Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told. [2nd Edition – 3rd Episode]

I didn’t give Desmond chance for any sort of explanation. I just kept spilling words out of my mouth, coming straight from the bottom of my heart…..I really meant those words:
Me – “How on earth would you have asked your brother’s ex-girlfriend out? What motivated you to do so? Desmond, I swear you really fucked up.”

I could see the shock on Emmanuel’s face saying – “What dha fuck? Unbelievable!”. I wasn’t really fighting Desmond for asking his younger brother’s ex out….all was for my interest. Though, both of them had no clue about this.

Emmanuel looked at his elder brother with a squeezed face and then sharply turned to me and said:
Emmanuel – “Ope, sorry which of my ex please?”
Me – “Stupid question. You wanna act like you know nothing about this? Ok. The beautiful story is; your brother here asked Demilade out. He is already in love with your ex-girlfriend”
Emmanuel turned to Desmond who was already feeling ashamed…..Emmanuel was quiet for a while waiting for his brother to say something.
Desmond – “Guy, why you kan dey look me like that na? I toast the babe….no be lie. Na crime?”

Oh my goodness! He was not even moved at all. Surprisingly, Emmanuel began to laugh aloud like what Desmond said ain’t bad at all. Desmond continued:
Desmond – “Why are you laughing now? Have you forgotten so quick? When you too go toast my own babe wey I still dey date that time….and you collected that babe from me. I talk? And come to think of it, this babe no be your babe again. So, why e dey pain you?”
Me – “Mogbe! Is this how you guyz throw your girlfriends at each other? Well, if that is the case….Demilade is NOT (I remember stressing that ‘NOT’ word very well) the kinda girl you’ll do such a thing with.”
Desmond – “What? What is your own? No be teacher you talk sey you be to this babe? Why you kan dey talk like sey you be her Papa?”

I saw Emmanuel smiling to those words and I was lost for words. How will I make these guys know that I’ve got great feelings for Demilade?

Desmond stood his ground that he was not gonna stop. He told me he was already in love with Demilade and he was ready to do anything to have her. I tried to explain to him that it’s not nice of him to do such a thing with his brother’s ex-girlfriend….I made him understand that he has not even met Demilade in his life….I told him he should know Demilade would never say YES because of the fact that she was his younger brother’s ex.

It was as if all my words were like words of inspiration to Desmond cuz he was so adamant….he didn’t look like someone who was ready to change his mind. So, I stopped bugging him…..Sleepless nights became the order of the night (so to say) for me.

But, I told Desmond that night that; Demilade that I know would never accept to be his girlfriend.

I became so scared to call Demilade after that afternoon she informed me about Desmond’s evil work. She also didn’t call me. Even when I see her online, we didn’t chat. I was beginning to lose her…..and I hated Desmond for this.

Emmanuel and I became very close and he eventually got to know of my feelings for Demilade. I could remember what he told me one faithful evening when I confessed to him that I was in love with Demilade:
Emmanuel – “I knew there was something behind all these over-protective acts. So, you were really interested in this girl even before I had her as my girlfriend?”
I gave him no reply. Emmanuel continued:
“You know why I lost interest in Demilade? It was because of the intimacy she had with you….she told you almost everything about our relationship. You know her well even more than I do. Everytime she called, she would always say something about you.”
I was faking a straight face while Emmanuel said all these words…..
“You know what? Demilade has got feelings for you too. Forget Desmond. We both know he’s a jerk. Confess your feelings to Demilade. Don’t let it die.”

“Yeah, I should”….I thought. But, how e go be if the three of us (Desmond, Emmanuel and I) toast one babe within a year? E no go pure jooorrr. It will even look like we planned it or placed a bet on Demilade. And how me go dey follow these small chickens dey drag one babe? I simply threw the thoughts of ever having a chance to have Demilade out of my mind……but, it wasn’t an easy task for me to do.

I didn’t know how far about Desmond’s activity with Demilade cuz I wouldn’t ask him and Demilade and I seem to be on a talking strike. I knew if Demilade had accepted, Desmond would have come brag about it. So, I was still very sure Desmond will only just try but as I’ve prayed, always fail.

I continued living my lavidaloca life, focusing on my career and business. Always trying my best to put away my feelings for Demilade….each time the thought of calling her or sending her a text (at least to say ‘Hi’) creeped into my head…..I ignored it.

One particular afternoon, I was at a pharmaceutical company where I went to install a Store Inventory software…..I was having a short break after training some members of staff of the company. I was feeling bored, then I logged on to facebook to check if I could find someone to chat with. I saw Demilade online and the urge to say Hello took over me……I tried to jump over her name each time I scroll up and down my online friends list…..but her name kept screaming ‘CHAT WITH ME!!!’. I couldn’t resist it….I succumbed and sent her a ‘Hello dear’…..I thought she wouldn’t reply. She replied even before my message delivered. My face shone sparkles of beautiful lights on receiving her reply. No time to waste. The time to speak has come.

I didn’t even bother to ask how life has been treating her or ask how she was adapting to her new environment; school. I told her: “I’ve missed you so much”. She must have taken that as a friend-to-friend thing cuz the way she responded wasn’t really lovely. But that didn’t discourage me. What took over my spirit that afternoon was really awesome cuz till date I really can’t remember how I began to confess how I’d really wanted her to be mine even before Emmanuel got into the scene….how I had loved her so much when she was still my student.

My people, I talk plenty things oooo….to the extent that I didn’t care to read her replies until I had typed and sent everything that was on my mind to her. Then, I got a reply which almost made me cry:
Demilade – “Do you realize you are saying all these to your friend’s girlfriend?”

I became paralyzed on the spot….every part of my body started shaking. I couldn’t type anything…..even if I could, what do I have to send? When she discovered that I wasn’t replying, she said:
“Are you there?”

I typed my reply very slowly like she would know that I really did that:
Me – “Yes, I am. Just that I’m short of words. I don’t understand what you meant by my friend’s girlfriend”
Demilade – “You don’t understand? And why are you short of words?”

I became confused here. Which of my friends would she be talking about? Was it Emmanuel or Desmond? It couldn’t be Emmanuel because he had broken up with her long ago. And Desmond… couldn’t also be him….although, it’s been a while since we talked…..he has gone back to school…..or has Demilade eventually agreed to be Desmond’s girl? All these questions were becoming too much for me to answer so I decided to ask:
Me – “Which of my friends are you really talking about?”

My heart raced so quickly as I closed my eyes awaiting her reply….my phone vibrated alerting me of a new message. I slightly opened my eyes and I was taken aback by what I saw.

…to be continued!

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