What Is Your View On ‘Arranged’ Marriages?

What Is Your View On ‘Arranged’ Marriages?

An arranged marriage for those who may not have heard of it before simply means bringing two people who have never dated each other before together for the purpose of getting married.

Such people do not always have the opportunity to know each other, but eventually get married relying on mostly the information provided by people who brought them together. Most times you hear of parents arranging marriages for their children because they feel they know better and believe in the family they want the child to marry into. Is it right for someone to marry another just based on what you hear about the other party?

What is your personal opinion on this? Do ‘arranged’ or ‘arrangee’ marriages as most people on the street call it ideal in the society today?

Can such marriages stand the test of time as well as the trials that affect marriages? What if they don’t succeed, who takes the blame? Is it the people responsible for bringing both parties together or those who mutually consent to such arrangements?

Do such arrangements render the concept of courtship not so important than the arranged marriage?

If you found yourself in a situation where a parents are trying to pressure you into marrying a particular person, would you give in to their pressure or simply say no?

Would you be able to love that person the same way you would have loved someone you dated and courted on your own?


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  1. While arranged marriage seemed to work for our fathers and fore-fathers, it seems to be the case that it hardly will work in our own time now even if some parents may still pester their children into such marriages with the view that they are doing the best they can for the children. For me, love is a conditio sine qua non if people want to get married. In fact, the couples should love each other and be each other’s best friend so as to enjoy a lifetime of happiness with each other.

  2. Given this so much thought before. Coming to think of it, the arranged marriage of old times was like the “Western Dating” we know now. The dating and arranged marriage are such that, without having professed your love for one another, you work your way together up the ladder, till you find a common ground and latch onto it. With that, we rarely heard of cases where our fore-fathers ‘broke-up’ or ‘divorced’. But then, the world was much easy, and they could even take multiple wives without it being classed as cheating.
    Now to our present age – we are more civilised, open and well read. We know our left from right distinctively and can almost always say what we want, so arranged marriage is out of the question. Its a matter of personal choice

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