Mad Minds

“Governor sir, don’t get me wrong, the issue here is very necessary” Thompson said with a smile – a cunning kind of smile that looked dangerous to his speakers. Most of the ten people in the room, were staring at his pot bell, which still protruded from under the black suit

Syrallua considered the options before him, and felt more uncomfortable with what he had to say next. “But then, we have to fix it at a time when nobody would be around, so as to avoid loss of lives.”

“Chieeeeef, stop acting like this,” Mr. Bukade replied, “If we are going to plan a bomb blast without victims, then people would know we planned it.”

“Are you saying that we would have to waste innocent lives over this?”

Everyone in the room laughed except the bothered Governor Chief Syrallua.

“My honourable Governor and Chief sir, during the last election, remember that we sacrificed twenty lives twice, and then you didn’t show sympathy as you are now doing. I see no reason why you should be acting emotional over this.”

“Yes Govornor,” Syralluar’s Campaign Manager added, ‘after all, people must be sacrificed to help people. You are going in to serve the people for the third time, only this time, in an advanced office of the President, and if they must be served properly, they must serve you too first.’

They all laughed again. “The end justifies the source.”

“All we need do is to sound very careful warning to our own people to vacate the national headquarters on that night, so that none of our people would be involved.”

Syrallua took deep breaths, many times, what he did weren’t the things he wanted to. Syrallua had always been a sincere, kind hearted gentle man, but since he became determined to run in Gidi’s politics, he had become changed personnel. He spoke again, “ But this people are our party people.”

Everyone laughed, “Governor sir, just as we were able to gather them, we would gather more people, and besides, the number of people involved would be few, say ten or eleven of our party people. This is why Engineer Soji suggested that it should be in the night, when most of the people would have gone home.”

Syrallua shook his head pitiably, he knew the implication of his decision, but if he was going to be the next President of Gidi, it was truly important for him to follow what his political cohorts were saying.

What they were saying was simple, but the thought that lives were involved made it a complicated decision. It wasn’t as if Syrallua hadn’t overcome such drastic inhumane decisions in the past, but this felt unusually uneasy in a way that he himself couldn’t explain.

They had approached him with the plan to blow up the state headquarters of their political building, so as to make it look as though the other parties set it up against them. This would give them an edge, to appeal to the sympathy of the greater majority. Syrallua knew that if they did this, rumour would rise, the public’s view of CPGP being the most violent political party in Gidi would be heard in all quarters and since the Crowded People of Gidi’s party seemed their only real competitor, UGP would have a clear way ahead of them.

“Alright, let’s do it then.” Syrallua concluded desperately. “It must be a win-win game for us.”

They were very happy that the only and most important man had finally conceded to the decision and it was reiterated again that each man warn his friends and family against visiting the UGP state headquarters building the following Tuesday night, when the bomb would inevitably explode in the house.

Two violent attacks were launched against the UGP before the end of that week and it still seemed doubtful to the general public, because what the news read rather was that there was a ‘political clash’ between the United Gidians Party and the Crowded People of Gidi’s party.

“But this isn’t a political clash! It is pure attack.” The Governor said as he dropped the Everyday News paper on his sitting room couch with anger. “The people are always misguided about the happenings. And this ‘on the fence’ News Papers would never reveal the truth.”

“Governor sir, you may say that they are sitting on the fence, but people have the notion that they are more on your side than on the side of the CPGP candidate.” Syrallua’s Campaign manager said plainly.

“I have spoken to Haggogo Marfu twice. He has plainly declared straight away that he is not supporting any of us.” The Governor replied.

“Sir, that Manager of Everyday News Paper would never support any of you. He is a diehard Activist. However, the public thinks he is on your side.”

“What is your point?”

“Sir, I would suggest that we blow up a fraction of the Paper house too.”

“Really?” Something felt uneasy inside Syrallua. But then again, ‘why should they?’

“Since majority of the people already have the conception that these broadcasting house is on your side, then the prime suspect would be the CPG Party.”

The Governor thought about it for some moments and began to nod slowly as he discovered the advantage that action would put him.

“My fear is that these boys can get caught. I don’t want anybody that would come and mess things up for us, you know the deal. Right? ”

“Win-win sir!” The manager said politely, “I understand your fears, but I can promise you that we’d make sure we get the best of the best of our military men and make use of them.”

“The best of the best is not enough for this kind of thing. You know what I mean Thompson.”

