Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 11-The Acquaintance 4

The program was gloriously concluded on the third day. Apparently increased wisdom came upon Matti when John laid hands on him,his interpretation was more accurate than ever and he shared this testimony in a most funny way. The Reverend summoned all leaders to the front of the church and he stood on the pulpit,dropped his microphone,and said “Remember what we read about Peter at the beautiful gate? Well,that’s about to happen now.Give me your attention!”He interrupted this with a loud remark “Where is Simon? Come over here son,you’re a part of them” he ordered. The whole church was amazed at this request,”So the boy who was once mad is now a leader?” They asked themselves. The moment he joined them,Theo continued his ministration “Silver and gold I have not! Such as I have I give unto you!! Receive it!!! Its the power and ability of the holy ghost!!!!”He commanded with both his hands stretched towards them. The instant he completed that statement,they all fell under the anointing.
The whole congregation opened their mouths in awe,they had seen him laying hands by touching them directly but this was from a distance. He touched not even one of those who fell! And the same thing was also done for the church workers. The congregation broke bread and drank the cup (communion) after the sermon. “You have to visit the palace on your way home,the Queen requested that communion should be taken there for the princess. Apparently,she has the flu”, “Must I be the one to go Sir? Can’t someone else be sent?” “I want you to deliver it personally. Is there a problem?” “No Sir..but..we’ve been getting quite close and..I feel uneasy around her” “Believe me son I know, but its better to confront your feelings than shy away from them. I trust you! Now go!!” He commanded with a smile on his face.
“My princess,there’s someone looking for you” a maid informed her while she was taking her nap.”Should he come into your room or….” “It should be Simon,ask him to come to my room” she commanded. When the maid stepped out,she started adjusting herself-applying make up and a glossy red lipstick. She tuned down her radio which was playing Victor Olaiya’s trending hit “Baby jowo….ko ma ilo o…nitori wipe faaji tele la wa”. “Should I sit on the bed? Or on one of the chairs?”She asked herself even as she tried to ignore the sharp pain that she experienced in her stomach.” Oh God! Why should I have cramps today of all days?” She complained bitterly.
Kpo! Kpo!! She jolted the instant she heard the knock on her door.”Please come in” she said she rubbed her face lightly. Simon remembered the Reverend’s words even as she was about to twist the door knob,”Confront your emotions”.

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  1. Nice story but you got punctuation issues to battle with.

    Keep pushing on.

  2. See story dey go toward Joseph and Portipha’s wife, lol!!! Out to seduce poor boy! Am following this.

  3. Why didint the Reverend Father send a female instead?. I think he’s trying to match make them.

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