One more…

One more person to avoid living without,

one more smile adorns my mouth.
One more reason to never give up,
one more memory to make the tears stop.
One more occasion to dance and sing,
and yet another where piercing screams ring.
One more lesson, albeit unpleasant, learnt;
one more message, via a gaze, sent.
One more day with a start and an end,
one more opportunity to not take offence.
One more sigh from a heavy heart,
one sentence that can tear you apart.
One more line, already been crossed,
one more bond bites the dust.
One more chance to set things aright,
one more weighty err, turned light.

© 2014 Kwiksie Ifediora

19 thoughts on “One more…” by Kwiksie (@kwiksie)

  1. great piece, one more…

    1. @oxymoron93, thanks so much for reading and commenting.
      You’ll get another piece soon enough. *winks

  2. Hmm a pity some people might not get that one more chance or day………I encourage people to live life to the fullest knowing what’s right and doing it here and now……because oo tomorrow is not promised.

    Nice piece @kwiksie………..your poem are mostly inspirational I love it! I.also went to stuck your blog oo lol……

    1. :o :D
      @ufuomaotebele, YAY!!! how did the stalking go? It’s awesome to have you on there, i promise. #smiles
      About folks not getting that second chance, don’t i know it. I’m just glad i’ve been given one by my savior to get things right before i kpef. ;)
      I love that you love my poetry, always a joy to have you.

      1. Lol….. stalking was great. Saw your fine pic….Lol and that’s hw I catch u on FB.

        1. Awww! #blushblush…glad you caught me on f.b. But make i hear biko, isn’t it your own pic that’s got the power to turn men ardent poets? ;) #dontmindme

          1. LMAO………….always remember to smile at the camera jare.

  3. @Kwiksie, I love these lines
    making me jollying with your words
    as they create a labyrinth of notions as thoughts….

    1. @innoalifa, thanks so much for reading. :)

      1. @kwiksie, you’re forever welcome……. can’t see something that good and bypass it lolzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!1

  4. If only we recognise always that “one more” chance, the very last chance…

    1. Yeah, we should always keep that in mind.
      Thanks for reading, ;)

    1. Thanks and i apprecite you stopping by @lakemacaulay….(i’m guessing you’re just calliing me ‘bro’ as some slang general ref or something… shey?). ;)

  5. kay (@kaymillion)

    Great 1……. Waiting 4 one more

    1. and you’ll get it soon enough @kaymillion. :)
      Thank you for reading.

  6. One more day to be grateful n thankful

    1. You bet it is. :)
      Thanks fo reading.

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