Tumbo-Tumbo-Baskelebe Prayers

3 days earlier…On a Sunday
On our way to church in a cab, we did what ladies usually do…gist and somehow our conversation that early morning went to Marriage (I’m not sure what prompted it or who started the gist but we all flowed in that current). My friends maintained that they didn’t mind getting married to men from their State or at least someone who spoke their language…reason being “that was the best”! But I insisted on not wanting anything to do with a man from my State.

“I don’t mind being a true Nigerian when it comes to Marriage, the guy can come from everywhere” I said (they were really shocked at my decision, but I told them it’s always been that way with me from the onset).

Uzzie (trying to change my stand) said “supposing God gives you a man from your place what would you do” and I replied that “God knows what my desires are and that’s what He will give me”. Hear me…Miss-know-the-will-of-God!

Let me pause here for a second and acknowledge the ovation and applause from my group members…those who tell God what they want, how they want it, when and the manner in which the package should be delivered, who conclude those prayers by saying “let your will be done Lord!” Haa!

Don’t we all sometimes claim that what we want is God’s will and yet in our hearts we secretly wish and pray that God’s will is painted in the colours we love and nothing else or less. Forgetting that we serve a God with a weird sense of humour, Who knows ‘the thoughts and intents of men’ even before they are voiced. That’s the God I’m talking about and He heard me that day and decided to play His humour on me. Why am I saying this…hold it a while you soon be in the know!

3Days later…that beautiful Wednesday…
Pastor Kay whilst preaching said “God operates in ways which might not be what we want (usually what we are running from) but in the end, works out together for our good.” Trust me to stand up in praise for a good word and at the same time asking again that God’s will be done in my life despite me and my idiosyncrasies (At the mouth of two witnesses a word is established! God heard me o and decided it was time to answer my prayers).

Prayers 2

What were my prayers?

I had sat and thought about my life and the direction it was headed and I prayed that God would send me a friend or make the men hovering around me to decide if they wanted to stay or take a walk… that I was tired of all the buzzing flies and butterflies who wouldn’t perch. I had asked Him to take away anyone who shouldn’t be around me and keep who should. I don’t remember asking Him to send anyone my way since I already had 2 ‘someones’… ‘Eyes’ and another person who couldn’t make up his mind (this one must have been suffering from Distance Acquired Love Deficiency Syndrome – D.A.L.D.S).


God does hear and answers prayers o! But they don’t come wrapped in the wrapping sheets we are expecting…some even come in polythene bags (those ugly-looking black ones with crazy prints on them)…but they do come.

After Pastor Kay finished, I wasn’t the only excited and motivated person in the house (it was that obvious) and certainly not the only one with faith to move mountains; I was really expecting answers to my prayers. But It’s funny that on a day such a message was preached on ‘taking the step towards what you want’ etc…‘Eyes’ didn’t come to church! Hmmm! So, how will he have heard that God was speaking to him to wake up and do the needful?! I was sad that he missed such a word….but of course I was going to tell him about it later.

As I made to leave the service, King (a run-away suitor) caught up with me and held onto me with excitement because somehow it seemed that Pastor Kay had preached King’s poem. So he begged me for some minutes, went and discussed with Pastor Kay about the message and even gave him a copy of “EMMANUELLA”. We proceeded home and he told me to take a walk with him towards the City Mall. I obliged. We sat there and had some refreshments whilst I waited to hear what his interpretation of the Poem was. He requested to hear mine first and then told me his. While he was talking, my spirit said to me that you are about to be proposed to and I answered back ‘no please Lord!’….

Watching King, he reached to his bag brought out something wrapped up in tissue, opened it and said “you are my wife” and I’m thinking “why him?!!!” After that thought I was still seating there in shock and blushing seriously (sorry, “glowing”… but my dear it felt like a blush as my face was all heated up!) and he encouraged me to stretch my hands he slipped the ring on my finger and proceeded to talk about his Vision, Purpose …where he is and where he is going to and why it was needful for him to do this now. That he had prayed about it and got a leading from God to go ahead
“Supposing the answer is ‘No’ can I return your ring?” I asked him
‘No problem’, he said …but that he knew what God told him.
And I know my Pastor says ‘God isn’t short of words or dumb and can certainly tell the other party too’ (…but right now I’m not sure I wanted to hear what God had to say!) Moreover, King sounded soooooooooooooooo sure of himself that I believed him for a second that this was God. But at the same time, I told him I’d get back to him on it. Phewww.

Why didn’t I return the Ring there and then?

It was his birthday and he looked so fulfilled and happy that I didn’t want to spoil the moment for him… that’s why I gave him a hint that there was a possibility of a “NO” more than there was one of a “YES”! Already he had failed so many tests (not as if I set any for him though). You remember my discussions with my friends 3 days earlier.
King was…
• From my State
• Not dark (I had a preference for dark guys…why, I’m not sure) but he wasn’t fair either, somewhere in-between. But definitely more fair than dark.
• A ‘run-away’ suitor come back
• Always too sure of himself and though I liked that about him, it annoyed me sometimes

With these ‘minuses’ in my heart, I went to the altar to prove my case before God why He had sent me the ‘wrong guy’. Yet a part of me kept saying “Your will be done oh Lord”. So as not to be outside of His will, I resorted to praying in the Spirit more than in the flesh.

Even with the possibility of a “NO” I decided to hear what human beings had to say while waiting for God to say something on it.

My Family…
Mummy said she would pray about it and called me later on to ask why he had run-away the 1st time.

Did I tell my Dad? No way! I wasn’t about to raise his hopes. Dad always expected anything from me when it comes to marriage, as my years of relationship never really showed an incline towards my people. Telling him would be asking for unnecessary pressure to be put on me (because I would be making him happy!).

My dearest friend Chosen bluntly asked “why did he run away? Be careful” (sceptical about his return as I was too myself!).

My Colleagues…
“He’s gorgeous”
“He looks like a Player, (for which team? I don’t know!)
“Be careful o! He looks too smooth”
“I like him…but”
“Go and pray very well o and don’t wear his ring because if you wear it you won’t be able to say NO. These kinds of guys usually go and pray seriously over their rings before giving it out so the person they give it to can’t resist them!”

To which I assured everyone that I wasn’t giving in and why I hadn’t returned the ring was because I got it on his birthday and didn’t want to spoil his fun.

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  1. I love this……………. nice

    1. Thanks @innoalifa and I’m smiling

      1. @imaniking, you’re always welcome. You could check out my poem at http://www.naijastories.com/2014/06/like-romeo-juliet/ also calling on @ihenyengladysusile

  2. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    this was very interesting…………….it is better to hear from God urself because some people are scamers.

    1. @ihenyengladysusile, very true I tell you. if not when the chips are down, its just you and your decisions. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Nice start hon… By the time the NS community have refined you, you’ll go places!

    Meanwhile, this is a very interesting and well packed story with a good dose of humor… And suspense( I’m waiting on you for the sequel).

    Watch the brackets, better sentence structuring will show you most are useless.

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    1. @clemency thank you for all your comments…very helpful. maybe you will help me with the bracket eliminations. But the brackets are to reflect my thoughts at that particular time. How do you say I handle that?

      Definitely the beginning of the story….it goes on and on

      1. Eliminate the brackets by just removing them and restructuring your sentences. Awaiting your comments on my posts

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