There was a short smile on the Manager’s face, “I sure do. And I promise you that we would get the bestest soldiers to monitor that if these boys fail, they die!”

“Good then. Can we still work out both plans for Tuesday?”

The assurance that Gov. Syrallua received from his manager, put his mind at rest. This same man had helped him greatly during his first campaign for the post of the governor, and the second term he was running, Campaign Manager Thompson also played a great role too. So now that he was keen on becoming the President of the Federal Republic of Gidi, there was no reason to doubt his competence.




Syrallua focused on his T.V screen as his greatest opponent – Dr. Hagaue spoke to the humour and hearts of the people. His words disgusted Syrallua because it was very convincing enough. He listened with rapt attention hawking for a mistake.

“This nation is no man’s nation!”

“Yes!” The citizens at the market square where Dr. Hagaue was speaking yelled.

“No man can just come and rule. . .and rule. . .and rule as if the post was meant for him alone.”

“Yes!!! We are tired!”

“After all their rule, what is the change we see?”


“Our roads are still bad, our electricity supply is still inconsistent, our water is still polluted, crises arising every day.

Fellow Gidians, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!”

“IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!” They roared

Syrallua hissed, “This fool causes crises and still makes the people hate it. God’s judgement would definitely be unleashed on him!” He looked at his phone and discovered that he had had two missed calls.

He changed the channel and focused on his phone time, it was then it dawned on the old chief that it was a Tuesday already. And the Tuesday they had planned to detonate the bombs. “So this fool would soon be regretting.” Syrallua smiled at himself and tuned back to the tv station where his opponent was talking hoping that he would make a miserable mistake in his speech, which would make the Doctor, the very prime suspect of the bomb that would soon explode that night.

A text message was entering his phone but he was already putting a call through to his Manager, to confirm that everything was going as planned.

“Oga, I told you to put your mind at rest.”The Manager said, “By the way, how is madam?”

“She would be arriving today. I have soo missed her.”

They spoke for some more minutes, about the man talking in his tv, and about the political strategies they needed to use.

“Sir, I am glad to inform you that as we speak, the bombs are exploding.”

“I’m glad. But to be sincere, I am unreasonably nervous about the whole matter.”

“No need to be Chief. There was an open warning to those we can trust. The wise ones would comply.”

“No problem then.”

Before they finished the call, the t.v station, the Govenor was watching immediately brought the breaking news of a burning News Paper house, and both chief and his manger laughed over the phone.

When finally they ended the call in their utter happiness, Syrallua saw the text message was from his son. He remembered that he had missed two of his calls earlier and decided to read immediately.

‘Dear dad. We have arrived in Gidi now, and we are heading to see you immediately at your base, The Political house. The headquarters branch here. See you there!

Don’t call mum yet, she wants us to surprise you with it.’


As he read, his hand fidgeted uneasily. ‘Is Joy stupid?! How on earth would she consider going to see him first and foremost at the UGP headquarters?’

He called immediately to stop them as soon as possible, but neither his son nor his wife nor his three daughter’s line went through.

He saw their burnt dead bodies that same night at the Federal hospital of Gidi, and it occurred to him there, that no one on earth could ever suspect that it was his planned work.

The strategy indeed paid off in the long run, and Syrallua won by a land slide, as the people decided they did not want a violent President, like Dr. Hagaue, who killed the innocent Governor’s entire family.

So, Syrallua happily won the moral support he worked for without regret and became the President of the Federal Republic of Gidi. A small statured lady stood with him as the lucky First lady.

3 thoughts on “Mad Minds” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. The foolish sacrifices of a foolish mind.

  2. a beautiful read

  3. Unexpected. I like the idea behind this write-up ‘the way one makes his bed…for every action, there is a reaction/consequence’ some of which we might have trouble living with in the long run. You plainly exposed the dark side of politics (I’m not sure there’s even another side) and to make all things equal, karma/nemesis caught up with the guy thereby satisfying the readers.

    There were a few awkward phrases, these are my suggestions on an alternative:
    The end justifies the MEANS.
    …the COURSE OF ACTION here is very necessary.
    he had become a changed PERSON.
    So, Syrallua EASILY won the moral support.

    The strategy had paid off in the long run, Syrallua had won by a land slide. As campaign manager had predicted, the people had swiftly turned against Dr. Hagaue, blaming him for the death of the Governor’s entire family.

    Keep writing!

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