August Break

The sounds of the arguments ascending
Hearts racing, the inevitable pending
This is his last chance to set things right
If it only didn’t turn to a fight

She had stopped seeing him before now
She got bored, ready to take a bow
He’s been her best, still more will come
She ‘ll find another, more loving and handsome

He had words to say, his silence spoke better
He had reasons, wings with no feather
So much will change with the sound of the tone
She’d be gone when she hangs up the phone

Damn you oh Cupid! Your bow and your arrow
Where are you now, to take away his sorrow
His days are short, his nights are longer
Thoughts of her lingers, a mix of love and anger

Didn’t she say she’ll always be his
Arms around him, sealed it with a kiss
Didn’t she need him everyday
Call him, text him, was there in every way

Didn’t she make him smile in his troubled time
When all didn’t matter, convicted of a crime
Didn’t she calm his despair
She was there, showing love and care

Only love can hurt like this
The tears that would fall, the moments he’ll miss
Never again to be loving and intimate
Locked behind bars, a prisoner, an inmate

Struck by pain, won’t react in defence
She is now his ex, worse than his death sentence
Will she return? A thought he must forsake
See him through, through this August break

4 thoughts on “August Break” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. I’ve always loved your rhymes and nearly all your poems greatly qualify as soulful poems.

    Keep writing!

    1. I definitely will. Thanks @innoalifa

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