 stopping by…..we hope to see more in our country….watch out for me too *big teeth*

  3. my dear mother…. i still think of you everyday….
    nice work my dear

    1. @mbanefo: thanks pal….nice to see u here :)

  4. @innoalifa: always on fire with words….thanks 4 stoping by :)

    1. U’re always welcome…

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