What they said

I cried all the time
They called me sad
I laughed without end
They called me unserious
I spoke of my friends
They called me nosy
I spoke of myself
They called me narcissistic
I gave all I had
They called me foolish
I kept to myself
They called me miserly
I tore down the walls that kept me hidden
They called me a vandal- God-forbidden
I built those walls back and locked myself in
They called me a loner – one without kin
I soaked in their words
I stored all the names
I tried to please all
But one thing’s the same
When all is said and done
At the end of the day
It doesn’t hurt to ignore
What “they” have to say

4 thoughts on “What they said” by Dwin (@Dwin)

  1. My, my, my…..did you have to end it like that!
    wow…… at the end of the day, it doesnt really hurt t ignore what they say.

    This woke me up this morning…. preparing to start my day with a clean spirit and positive attitude towards all…

    Thank you @DWIN

  2. Nice and well-written lines
    but can become sweet vines
    when broken down into bits
    in stanzas arranged as you like

    Well done noble POet

  3. You just beautifully surmarised what this world is all about in one piece of poetry. “Try to please all, and you’ll please none, even displease yourself in the process”. The key is just to do what’s right by yourself.

  4. Omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    while its not all about you…its not about ‘them’ at all.

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