Rainy Morning

It was a cold rainy Morning in the city of Lagos, George got out of bed, feeling strung, he peeped through the window and discovered it was still raining, he remembered it rained all through the night, the weather was cold and to his surprise electricity was still on, a development he has noticed for a while now, before, the spotting of a dark cloud means electricity is off, he muttered PHCN is working like the popular saying here ‘Lagos is working.’ George knelt and said some words of prayers; thanking God for the gift of life…he did some pushups and reminisces on his primary school days when he would sleep all morning on a rainy day. Excuse to stay home, he suddenly jolted to reality, this is adulthood he retorted, a smile shrouding his brow. He looked at the wall clock and realized he still had a few time to do some laundry before dashing out.

He was now running late, he flipped through a number of clean shirts in the wardrobe as if flipping through a book, looking for what to wear. Ironing was out of it, he luckily found an ironed shirt, which he hurriedly strapped on, and out he went. On his shoulder hung a bag containing his laptop and some documents. George is fond of saying his laptop is his mobile office, with it he can work from anywhere even in the Eskimo. As he made his way to the popular Akaka bus stop on Western Avenue now Funsho Williams Avenue, he said to himself I need a car then he remembered his priorities and quickly brushed the thought aside. It was still drizzling, he stood at the bus stop for a couple of minutes waiting to board a bus going to Ikeja, finally a bus approached the conductor hanging on the door screaming Ikeja under bridge. George hurried in, sat down and brought out an anthology he got from Naija stories book launch, he giggled has he read, ignoring the usual drama that takes place in a bus until an hilarious even caught his attention. The bus conductor was screaming at the top of his voice to a passenger who sat close to the door; ‘Oga go back, chance dey for back, the man responded, Dat place dey tight, I no fit sit for there. As the argument prolonged other passengers started yelling at the driver to move, at this time George had closed the book he was reading, his focus was drawn to the unfolding drama, which is usually a common scene between conductors, drivers and even the popular Lagos touts known as ‘Agberos.’ Suddenly the driver turned to the poor man and said ‘Oga go back, the man still reluctant, Oga I say go back or make you come down from my moto, conductor give ham him money make him come down’ George was surprise ‘cause conductors are usually reluctant to refund money to passengers let alone drivers. As the driver was still shouting ‘give ham him money make him get out’ the man who was obviously embarrassed shouted at the driver to stop abusing him, while some passengers were busy laughing scornfully.

The journey from Surulere to Ikeja is usually less than 30 minutes, by the time George looked at his wristwatch, the journey had lasted an hour 20 minutes due to the popular Lagos traffic on a rainy day. What a Morning he said to himself as he gathered pace…

14 thoughts on “Rainy Morning” by Teddy (@Tedcel)

  1. LOL…………this was exactly what happened to me last night! Rained like crazy then the lights where out for 3 hours and then no wifi!! I don’t know how I made it………….good thing i didnt have anywhere important to go to the next morning unlike George.

    Lovly short story.

  2. I love rainy days and the smell that comes with it. And for sure, NEPA will disappoint. I think u meant Igloo tho, not Eskimo. Eskimos are a people, Igloo is d place… like you, i’m still working on my writing too. your talent is cool.

  3. omg……… interesting piece

  4. Hate rain..only like it at night

  5. s'am (@samenyuch)

    lovely. typical Naija rainy morning

  6. strapped on- put on.
    has – as
    an hilarious even – ??
    was surprise ‘cause – was surprised because

  7. Thanks for all your comments, suggestions noted.

  8. nice piece…about ur childhood..an excuse to stay home.. totally apuns till now..lol

  9. its all about the fun and fall rain can cause which in Nigeria we see all this… my dear your experience is useful to your belligerency…

  10. Happens to me sometimes. Keep writing.

  11. This tastes as an under-cooked dish
    Fully developed would give great relish
    Forgive my rhyming
    Keep writing!

  12. Teddy good to see you here Bruv…keep on writing don’t ever stop…Nice and Interesting Piece!!!

  13. Thanks Kosnie, my dear sister for your kind comment, I really appreciate it. I’ll surely resuscitate this passion.

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