My Wall Clock At Quarter Past 7

Staring at the wall in my living room,
my eyes caught the wall clock,
seated on a tiny nail,
with its three hands staring straight at me,
but to my surprise,
I noticed the tiny long hand,
making a repeated movement from 6 to 8,
it just wont move past 8,
then i realised the other two hands were also stagnant,
my mind raced back to mechanics,
both d two fat hands are depending on the tiny one,
my lesson for the day,
many people are looking to you for support,
you are the tiny long hand,
you control the wheels,
and the motion u give reflects on other parts,
so my friend,
when life push you from 8 to 6,
neva relent in your hustle,
the sunny sky can still dry your wet cloth,
my wall clock is still struggling to move pass the quarter,
but i guess its abit weak for that now,
maybe i should help him up,
maybe my clock needs a fourth hand,
never deny a helping hand when your hands are too weak to raise a pin.

Lakeside Macaulay

4 thoughts on “My Wall Clock At Quarter Past 7” by oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

  1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Hmmm I wasn’t expecting that, the transition you made in relating the clock situation with real life struggle was beautiful….

    Editing just s little bit more for typos and your “I’s”….

  2. Nice work but I’d suggest you avoid the use of shorthand like the use of ‘d’ for ‘the.’

    Well done Poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

    @ufuomaotebele and @innoalifa, thanks alot I really appreciate your comments so far…..its encouraging.

    1. U’re always always welcome :) I believe I’m speaking @ufuomaotebele‘s mind too :) :)

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