Tumbo-Tumbo-Baskelebe Prayers 2

Now what did God have to say about all this as I had been praying to Him. I’m sure you are itching to know.

Though I was praying in the Spirit like I told you, I got answers almost every day I went to service through my Pastor saying something to confirm it and trust me to refuse that word. Also on a personal level, I got confirmation in the form of scriptures.
• Matt 7:24-25…Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.
• Matt 15: 13…But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.
• Allow these men, if what they say be of God…

I have mentioned everyone’s opinion except that from ‘Eyes’ and the fellow suffering from Distance Acquired Love Deficiency Syndrome – DALDS. When I told Mr. DALDS he immediately felt sad, such that you could feel the pain and regrets as if it was originally yours. And this was someone who claimed to love me but was too busy – probably fighting sight/1st meeting fright – to come and check out what this person he loves in absentia looks like. It’s strange though but somehow, I’m thinking God kept him from making up his mind soon enough or what else would you have me say?

Right after I had agreed to King, Mr. DALDS shows up in Lagos and sitting across the table at the eatery while we spoke, you could tell that he was scrutinizing me and imagining how he could have been so short-sighted to have let Gold slip through his fingers and not know it. I went with Chosen to meet him, so she could see him for herself as during the period of love in absentia, she didn’t believe he existed (sometimes I doubted his existence myself though we spoke on phone) and also to know what she thought about him.

Trust Chosen, “baby, if nah this one you bin wan marry, you no go see me for your hour! Wetin be the attraction?”

For ‘Eyes’, I had even given him an opportunity to become a ‘Mouth’ and say what his eyes saw, his heart felt, before I said yes to King. How? I felt that if he had any intentions towards me for marriage or as a friend, it was only needful; to let him know what was happening to and around me. So it will either help him make up his mind or make him aware that from a time soonest he had to be careful around me as I was no longer single.

It was a Sunday and after service, ‘Eyes’ cornered me and stated matter-of-factly “Ani, I am going off soon for NYSC”

“I have something to tell you too”, I replied with mixed feelings about the information he had just dropped. Of course he had noticed that King was around me a bit too much, so I told him about EMMANUELLA night and that I had decided to wait till I get convictions to say Yes or No.

“What do you feel for him?” ‘Eyes’ asked me

“I’m not sure at the moment but I have been praying about it and there seems to be an inclination towards a positive answer, what do you think or have to say about it”. I queried putting the ball into his court.

“I wish you all the best and will pray for you…I’m happy for you”, he said as he hugged and re-hugged me but you could see he was really sad and had something else to say but just couldn’t or wouldn’t say!

After I had said YES to King and on one of those sincere moments ‘Eyes’ and I were chatting online, the matter came up again…it seemed we had “buried the goat with the horns protruding from the ground and needed to do it properly”. “It seems you have something to say to me”, I asked him

“I liked you (or was it loved) but when you told me about King that Sunday, I felt you had already accepted and was just informing me about it.” He concluded.

Well, like my Sunshine (my very pretty niece) would say, “you lose and I win!” I thought silently to myself. While voicing “But you never said anything!” And in my thought I continued, “It’s my place to decide after I have heard everyone’s argument as to who is the right candidate to be the Lord and Master of my Universe, Ruler and Owner of my Body”…you know these things; ruling underneath God’s authority.

Well, I guess one thing he learnt from his loss was NEVER BE SILENT AND ALLOW THE MOMENT PASS WHEN YOU COULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING. And I will tell you the same; don’t make this decision only when you are ‘chasing’ or ‘toasting’ a babe, but in your relationships generally. If you feel a need to say something, maybe render an apology or tell someone you love them, JUST DO IT…like NIKE would say. Don’t postpone it or save it for another season. Those seasons sometimes never come again and like a wise man once said “Time lost can never be regained”. Make good use of your time now, do what you what to do but make sure it’s in line with Purpose and divine destiny. You can say I taught him well, because now he has someone he is dating and her name is…I won’t say just to protect her but it similar to one of my names and when I hear him talk about her with so much joy I’m excited. At least he wasn’t silent for long and he’s a lot happier now; like I am with my King…my one and only twin.

During the period, I found out that somehow the pity I felt for King had slowly – maybe very quickly – turned to love. To the extent that one of the days he was to come visiting and didn’t, what I felt for him showed.

“I’m missing King”, I confided to my junior sister Vanessa; allowing my restlessness show and she had a field day laughing because she knew my stand when it came to him.

“And when did you start loving him this much”, she wondered out aloud.

“I tire o!” I replied looking forlorn and pretending to be noncommittal at the same time. Bottom-line is, I fell for him and very deeply too. The poem “EMMANUELLA” turned out to be his Proposal to me and he wanted me to decipher that on my own. Well, after explaining what the poem meant before he brought out the ring, I knew it was a PROPOSAL itself and not just any poem like I thought. And I wrote to a reply to him…of course when I started feeling ‘something in the air’ (singing)


In a world of so much questions
And filled with many options
Surrounded by a maze
Weaving my way as one dazed
I wonder as I wandered
How much farther?

Can I lay in your arms
And nestle from all harm?
Leaving my every confusion
For you to carve out a vision
Dare I trust on you and rely
That you’ll lift me from the firing line.

I need to know when the storms comes
Pelting so strong
That you’ll be there all along
Right to the break of dawn
So I ask one more time
Can I lay in your arms?

And he replied…


As though there were an option,
Where faith ceased to function
In a world as complex as ours
Is the crave for one to be empowered.

Reflecting on your words,
A question so plain and clear,
“Can I lay in your arms?”
Brings the call for me to secure.

With a frame well formed, and arms perfectly strong
With a mind well collected, and thoughts carefully selected
Be sure your fears I’ll sway
To keep you from harm’s way

Come rest in my arms my love
And nestle with your lips on my nipple
For in my arms you sure will find safety
As my love on you I’ll pour so zesty.

Now I’m in for the time of my life … a man that knows what he wants how he wants it. One who can wax lyrical at any given time pulling the right strings. What more could a girl ask for I thought to myself as I revelled in the unfolding of my answered prayers.

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    1. Always full of praise @innoalifa. Thank you for reading through and the comments.

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    nice food for thought……..

  3. Thank you for reading and comment @ihenyengladysusile . Trust this experience will help others, but its good for them to have theirs too (without the stressful parts though) LOL.

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