Pendant for a Pretty City (A Poem for Calabar)

I have crafted a pendant
from the bark of trees lining your streets
blown leftover tree-crumbs away
with the calm breaths I inherited from Marina

I hold aloft your unique adornments –
one, that slave museum stimulating my tear ducts
two, that Tinapa behemoth, pristine and deserted –
Two strings to hold this pendant I made for you

Love of beauty is a dangerous thing
like your water fountains, it can wash away memories of home
Love of food is a dangerous thing
in your sheds, I ate, drank and forgot my middle name…

Dear Akwa Akpa, I have crafted a pendant
in your name, and for you
but I will be the wearer of this gift
and bearer of your grace

Temitope Write Isedowo
(From The Collection: 7 Memories)

5 thoughts on “Pendant for a Pretty City (A Poem for Calabar)” by Temitope Write Isedowo (@shedytee)

  1. @shedytee, very nice poem. Its real. And i like the jot of self-denigration bit with the food making you forget. Good job.

  2. This is great!.

  3. Simply beautiful. I’d luv to write a poem for my beloved origine, may have to borrow a few of ur lines. *winks*

  4. it’s a nice poem, but @innoalifa finds it great because it’s not edited like his poems.

    I am getting fed up of you guys not punctuating your poems.

    1. @elovepoetry, yes ooo, I love the poem because it’s like mine, unapologetically unedited.

      Keep pushing on fellow poet
      but let’s think about editing
      and creating poems
      noble, great and

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