Where are our Daughters?

Where are our daughters?
Mothers, where are they?
Tell me they aren’t the ones I find on the Streets these days
For I barely see the ones I once knew.

Why have they chosen to flock the streets
Dressed in birthday suits.
Exposing the temple of the comforter
Inviting passers-by for destruction.

Where have they kept decency?
Was she murdered during the military regime?
Exchanged by barter
Or currently starving behind bars?

Oh Modern masquerade of this millennium!
Artificial of thy selves
Strangers in your own land
Eye sore to mankind.

Preacher men pat them on the back
For fear of desert encroachment.
The Place of worship have turned a ground for contest.
The service becomes a bomb for those that are hot.

Where are our daughters?
Who will call them back?
Where are the mothers?
Let’s find future mothers.

7 thoughts on “Where are our Daughters?” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. #Bringbackourgirls

  2. This is very nice. I love the thought process and the title concept. keep it up.

    1. Thanks alot. By God’s Grace, I will

  3. To make a comment
    I can’t but lament
    what’s happening
    in this warlike seasonings

    This is a good poem!

    1. Things have really gone out of hand bro, God help us. Thanks A million

  4. Great post
    Keep the prayers going , they will be back- check out http://www.naijastories.com/2014/09/waiting-redemption/

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