Crushes And Knights In Shining Armors Or Not

I like to feel relevant. I want someone to need me like the air they breathe like Celine Dion would say. I’d like someone’s world to revolve around me. That sounds really selfish I know. Maybe I am selfish but I can’t help but hope that someone will fall hopelessly in love with me. I want someone’s world to fade when I walk into a room. I want someone to stop mid sentence every time i walk into a room. I want to make someone’s heart go jinkelele ;).

Bad boy meets ‘good’ girl who’s different from his usual crowd, hangs out with her and weirdly loves it. He can’t help but want to spend more and more time with her. All the terrible stuff he used to do suddenly become unimportant and childish and he wants to be better man because of her. Old habits die hard so its a struggle but thinking about her or just one look into her eyes rekindles his strength to continue fighting these weaknesses. I want to be the one for someone else. Like Jake says in twilight “When you see her, it’s like its not gravity holding you to the planet, its her. You would do anything and be anything for her.” I want to do that to someone.

Granted, its somewhat cliche and the media is probably to blame for this concept but still…

I think the underlying issue is just wanting to be needed. Wanting to be sought after like a dying man searches for water in the dessert or a drowning man searches for air. The ‘bad boy becomes good because of girl’ story seems like an attractive and powerful story because it makes one feel unique. He could have had any girl but I was the one he needed like a drowning man needs air. There’s something satisfying about that thought. Maybe that’s why girls are drawn to ‘bad’ boys.

But of course, fairytales and movies don’t necessarily depict reality. And so most times, we throw away something amazing that we have in search of the picturesque view the movies render. But some other times, we convince ourselves that the movies are exactly that, movies are not reality and settle for less. We settle for mediocre relationships where we aren’t the one but are just someone. How can I merge reality with the romanticized image I have in my head?

I have someone and lately, I haven’t been feeling like the one. I used to feel like the one ‘holding him to the planet’ at the beginning but now not so much. I can’t tell whether i’m over-imagining things and comparing it too literarily to the romance in movies or whether its real and I somewhere and somehow stopped being like air is to a drowning man to him…

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  1. A nice read.

    1. Litm dreamer (@LITMdreamer)


  2. For you to have thought this out, means I’m not alone. Movies would give you the idea that love can be perfect. You don’t even need to have liked her / him before. You just bump into yourselves at a party and voila, love is born. Not saying that can not be true, but its not that perfect. The flaws of love are part of what makes it beautiful, and they should be expressed too. Short piece, but nice

    1. Litm dreamer (@LITMdreamer)

      True talk! Thanks for reading.

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