Ladies How Long Should You Wait Before He Proposes Marriage?

Ladies How Long Should You Wait Before He Proposes Marriage?

What is the actual duration for courtship? Could it be six months, one year, or two years? Let’s hear it as there are conflicting signal and definition of the duration of courtship as there are different school of thought.

How long should a lady wait until a man actually proposes marriage? Is there a timeframe when it comes to dating or courting a man? What if he doesn’t propose within the first two to three years of dating him? Should you walk out of the relationship and move on?

I know it is okay to want to settle down, but is it not ideal to discuss it and probably show some understanding? So let’s find out what your thoughts are when it comes to waiting ‘endlessly’ for your man to propose marriage to you.

I have seen ladies spend years in a relationship only to end up heartbroken. There have also been several ladies who just call it quit simply because a man fails to propose marriage. The thing is some ladies become tensed and anxious as soon as parents and friends start mounting pressure on them. So when a spinster should starts getting anxious about not being proposed to by her lover? Would you bow to pressure from parents and friends just to settle down? What if he is not ready for marriage, would you nag and frustrate him all day?

Is it even right to give your guy the impression that you are desperate to settle down? Is it also right to keep quiet and pretend nothing is wrong when you are actually tensed up and wished he would just ask that crucial question? What if he keeps asking you to wait? How would you know he is not just taking you for a ride?

So ladies how long do you really have to wait before he proposes marriage?

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