Lion’s Den

Lion’s Den

Have you seen his childhood, dreamt his dream
The hustle, his smile ain’t what it seem
Not today, a battle from way back when
He let himself into a Lion’s den

His Mothers’ joy, his fathers’ pride
Handsome; his charm too revealing to hide
Schooled in an unbearably difficult upbringing
Brave heart; he had a way to keep the anthem of hope ringing

This I did to him; taught him to embrace knowledge
Find strength in dark hours, a will, a pledge
Talent; to pave way and make him glow
Academics; to make him wise, stand out in the know

Oh! How he glowed in the morning sun
Steadfastly burning, the dawn of the chosen one
The Ladies melt, the guys stand in awe
A sum of good things, an end to a war

Then I saw a change, I saw a path
I saw a yearning, I saw a dart
Intoxicating was the feel, a new him awaken
A healthy road it seemed, a destiny undertaken

This is what pride did to him; revolt against truth
Scorn advice, hate scolds, a dangerous route
A master of himself, self sufficient
To stand and be ‘an all’; handsomely magnificent

This is what girls did to him; stole virtues and time
Illicit in hidden places, didn’t seem a crime
With neighbour, with friends, the urge exploded
The taste of sin and its consequences, the path to greatness eluded

This is what the devil did to him; kill, stole and destroyed
He made wrong choices, tormented and left annoyed
Gradually his name, a fade from parting lips
His essence are in memories, only for keeps…..


5 thoughts on “Lion’s Den” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. words about the fall
    of a lad initially tall
    admired as he aspired
    by all who respired

    but how things changed
    as he became like deranged
    as virtues were stolen
    and he became a heron, fallen

    @brytandre, I love your lines
    keep bringing them :)

    1. Thanks @innoalifa. I’m glad you understand the script

      1. Just read the sequel, keep bringing them :)

  2. “…taught him to embrace knowledge
    Find strength in dark hours, a will, a pledge”. this is the kind of poem that I love. keep it up bro.

    1. Thanks @pkc… The part B has more

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