flames of vengeance; 12

Sometimes you think getting even gives the happiness that eluded you when you were cheated, but it isn’t so, cause I can only feel more pain even though my plan is at the verge of success, retrieving the cams were as dangerous as putting them there.

The good thing about cyber security is that there are always loop holes, and I studied cyber security. I managed to hack Asad’s accounts and half of his fortune will be transferred to a new one soon.

Though the making of the movie was successful the audio was bad and it wasn’t easy watching Asad making love to another woman, I thought I was prepared but it shattered me completely, I still made the clip anyway.

He has been stressed lately, it must have been from Nadia’s deteriorating mental health from the drugs I poisoned her with, I’ve also heard rumors that Lady is going mad, soon they will visit the hospital and the drugs will be discovered and that will definitely create a big rift between them.

But that’s  not all I have in store for them, their sex video will go on air and Asad will go nearly bankrupt, he prided himself with his family and business that I will take away from him.


I looked around the room, at all the things that facilitated my plans, if they were to be found I’d definitely be implicated so I had to destroy all evidences, for that too I had a plan. I took out my phone and called Brunkus our driver.

‘Brunkus go and get my kids from school.’ I orderd with urgency.


‘No all of them.’

When he left I gave Ladi a substantial amount to give her family as we would be travelling and would be away for a pretty long time. When she she returned I told her to pack light for all six of us, while she did that I left to finish  what was left,

I parked infront of Nadia’s estate and sent her a text that Asad has had an  accident and she should go to garki general hospital now, with her degrading mental health I knew she would get into her car immediately and leave and she did, I followed her, I retrieved the gun from the glove compartment and set it towards her car, though it was moving I aimed at her tires, I was determined and my focus from there, I pulled the trigger and one of her back tires busted with a loud thud, and the car tumbled. The gun slipped off my fingers and caused a confusion for me, I swivelled into the opposite lane and narrowly missed an head on collusion with an on coming vehicle. I parked in time to see the last air bubble as her car sank into the lake, people had gathered and their were low murmurs, some men had jumped into the lake to attempt rescue, I dropped the gun tied in a cloth into the lake and left.

When I got home Ladi and the kids were all set, Ladi had followed all the orders diligently.

‘Ammi where are we going ?’ Asad Junior asked.


‘From there where ?’

‘It’s a surprise.’

‘Ladi you all should go the venza outside, put all the luggages in there and wait for me,don’t talk to the driver.’

‘Why ?’ Shazia one of my twins asked me.

‘Because I said so.’ I barked, I was feeling giddy from what I didn’t know and she is asking me a silly question.

When they left I went to the left wing and poured gasoline all over it, at the door I smiled as I threw a lighter and the flames rose and chased each other raising rapidly heading for destruction.

I had hidden all the visas in a place Asad will see and left a note on the table saying, “I know you’re sleeping with my friend but it could have been any other person, but Nadia ???” and my phone pressed it down, that was to make Asad feel guilty with our departure. I headed to the car and Ghazali drove me to Nadia’s estate. I went to the apartment I rented and sat in front of a laptop everything was set, all I had to do was press the enter button and Asad’s scandalous video would be sent to half of his staff, his father, his brother Ahil, my father, my brother Abhas, Myself, I left my phone, so when he sees the video in my phone he’d think someone had set him up, and lastly his beloved sister Sanam.

I took all the laptops and gadgets I used to Nadia’s apartment and poured gasoline over everything, I threw a lighter in there and hurried to the waiting car and Ghazali sped off taking us to Nnamdi Azikiwe airport. We alighted and headed straight for check in, I gave our tickets and soon we on board and the plane took off.

Silence engulfed us as if as if a silence spell was cast on the plane.

As the plane ascended I knew the roofs of both Nadia’s house and our left wing would have caved in, and nothing would be salvageable anymore. A wicked smile spread across my lips as I imagined Asad going through a series of shock, from the news of his lover’s death to the missing money then his house on fire and finally that his family his pride had left him.

I was feeling light and woozy, I felt as if I was ascending with the plane,as if I passed the plane in flight, and a darkness spell fell over me and everything went black.



24 thoughts on “flames of vengeance; 12” by Amina Idris (@ameenaedrees)

  1. wow! this woman though! and this ending that is leavinng me curious…
    Asad is finished!

  2. @ufuomaotebele thanks for stopping by.
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  3. OMG!!! This woman is something else. She still remains foolish though. I mean she shouldn’t have killed Nadia cos it will be so obvious, after her sudden disappearance, she killed her.

  4. Hmmmm nice analysis @kingobozy thanks for reading.
    Her sending the video to herself and Asad seeing it will be reason enough for her to flee and Nadia’s death could be termed as an accident, since she’s unstable and has a great deal of narcotic and opoids in her body.
    :-) :-)

  5. O.m.g, you cant tell me this story has ended…no way..finish it up ooo

  6. What is it they say about hell and a woman scorned!!! This is really mean!

  7. She has been poisoning herself too right? That is why she fainted. OMG. The proof she thought she has destroyed!!!

  8. @olubsax it has not ended oh, thanks for reading and stick around for the rest.:-) :-)

  9. gosh! i am so sorry i have not been here for a while but i have been following the story closely. now shes bad like that. she would be found out one way or the other. beaurifull

  10. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned or hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. All same.
    Thanks for reading @lone, hope you keep following. :-) :-) :-)

  11. @jayrume, hmmmm kai you don enter my head baaa, that question will be answered in the following episodes, thanks for following.
    :-) :-) :-)

    1. Hehehehe. Sorry can’t help it. *winks* u gat me glued waiting for next episode

  12. Yeaaaaa @oxymoron93 I figured you were away, welcome back, thanks for reading and following closely. Truth always catches up, no matter how much you evade it, and there’s also is karma.
    :-) :-) :-)

  13. What can I say… Asad abi? It’s been nice following the nicely @ameenaedress production, hoping for some more creative twists and turns…

    1. @ameenaedrees, you’re forever welcome…only keep writing :)

  14. For real?! She’s mean o!

    1. Like really mean.
      Thanks @imaniking

  15. lol, and how am i expected to get married now after reading this

    1. Ahn @kevweodogun, you go marry now, just don’t ever cheat on your wife and if you decide to don’t let her find out so that you can live happily ever after.

  16. Mission impossible meets Black Widow meets Home Alone meets James Bond.

    1. Movies eh, I have seen home alone and some of James bond and heard about mission impossible and black widow.
      Thanks for the comment @ibisonwachukwu.
      :-) :-) :-)

  17. wow….i’m spellbound…just wow…seems like there’s no loophole, like she can’t be caught @ameenaedrees awesome read!

    1. Smart woman abi, let’s see if she gets caught.
      Thanks @ayobare

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