A Day At The Bank – VII

*strides into blog* Hey dearest readers, sorry I didn’t keep to my schedule. Was down with cold. Just recuperating. Here’s the final episode. I hope you like it.

I was already in front of my boss’ gate. The cops who brought me there in their van dropped me off some few meters away and hid themselves in the nearby bushes to avoid discovery. I banged the gate thrice and the gateman inquired who the banger was. I kept mute. He wouldn’t let me in otherwise. Out of anger, he opened the gate to face whoever was there, and what he faced instead was the barrel of my pistol, which I pointed at his forehead.
“Where’s your boss?” I inquired
“He-.. He-.. He’s.. in”, he stammered.
“Keep mute and take me to him. Don’t try to be funny or risk getting hurt”
He replied with a nod, his hands still above his heads, and walked with shaky legs towards the main house.
“Knock”, I whispered to him, “and if you make any attempt to warn him, I will drop you dead”
He took my warning very serious. He knocked and made an excuse that the generator needed some extra engine oil. My boss came out to give him the money and what he saw shocked him. Me, outside, holding a gun to him, when I should be locked up.

“Surprised to see me, are we?” I asked, mockingly.
He stiffened and started to retreat slowly into the house.
“Chris, how did you get out? Where are the cops?”
I pushed the gateman towards a chair where he laid flat on his face.
“Oh! I’m not whom you seem to know. I know a few powerful people myself. Now I’m here for revenge”
“Please, don’t kill me, you don’t understand”
“Understand what?”, I yelled back at him, “Understand that you wanted me to take the fall for you? Or that you’re bent on stealing that money? Or how you conspired with the bank manager to make me look like a thief? Tell me, what’s more to understand?”
“What the hell are you saying?”, my boss said, with a concerned look on his face, “I know nothing of what you speak of. How dare you accuse me of such?”
At this, I became confused. The look on his face and his tone were very genuine.
“So, you mean you haven’t been against me? Then why hand me over to the cops?”
“I was scared”, tears had began to trickle down his eyes, “I thought you came here to kill me and erase all traces that money ever existed. What should I have done”
I began to see things clearly now, from my boss’ point of view. I would have panicked too. But a part of me still feels its a lie.

I checked the time. I had two more minutes. If I was going to clear myself and get a confession, assuming my boss is the culprit, it was now. The cops would have already started to move in and extract him. Then I got one more play.
I turned the gun away from him (I’ve been pointing it at him the whole time) and moved back towards the door, both hands in front of me, and stared into the open darkness. After about thirty seconds, I moved back to my boss, went very close to him, and helped him get up on his feet.
“I’m very sorry sir”, I said, with concern, “I really thought it was you, and that you were against me. I tender my apology”
“I know you panicked, you’re forgiven, son”.
“I have to leave now, sir. The cops are still on my trail. Please do not tell them I was here till I clear myself”, I rambled and started to leave.
I hadn’t taken more than four steps forward when I was hit with a very heavy punch, right on the line where my spinal cord runs in my neck region. My body went into real pain and I fell on the floor. I turned face upwards to meet my boss standing above me. I tried to reach for the gun which was knocked out of my hand, but it was already in his possession, pointed down at my chest.

“Hahahahahahahaha!” He laughed, “I didn’t know you were so stupid. So you bought that story?”
“Why are you doing this?” I asked
“Don’t you see it already? You were right. I did orchestrate it all with the bank manager. We planned to steal the money, share it, and make you take the fall for it. And now that you’ve killed him, that means more for me, and means I won’t have to be scared that he’ll one day spill the beans”
“Don’t do this sir” I said, trying to get up, “you’re a more respectable human being. Just turn yourself in. I’ll testify in your favour”
“Do not try to get up. And to what you said, this world doesn’t favour any respectable man. And as for you, I’ll have to keep you silent, forever. Good thing no one knows you’re here”

With the gun pointed at my chest, he pulled the trigger, thrice, but all he heard were clicks. I gave him a wry smile and showed him the bullets, which I removed the moment I turned away from him for some seconds. I gave his legs a clean sweep and he fell on his back. The gateman was coming to his rescue when the cops trooped in, with heavy machinery.
“Do not touch that man, or I’ll be sending you to hell with hundreds of bullets in your chest”, barked a seargent to the gateman. I was relieved.
“What’s all these?”, my boss asked
“Oh? These people?”, I asked, sarcastically, “They’re the people that will hit your sorry ass behind bars for a long , long time”. The humour got a brief laugh from the cops.
“That’s not possible. They have no proof”
“I wouldn’t say that, boss. We have your confession on tape”, then I raised up my shirt, to reveal an audio recorder.
He was shocked as he was being cuffed, as well as his gateman, and we were all taken back to the police station.

The matter was taken to court, Mr. Christopher Larry was acquitted, and his murders were considered an act of self defence. He was also paid a huge sum of the money in dollars (six zeroes) with which he started his own architectural firm, one of the best in the country, and his boss, Engr. Frank was sentenced to twenty years in prison, with hard labour :D
Thanks to all that read to the end. I really hope you did enjoy it.

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  1. Nice ending, nice piece, keep it up.

    1. @thoughtfulsams thanks to you too for following till the end. I appreciate

  2. Eya, sorry for the cold @Hextophar. As for your story, to say that I enjoyed it is to say the least. It’s been an interesting read, laced with fine-tuned words, expressions and paragraphs.

    Keep pushing on @Hextophar :)

    1. @innoalifa Thanks, and thanks again. What’s the writer without the reader? Your insightful thoughts as well as cool criticisms helped a lot. Thanks.

      1. @Hextophar, you’re always always welcome. What indeed is the writer without the reader? Something like non-existent. Keep on :)

  3. Cool ending. Not really suspense filled, but a nice way to end. Good job.


    1. @kodeya thanks.. I’ll try to work better on that part in my subsequent works.

  4. Mehn all i have to say is thank God…he is lucky for having such sharp brains..else him for don enter one chance….

    I really enjoyed this

    1. @schatzilein True that.. His brains helped a lot.

  5. Really enjoyed this, nicely written!

    1. @oadeoti trust me, I enjoyed you being here more than you did reading the piece. Thanks for reading. :D

  6. Well written. I love the way you produced the written action. Also. I never saw that coming. I mean the thought of removing the bullets when he turned his back. But I fink I should have been more convincing if he came with an empty gun from outside. Because removing bullets from a gun causes clicks which a rational mind can decipher. Good work sir!!!

    1. @oche@great I’m glad you enjoyed it. As for the bullet part, thanks for enlightening me. I might not have known if you hadn’t told me. Thanks for that. :D

  7. I really enjoy the story thump up

    1. @ogunekun thanks. I appreciate your reading too.

  8. I guessed right ooo, the boss was in the know. The use of one’s brain for survival! Following your blog bros

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