Conversations I: The Good ones, never were [2]

Her eyes dilated, lips paused tightly; she clasped her hands together tightly, deep inhalation -clearly frustrated with my failure to gasp her meaning

“Oh my god! Don’t you see there is nothing to be done for me?”

“So you are just going to let him get away with it all because you don’t want a scandal or society’s judgement..,”

“Who says he’ll get away with it…it’s just that your way isn’t going to work against him…and I don’t care about what the world says, but I do care about how my family takes it.”

“You won’t tell them what happened?”

“Why would they need such sordid news…let’s keep them innocent for now, shall we.”

“You are something; you know that….so how do you intend to make him pay?”

She smiled, something devious….her eyes dimmed in well-used hate

“Take away what is most important to him.”

“Can I know what that is?”

“Most men, especially the ones like him who abuse women either have a deep insecurity and need to assert control or a misogyny from some mental fuckup-ery…and the way to hurt them badly is to take away what they most associate with that control and hate….their manhood.”

“What, like you will castrate him?”

“In a fashion…a word here, a whisper there and he will become known as an impotent numb head in the right circles…His rep is gone, and that would just be the beginning. When I’m through with him, suicide will be a very attractive option to him.”

“He could pre-empt you…maybe he’s got a video of what he did to you.”

“Ah-ah, good point. It seems you’re not as daft as I first thought! But if he has a video of me, he would be using it to prove how macho he is…disgracing me would just be a bonus… But for me, destroying him is the whole point…I’ll get that video, Photoshop it, send it to the right people…and he’s fried like chips…so he’s got no escape from me.”

“That’s messy…so all this vengeful conspiracy, does it not make you a bad….”

“No dear, I’m only fighting for love -my best closest friend was attacked and defiled, and that is grounds for war…”

“Your friend? ”

“Yeah, Princess….”

“What princess? Is that your name?”

“No stupid…that’s my pussy’s name…”

“Pus…you mean…your….uhm…”

“Yeah…We two different entities…getting the pussy don’t mean you got the gal…so it’s convenient to just give it a different nomenclature.”

“That’s not sane…Nah…Your whatever, is you…same body, uh”

“Whatever mehn, I’m too tired to argue…how about you help me up so I can clean up myself…not taking well to this smell…”

“Okay, hold on and let me get a pair of slippers.”

“And I’m kinda hungry too, so I won’t mind scouring breakfast off you.”

“You are welcome to…and I think you will need some clothes…yours are torn…got a couple of old clothes you can manage.”

“How apt, cast offs for the cast off…yeah…”

“Oh come on…it’s about size, those ones would be smaller and more fitted to your slim stature.”

“I know…just teasing….I wonder if your girlfriend’s cloth won’t fit me more.”

“Hmm…she doesn’t really have clothes here….and that reminds me, today is Saturday and she’ll be coming over soon….so you have to be a bit quick….”

“You naughty boy; hiding girls away from your girl…you think she won’t understand this whole business?”

“It’s not that…”

“You should have more faith in her.”

I got the clothes, showed her to the bathroom and left her there while I went on to make some light breakfast in the kitchen.

I didn’t know when she finished and got back to the living room, but I met her there, looking and smelling much better, she was also crying silently, head bowed.

I coughed quietly to get her attention.

She laughed shyly and used the hem of her sleeves to wipe the tears.

“Weak moment.” She muttered, her voice shrill

“We all have them…”


“It’s ready…come on to the table.”

We ate in silence while I tried to decipher her mood.

“You have some wacky ideas and a sharp mouth…you know that.”

“That’s just the truth I speak hurting you, guy…”

“But where I disagree mainly with you is that stuff about one finding love. I don’t think one finds true love…It finds you, captures you and never let’s go. It sneaks up on you, hides in some dark corner of your mind that you rarely visit, it then creeps out till you stumble on it and you think you found it. It would be easier to find it, one can let go if you want. But it finds you and never let’s go…never!”

She considered what I said for a moment, food midway to her mouth, and then shrugged.

“Hmm…A romantic you are, uh, you could be right, but I’m betting by Mary’s virginity that you’re just spouting that BS right up from your ass.”

And she continued eating.

“You are a good man, you did not lose your temper once despite the testy way I talked to you…and the cute names I called you too… your gal is lucky to have you. Maybe you are different from other men, better in fact.”

“I’m flattered.”

She just smiled.

My phone rang a minute or so later, I answered it while she kept on feeding

“The taxi driver is here…”

“Oh, you called a Cab for me…how kind…but I don’t have money to pay him…missing my purse”

“Don’t worry, he’s my guy…I’ll settle him”

“Your guy, uhn… Where the fuck is this place sef, I stay on the Island.”

“This is Lekki, so can’t be too far from your place.”

She said nothing in reply: instead, she left the food, drank some of the fruit juice I had laid before her and began to leave.

Halfway to the door, she picked a pen, tore the cover of a newspaper living on the table then scribbled numbers on it

“I like you and I’ll want to see how going out with a good guy like you would be like…so if you ever get free of your girl, check me out. We can go get a drink and know each other more.”

“No…I don’t think so…I’m hitched…”

“Have it anyway.”

“I’m Sesan by the way; I didn’t catch your name.” I said as she was about to step out of the apartment.

“Call me if you want to know…If you don’t call, then you really don’t need to know it…but karma will reward you for helping out a stranger in ways you don’t even know you’ve done…and if you do call me, then this wasn’t a chance meeting. Bye, Love.”

She left then and I pocketed the slip of paper.

My girl came over later, and the smell of the now tidied up flat was still slightly dank. She noticed it

Olomi, did any toilet pipe burst or something”

“No, why?”

“This place has a funny smell…”

“I’m not perceiving it, sha.” I lied

I couldn’t help but imagine how the raped girl would have asked the same question…

Maybe something like: “Did someone take a dump in here.”

Throughout that day and the next few ones, I kept seriously thinking of her…seeing her with my mind’s eye in unexpected places: her laugh kept playing in my ears, the audacity of her presence intriguing me.

I wanted to know more about her, maybe too much…

So, on the third day, I finally called her; she picked up on the fifth ring.

“Hi…hmmm…hello, I want to speak..erm…” I stammered, trying to find an excuse for calling her.

But she didn’t need one –

“Hello Sesan, I can’t forget your voice so easily. My name is Evelyn.”

I smiled to myself, and summoning courage I replied:

“Hi, Evelyn…that drink you talked about, can we still have it?”

She laughed at the other end of the line.

(Based loosely on a true story)

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    I’ll take the top. Her eyes dilated, lips paused tightly; she clasped her hands together tightly, deep inhalation-clearly frustrated with my failure to gasp her meaning
    Your ‘eyes’ can’t dilate, your pupils can. I’ve already covered the semi-colon & dash issue. Did you mean ‘pursed’ tightly? There’s too much going on up there.
    Deeply inhaling, she clasped her hands together as though praying for patience . I think she was frustrated that I didn’t understand what she was trying to say.

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