Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 14-The Love Birds 2

He felt so dizzy when he woke up at late midday. To his amazement,he saw Ireti reading an American novel titled Equiano’s Travels.
“Aren’t you tired? You should go..”He urged her weakly.
“Stop trying to get rid of me! Try standing up,can you walk? I massaged your leg with an ointment while you were asleep. Hope it doesn’t hurt?”Ireti asked tenderly.
“I don’t feel a thing” he confessed truthfully. He was able to stand briefly,he limped towards the other side of the room where she lay on a mat.
Due to self consciousness,she wore a fitted and lengthy black gown with no powder or jewellery whatsoever,and a red lipstick.
“She looks like a model that belongs in one of those British movies I watched as a kid”,he thought to himself.
Clumsily and yet unintentionally,he collapsed on the other side of her mat. Luckily enough,it was laden with pillows so he felt no pain at all.
“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have asked you to stand..did something happen to your legs when you fell?”
“No,this is what I want to happen” he responded with dreamy eyes.
His hands ran over her painted pink lips lazily,they went up and down for minutes that felt like hours. Confused and nervous,tears ran down her face. Although extremely beautiful, quite plump with a look too mature for her age, Iretiola was like any typical seventeen year old. Ripe for marriage to some,and just an inflated teddy bear to others.
“I need your prayers and blessings Papa” John requested as he knelt before Alao in their simple living room.
“As you know,I will soon become the Pastor of our church..I don’t know how I can occupy such a great position. Virtually everyone in this town depends on the Reverend for encouragement and prayers. I don’t think I can replace him perfectly Sir. I need your blessings”.
“You don’t necessarily have to replace him,just be you” Alao replied. And so,he laid hands on his son’s head and began to prophesy for half an hour. He spoke not on his own accord,for the spirit of God came upon him and anointed his words with power and might.
“Is my friend in? I want to see her” Yike asked the palace guards as she entered the mansion.
“Yes she is” the palace butler replied as he led her into the living room.
“I’m sorry Ma! she’s quite tired and doesn’t want to be disturbed,you can’t see her now.”
“Ah ah! What’s this foolish maid saying? Its me Ariyike oh” she yelled out loud.
“We’re sorry Ma” the other maids chorused. “If we disobey her,we may get fired” she nodded her head in anger and left the palace.
“Ireti is too busy to see me? Something is amiss” she soliloquised on her way home. The beads on her waist shook and made a jingling noise as she walked.
“We should have broken his empty head with a cola bottle” Bosun yelled angrily. “Drink and be merry my brother! For soon,we will strike and victory will be ours!! Alamu responded dismissively. They drank to stupor at the local wine parlour where Alamu volunteered to pay for the drinks of all who were present. The youths yelled words of gratitude and praise to him as they gladly ordered for more bottles of palm wine.

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  1. This particular episode is quite nice. I love the mention of Equiano’s travels and the similitude with British movies employed by the Nsian. This not withstanding, you still need to give many spaces to your work so as to make it more presentable and catchy to prospective readers.

    Well done :)

  2. The transition is not smooth.

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