Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told. [2nd Edition – 5th Episode]

Demilade announced her ‘brotherly love’ to me during the second free night call session we ever had. That night, I chose to sleep at Emmanuel’s house. As a matter of fact, we all slept on their big bed that night. Desmond and Emmanuel were already aware of my relationship with Demilade (which has now proven to be unreal).

I was lucky that Desmond and Emmamuel were fast asleep when Demilade said I was like a brother to her.
Me – “Are you really serious about this?”
I asked breaking the long silence.
Demilade – “Yes, I’m very serious. Sorry if it’s having any effect on you”
Me – “No, not at all. Just surprised.”

I didn’t wait to hear anything from her. I hung up immediately and she didn’t even bother to call back. I looked at Desmond & Emmanuel faces to check if they didn’t hear what transpired between Demilade and I. Those ones just kept snoring their life away. Thank God.

I couldn’t sleep that night. My eyes were wide opened, I became really confused…..I had the urge to SCREAM but I couldn’t! I felt my heart jumping out of my chest. My eyes were already turning red and at that moment, I heard the weak sound of a thunder, few seconds later, rain began to fall. I shivered on the big bed and I imagined Demilade by my side telling me what she just told me.

She had played with my heart. She played pranks with my feelings. She tricked me. I felt like a FOOL. She successfully fooled me. She knew I really loved her for good. She knew she was all I ever wanted. She made me enjoy her tender loving for few days and left me in a very sorrowful state afterwards. I made up my mind to do same to any girl that came my way. I became a PLAYER. A professional player.

For your information, I was and in fact still the kind of guy who really doesn’t fancy sex. Sex isn’t a topic for me. As my girlfriend; your lips, boobs and some parts of your body are just enough for me. In other words, I love great ROMANCE and FOREPLAY. But, with what Demilade did to me….no lady would come to my house and leave without me blessing her pot of gold.

Demilade kept contact with me through calls and we sometimes chat online. I didn’t give her much importance unlike before, she was just like every other girl I knew, at least that was all she wanted. I tried so hard to bring myself to hate her and maybe tell her to FUCK OFF, but it was very difficult for me to do as I still loved her.

My life as a player is ONE experience I would love to enjoy again. It was sweet having like over 10 girls falling head over heels for me. Sometimes, I forgot the names of some of these girls. I had them from all tribes – Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba. I even had some from other countries – Ghana and Togo. Every Sunday was a day of fuck for me after church service. Saturdays wasn’t an exception. It got to a point that my neighbors had to call for a meeting to talk about how I had suddenly changed. I come home late in the night heavily drunk and the rate at which I entertain ladies in my room became so unbearable. I guess the konji and agro I gave most of the men through the moans that came from my apartment almost everyday got them crazy. So, they called me to reduce the number of girls I invite to my house.

Kikelomo was one of the girls I had crazy fun with. Kike was one girl out of a million girls. Even up till date, It has not been easy to take the memory of Kike out of my head. I don’t think It will be that easy to just forget her. Kike has a slim-structured body, with full lips that were always wet (lips specially made for kissing), her fresh dark skin shone so bright that you’d think she oiled it, God blessed her with beautiful eyes and when she smiles, you’ll just wanna hug her. Her dimples on both cheeks are very tempting. Her flat tummy was one of the features that attracted me to her. Her boobs were just gorgeous, they had courage and could stand before any man and make the man ejaculate without even touching them. I knew all of these the day Kike stood NAKED before me. That afternoon, I blessed the name of God for the marvelous work He did the day He worked on Kike. She was such a perfect and complete creature.

I met Kike at one of the biggest Supermarkets in Ibadan. I have never walked up to a lady and ask for her name or something. All I’ve ever done was create a scene and once I get her attention, the rest will be history. I picked what I wanted and quickly walked up to meet Kike at the Cashier stand.

I began complaining to the cashier, of how the prices of the items I bought had been inflated. I made some real jokes while I talked and I found Kike laughing to some of them. YES! That was all I wanted. She suddenly remembered one item she had not taken, she was about to excuse herself to go get it. I was quick enough to tell her not to bother herself going that I’d get it for her since I also forgot to take an item. She accepted my offer with a smile….Oh my Sweet Jesus, I nearly got a hard-on from that.

I got the items (2 packs of Close Up toothpaste, one for each of us) and brought them before the Cashier. She added the price of the toothpaste to my bill even when I didn’t tell her to do so. That one no be problem. I paid and walked out of the store with Kike, both laughing at the manner at which I collected my change from the Cashier. I asked her where she was going from there, I was lucky she was going my way, so we boarded the same cab. We didn’t say a single word to each other until I reached my bus-stop and asked her if she could give me her number. She willingly gave me and asked me to flash her with my line, of which I did and told her my name without asking for hers. I don’t ask for their names simply because I would at the end of the day forget who she was if she called. I stored their numbers using ‘Sure’ followed by the location I met them. For instance, I saved Kike’s number with ‘Sure Victory Babe’….Victory being the name of the supermarket. When you scroll down my phone contact to letter ‘S’, dem plenty well well for there.

Kike and I got along real good and went so fast that whenever she came visiting, we would end up having rigorous rounds of crazy but fulfilling sex. She saw me as her boyfriend but unfortunately I had no feelings for her, I was only in love with her body, money and food. She did everything she could to make me fall for her but they never worked out well. She stopped calling and coming to my place when she discovered I was only using her to satisfy myself. She was/is the only girl I ever regretted losing as a player. Everything about her was just too sweet. Unfortunately, I never fell in love with her.

No relationship would make me feel good if the girl isn’t Demilade. So, a relationship with my ‘Sure’ girls wasn’t a good idea.

Desmond and Emmanuel wasn’t happy with the life I was living. Desmond told me point blank that he would go ahead and inform Demilade how I’ve been having sex with several ladies everyday…..I didn’t tell them what happened….they thought I was still in a relationship with Demilade. I didn’t tell them cuz I feared the humiliation I would go through in their hands. It would be too much for me to bear. So to avoid that, I told none of my friends that Demilade said she only loved me like a brother.

Desmond’s threats only made me fear what Demilade would make him know. So, I went on a lowkey and made almost all my escapades unknown to Desmond and Emmanuel. I did that because I had a feeling that Demilade would ONE DAY be MINE and that time, it would be FOREVER. And if she ever knew I had fucked several girls, na big GOBE be that.

Demilade didn’t stop communicating with me. Even when I acted like I cared less, she continued showering me with her so-called ‘Brotherly Love’. She would always ask me this on facebook:
Demilade – “Anything for me?”
Me – “True and unconditional love”

There was an evening she asked me this question, I answered her:
Me – “Genuine love from the bottom of my heart.”
Demilade – “Gosh! You say this every time.”
Me – “And, you keep asking for it. Demi, nothing will change what I feel for you”
Demilade – “Can you call me now? I’ve got something to tell you.”

On hearing this, I jumped out of my bed instantly and went out to get recharge card. I called her and was expecting some kinda good news,
Demilade – “Ope, I’m already in a relationship I cherish so much. I really love my boyfriend and I can’t for any reason double date. So, please put an end to whatever feeling you have for me……”

The smile on my face gradually changed to tears rolling down my cheeks. I have FAILED AGAIN. I threw my phone on my bed and passed out.

…to be continued!

Written by: The Charming Humble Nice Guy
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