My Boss’ Wife: Episode 9

After a meeting with the Heads of Departments of my husband’s company, I followed Busayo to her house before going to pick up Odin from school. I was pressed, so I went to the comfort station to pee when my phone rang. It was a message and Busayo read it before I came out.

“Tony-baby, what the hell are you doing with Kayode?”

“Like what?” I pretended as if nothing is going on between I and him.

“Don’t lie here joor, you think you can spoil what Ray laboured to establish?”

“Where are you going? Better stop it.”

“Stop what, c’mon, take your phone and tell him where you two will be meeting tonight.” She threw my phone at me and I saw the message.

“Bussy-baby, you have to understand.”

“Understand what? That you want to crumble Ray’s family and company or what?”

“I know you will not understand. See Busayo, I’m a woman and need some good man to touch me. I can’t stay masturbating all by myself jare.”

“Is that all you can say?”

“See, the issue here is that I have feelings for Kayode, even though I was kind of wondering why he sent me the parcel he did send.” I did as if nothing had happened between us two some lovely day before my husband’s demise.

“My friend, Tony-baby, I know you have a life to live. You’re a young widow and your things are still in shape but you have to be careful. Look at your son and see a replica of Ray.”

“If you can’t get a man and marry, don’t be telling me rubbish about life. What do you know about life?” I spoke to her as if we’ve not been friends for quite some years now.

“Listen to me Tonia or ruin your life joor.” She told me as she went into her bedroom. I called her but she wouldn’t answer, so I left to pick up Odin from school.

“Mummy, I love you but I know something about the bomb blast that mummy does not know.”

“That’s my boy.” Truly, in him is a replica of Ray; his pointed nose, lovely brown eyes and dark hair. My son is just like his father; like father like son, they say.

In the evening, I forgot to fry some fish for my son. He had been piscivorous all his small years. What is happening to me?

“Mummy, where’s my fish. Ooh, mummy is selfish; she prepared chicken for only herself.”

“No baby.” I rushed to the kitchen and fried some fish for him but he was gone before I came out. I followed him to his room and saw him crying. Getting closer and wiping his tears and telling him I have special fish for him tonight and I wanted to surprise him, he burst out laughing and we went back to the dining eating. Surprisingly, Kayode showed up and I went to open the door for him as Odin went upstairs.

“Baby, I came to take you out for party.”

“What party? You know I have a son to protect?”

“I know but you have to get my point naah.”

“Which point is that?” I said and saw his lips approaching mine.

“Mummy, mummy.” My son called from upstairs.

“Oh, my son.” But before Kayode could get up from me because he was already on top right there in the sitting room, my son shouted as he fell down from above, breaking his hand. Odin was breathing loud and I raced him to the hospital after asking Kayode to leave my house.

In the hospital, the doctor said my son will get up soonest; it was not a complicated medical case just that he broke his hand.

“Madame, don’t worry, your son will be up and doing very soon.”

“Thank you doctor, I really appreciate your work.”

“It’s my pleasure ma’am.” I stared at the doctor when he called me ‘ma’am.’ I wondered as I pondered what people see in me that they address me with such respect.

In the morning, Odin woke up smiling. As I watched him closely, I saw the photocopy of my husband.

“Mummy, where am I? What happened to my hand?”

“Don’t worry honey, you will be fine.”

“I love you mummy but I don’t know that man that was on top of you.”

“Ooh…don’t worry about that baby.”

All of a sudden, Odin closed his eyes and I jumped up.

“Oh, thank God, he doesn’t know what’s going on. Besides, he’s only a child.” I said smiling, moving from one end of the hospital room to the next before the doctor came in.

“Madame, what happened to your son?”

“I don’t know, we just spoke now before he closed his eyes.”

Checking my son’s eyes and his pulse rate, the doctor discovered that he was no longer breathing. The doctor looked at me and shook his head.

“Doctor, what has happened to him? Don’t tell me he’s dead.” I started crying.

“Madame, your son is gone? Maybe there was internal bleeding we didn’t discover early.”

“Gone to where? Doctor, tell me you’re kidding. Doctor, no, no, no.” I started crying as I touched my son’s body looking at him. Indeed, he was the photocopy of his father; his replica. Holding him on my laps, I saw his eyes opened and closed and breathing in and out.

“Doctor, doctor.” I shouted. A nurse came saying the doctor is doing his ward round, I should not be disturbing the whole hospital.

“What are you saying? My son’s life is at stake and you are telling me not to disturb the whole hospital, you must be out of your mind.”

“Madame, don’t say rubbish to me ooo, I’m not any girl you just speak anyhow to ooo.” I felt like slapping the nurse but I didn’t want to call attention. Besides, my child’s life is far more precious than a petty quarrel.

“I’m sorry nurse, I was really worried because the doctor declared my son dead.”

“Dead? But look at him smiling.”

“Yes dear, he just opened his eyes now.”

“Sorry ma’am, I never meant to be rude to you.”

“I understand your job nurse.” I said to the nurse as my phone rang. It was Busayo.

