Penning Down for peace


The height of mourning, soaring in a country soul,

Rocking and mocking this soul hitherto laurelled the giant of Africa.

Lo what becomes of her, are grenades by cryptic cliques

Polluting and violating her nooks and crannies,

Snatching and crushing her said seeds-to-blossom,

Leaving her in innards conundrum-

The delinquent invading her strong blocs.

The blocs built by her unswerving and patriotic warriors

And nurtured by her regiments of think tanks and wordsmiths.

As timepiece is ticking second by second,

This republic yet dares by tribal cleavages over flora and fauna.

Ergo, the budding broods of the earth beseech the Divine for peace

To be descended on this falling failing black giant nation

For it to stay to sow sounding seeds

And keep experiencing singing harvests

Of reliving peace, unity, joy in honour and glory.

By: Abdulhafeez T. Oyewole

One thought on “Penning Down for peace” by TalkToPee (@princehto)

  1. This is nice
    but I’d suggest
    stanza by stanza writing

    Well done Poet!

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