A Fistful of Illusions.

My crime was to love, to let myself believe and fall, not to over think as am used to do doing.

I thought my search had ended, I thought I finally found the missing link.

Funny, because it all screamed wrong, but I ignored it  and decided to take a chance.

When we dream we want it to come true, to happen, to become part of us.

I didn’t love you, yes infact I never liked you, but slowly I let myself overlook everything I didn’t like, started to see only the things I wanted to see.

I was wrong, I should not have overlooked, I should not have ignored, I should have listened to my inner voice.

But we need to make mistakes, so we can learn, we need to fall to learn how to stand.

I ask my self.

How about when you dream and your dream comes crashing down.

All the weaving and it turns to illusions.

When you think you’ve got it under control and it all goes down the drain.

When you loose it all, just when you think you’ve got it.

How it slips off you Fingers like sand at the time you think you had a grasp.

Trying to let go of what you really would love to hold on to.


When I closed my eyes all I saw were wonderful dreams which I now wish I never saw, ohh how it aches when what was familiar becomes alien.

The moments becomes distant memories like it never happened.

Once upon a time I saw a dream, perhaps it was real,

I lived it, basked in its glory that was as bright as the moonlight.

I felt the hurt you felt and your happiness I revelled in.

A smile came across as a million messages a touch like a million electrons.

I thought I had it all, at first it was too good to believe but I learnt to see it.

I danced on cloud nine and accepted what I renounced, I basked in what I would have called illusions.

Funny how I can’t describe you, how I try to see what  I Liked but I never did, all seemed like I imagined it.

Then I thought I had a fistful of Moonlight but it all turned out to be a fistful of my illusions or a bucketful of free fantasies that turned sour.


11 thoughts on “A Fistful of Illusions.” by Amina Idris (@ameenaedrees)

  1. Well damn!! You killed me with this one!
    It wasn’t even a dream, it was all an illusion..I saw you as I wanted to see you even when i knew my eyes weren’t playing tricks with me I went ahead anyway to test the fire! and i did get burnt.

  2. That awkward moment when you know its wrong but you go ahead anyway only to regret what you knew you would regret at the short run.
    Thanks for reading @ufuomaotebele.:-) :-) :-)

  3. Here is hoping tomorrow brings new hope.
    Well done @ameenaedrees.

  4. We sometimes knowingly make mistakes because we see things they way we want to see them and not the way they are

  5. Exactly @aminat, sometime we ignore what we actually see for what we want to see.
    Thanks namcee :-) :-)

  6. This is good, @ameenaedrees,
    hoping for an excellent rendering
    of the rising “Flames of Vengeance”

    Keep writing dear :)

    1. Thanks @innoalifa. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  7. Reading this was like reading a burst of writing from a philosophical discuss….it seemed initially like what you’d categorize under poetry but the depth of thought and narrative reflection differentiated that.

    Well…you made your point succinctly.

  8. Thanks a lot @afronuts, “a burst of writing from a philosophical discuss” wow, am so excited.

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