Flesh and Blood

With a thorn in my side,
i write this,
With my very last breath,
Hoping for the dramatic,
a last resolve on my side,
with your very love i have lost
This rose that i bestow upon thee,
A bush of roses with thorn,
i beseech thee,
To endeavor to remember me,
In my very own moments,
Moments of happiness,
As a man with flaws,
As Flesh and Blood…

2 thoughts on “Flesh and Blood” by dimanol (@dImanol)

  1. This poem brings to mind e. e. cummings who wrote poems never capitalizing his name and the pronoun I.
    as a man ever living with flaws
    battered here and there by scars
    i read purely and gingerly like the stars
    seeing the truth of my being not flawless
    but hoping for some growth and maturity

    keep on writing despite the flaws
    until you reach a height so sublime

  2. Nice nice…. had to read it twice though and not rushed.

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