“Hello Bussy-baby.”

“Hello Tonia, I didn’t see you in the office and I was really concerned.”

“Ooh, an accident happened yesterday, I’m in the hospital at the moment.”

“What happened?”

“My son fell down from upstairs and broke his hand.”

“How? Where were you?”

“It’s all my fault but I’ve learnt my lesson.”

“Tony-baby, I’m coming right away. Which hospital are you?”

“The Covenant Hospital.”

“Oh, I will be there soon.”

When she came, I narrated the entire story to her and she looked at me. Odin was sleeping when she arrived, so we talked and chatted, remembering our university days even.

“But you were a hot babe, no guy could get you that easily naah, what has changed you?” she asked, smiling.

“Don’t mind me joor, I just can’t explain it jare.”

“So what are you going to do about the Kayode of a man before he destroys you and your son?”

“I’ve made a fundamental decision.”

“And what’s that?”

“I’m removing him from office; I want him far from my life.”

“I think that will be the best idea now.”

“I think so too.” I said.

16 thoughts on “My Boss’ Wife: Episode 9” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. ufuoma otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Some of the scenes you didnt fully write well because you are a guy. Like the part where her friend saw the text message. it wasn’t smooth.
    Am hoping she does try to get kayode far away from her life before she loses other things lik her son…. I was almost scared that he did truly die.

    1. Wow!!!!!1 It’s nice having you around…your keen observations are well-received.

      Thanks thanks dear @ufuomaotebele :)

  2. Ihunanya (@LONE)

    Hope she sticks to that decision! She is getting a second chance. @Innoalifa, I know you will keep me thrilled on this story! What is that with Odin’s “I know something about the bomb blast that mummy does not know….” It sounds weird or is it just a child’s play?

    1. Oh, Odin is just being funnily childish according to his age oooo, don’t mind the boy jare.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by @LONE :)

  3. Thaniels (@jayrume)

    The flow was not too smooth but it was a good read. Besides, the doctor should be questioned o, declaring the child dead only to be wrong. I mean, what really happened?

    Am still suspecting the “….mummy does not know thing o…..”

    1. The doctor thought Odin had died because of some internal bleeding but it wasn’t actually the case.

      A bunch of thanks for stopping by @jayrume :)

  4. Biko i dont tkni i wanna hear that lil boy say someting abt the bomb blast again….now as far as Tony -baby is concerned i hope she is serious abt sending kayode or whatever his name is out of her life..dat guy will ruin her….he aint even showing some kinda quilt cos he is cheating on his wife as well..showing up unexpected forgetting the fact that the woman has a young son..even screwing her at her late husband’s house….nawa sha…am just disgusted….

    1. @schatzilein, thanks a million for reading and commenting.

  5. My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time, good job @innoalifa

    the phrase ‘I was pressed’ in the context with which you used it, is grammatically incorrect. When you were talking about Odin’s injury you could have been a little more specific:

    ‘The doctor told me Odin had sustained a simple fracture on his arm and a mild concussion from hitting his head due to the fall. However, he reassured me of a complete recovery within a few days..

    He had to be an absolute quack or just daft not to have known to run a series of tests on Odin in other to rule out other possibilities of internal injury. If Odin had no pulse it means that he was in cardiac arrest, the least the doctor could have done was attempt to restore Odin’s heart beat (cardioversion). Especially because I’m a premedical student I took issue with the hospital part, I think a little research could have gone a long way, you needn’t be very specific. Its not like they can’t afford to go to a good doctor so???

    I understand your excitement in releasing a new episode but I think you ought to devote a little more time going over your work, your delivery certainly could have been better.

    1. @feiO, I really do appreciate you for taking to read and even make some striking observations. This is really an eye opener for me and a step in the direction of good research before writing. This will reduce inaccuracies and failure to render the story in a more interesting way.

      Thanks a million @feiO :)

  6. I kind of got lost at some point in the nurse scene, but will Mr kayode keep quite and leave his job.
    Tony baby is an impetuous woman cus she changes like weather instantly.
    Well let’s see what faith has in store for her.

    1. That woman ehn…let me keep my words and allow history to judge her.

      Thanks for stopping by @ameenaedrees. It means a lot to me :)

  7. Got loads to say, amidst that this was a good read, but it seems much have been touched before me.

    The drama you told us that Tony-baby put up when her child ‘went off’ for a while is not enough. You should have added more dramatic effect.

    Second, nurses are trained to be kind to even an over-fault. I don’t see how a professional nurse would have talked back that way.

    Odin that keeps repeating that sentence of his and his mum not asking, please, I still need to beg you for more details on this woman. She deserves to be flogged publicly.

    Overall, this has been awesome. Continue to thrill us with more.

    1. @Hextophar, all your kind observations are well-taken and I’m working to render some more thrilling episodes…just read along and get the fuller gist.

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting :)

  8. Omena (@menoveg)


    1. @menoveg, Lolz… spit out what is causing this hmmm naah :)

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