Why Do Married Men Sleep Around And Cast Aspersion On Women Who Do Similar Thing?

Why Do Married Men Sleep Around And Cast Aspersion On Women Who Do Similar Thing?

I decided to write this article because of a conversation I had the unfortunate privilege to hear. Obviously, these were guys who were having this conversation, and the things that came out of their mouth were shocking even to me to say the least. Shocking or not I had to realize this was the truth as they saw it so instead of remaining shocked about what I was hearing I decided to ask some questions to see if I could gain some insight.

Yes, I got the insight and whole earful of the most disrespectful commentary an ear can hear. They went on about why it was ok for them to cheat, how they manage to get away with cheating and even discussed what they will do to their wives if they ever caught them cheating. So I felt I needed to know why it was kind of okay for a married man to cheat but not right for a married woman to do the same.

Its even shocking, sad, and absolutely ridiculous that men think that it’s fine to not have any self control over their choices and actions but expect women to have better self control.

It is a man’s world so goes that popular saying? Whether you agree with that popular saying or not, what matters is what your view is when it comes to men who sleep around only to turn around and cast aspersion on women who do similar thing?

What is your take on this? Do you think it is ideal for men to bully or accuse women of cheating on their husbands when they are also as guilty as those they are also accusing or passing judgment on?

I hear it, I read it, and see it on television all the time? Women have been driven from their homes because they were caught cheating, but men are acquitted because the society feels it’s a man’s world or what. Well is cheating not cheating?

So my people what makes it right for a married man to cheat but totally unacceptable for a married woman  to do such ?

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  1. it’s just like the thief who doesn’t want his properties stolen….
    no liar wants to be lied to……..

    1. Then tell the truth ooohh!

  2. Societal coventions have said it’s okay for a man to cheat and its unforgivable if a woman does same. It doesn’t mean it’s right though but these things have a strong hold on how people think.

    1. s'am (@samenyuch)

      my thoughts exactly. its been in our tradition , we evolved from a society that has seen it as normal. most married women even know that there husbands are cheating on them but just for the sake of her marriage and kids ahe does nothing and sticks.

  3. Its really amusing how the society at large thinks in referrence to this subject.
    Men married or not believe that it is okay to sleep around. they however want their spouse to be faithful.
    The joke is on them as they need unfaithful women to cheat, what goes around comes around comes around, you cheat with another person’s lady and someone elsebdoes the same with your lady.

    1. The joke is really on them!

  4. It is a psychological thing. Men have the need to own a woman, and then go ahead and acquire as much as they can. Every woman they sleep with, is a conquest. But a woman who has been owned by such men, will not be forgiven, if she sleeps around, not because it’s indecent, but because it hurts his ego. Men see things with respect to how it inflates their ego.

    1. It baffles me that when a man ‘acquires’ a woman, to put it the way you describe it, they take care for other women’s needs while they often do not care for her needs or totally neglect her and her needs(which are many: companionship, romance, sexual, protection, financial, leadership, guardianship, spiritual, et. c), yet they act like they would die if another man do as much as shows interest in her. How many men remain their wives’ closest friends well after marriage? While so much responsibility is placed on the married woman without so much thought about her need to have fun too or be happy from her husband, we still blame them for getting lured by a predator’s bait for fun. Not few men are actually responsible for the drifts in their marriage, particularly when issues involving in-laws, finances, et. c. arise. That is what we men are like: “do as I say, don’t do as I do”, and it is a pity that women too are copying the men to ‘play ball’ nowadays and are showing the men that what a man can do, a woman can do better. Well, God dey sha.

      1. I honestly relate with those needs you just listed. Your response is so true, and hits the nail on the head. I just feel pity for our society, because these days, women are getting more bolder, and will dare to do even worse than men would,

  5. CHEATERS!!!! ugh! you know what? The wife should not stupe so low as to cheat on her husband even if her husband is clearly doing it to her………..She has to keep her slate clean and be the bigger person here becuae na when she do am na people go see and talk ooooohhhh. If the husband don find weytin he dey look for wey he no see for he own house………. he will come back to chop his head.

    Dear future husband, I dare you to cheat on me! *Smiling*

  6. @ Iyandasdiary, before I read this article, I would like to say your write- ups seem to always center on topics I ask questions or ponder about. Thanks men, I appreciate it.

  7. @ Ufuoma, I dey laugh out loud on a louder key. Abeg men don’t like to be dared that one them say na questioning their authority as men which I believe an Ego issue.

    1. @Blackgold LOL………….sometimes though, you just got to put that fear of God in them so that it will prompt them to fear you!……………..If he wants us to stay boyfriend and girlfriend forever, he can go ahead and cheat………….but while married, he can take that B.S somewhere else. thank God the ring isn’t glued to our fingers.

      Men suffer from a very well known disease called……………(Unsatisfaction) why he go put one leg for house put the other for outside???!!!

    2. @ Ufuoma, you are right, like the gist I heard of a woman whose husband beats her, she wakes him up in the middle of the night with a knife and says if you ever touch me again, I will kill you. He stops ands another woman poured gasoline every in the house and told him she will set the house on fire if he ever maltreats her again. The irony of it all , is that this men fear death and threats but they want to harass women.

      1. WOW! I feel sorry for that woman! Ah wish a man would lay his filty hands on me……chineke! both of us are going to die there! it will be a deadly day ooo not saying i can fight shaa…..but truly those women were strong for themselves.

    3. Na double portion dem wan chop oh

  8. Honestly, I am still yet to understand that saying “it is a man’s world”. I guess for the world to be men’s, men need to start getting pregnant, nurse the child and take of the family as a woman would. I want to be believe real men don’t cheat on their wives. Guys that cheat seem to forget the vows they took when they got married and when they suspect their wives they hire private detectives to follow them, when na dem be the culprit. Didn’t they say those who live in glass house don’t throw stone

  9. Why them dey throw stones? It is so bad that these men cheat on their wives n they are caught and they ask for forgiveness , couple of months or even weeks after they back to square one. Isn’t there a saying “do me I do you God no go vex”.

  10. Agreed, men are the head of the home, women are your helpers , they are equal as you nothing makes you superior.I guess some men haven’t really understood the rationale behind the saying “behind every successful man there is a woman” women are often times the covering men have n is cheating a way to say thank you . 1 peter 3: 7 KJV says “likewise ye husbands dwell with them according to knowledge ,giving honor unto the wife as unto the weaker vessel , and as being joint heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered”. Men please honor your wife and you will see tremendous change in your life and family. Ephesians 5:24 when it said ” therefore as the church is subject unto Christ so let the wives be to their husbands in every thing ” I believe is not referring to wives turning to your subjects but obeying,honoring , respecting and loving their husbands. Finally, Ephesians 5: 28 says so men ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He that Loveth his wife Loveth himself. I believe one of the signs of loving your wife is honoring and respecting her not to Cheat on her. Male chauvinists need have a rethink, if not for women, men wouldn’t exist in the first place. Kudos to all mothers, wives out there women rock the world. No one should come tell me that Eve was formed out of Adam, so it makes men superior, that is so because he was the first man and God saw he needed a helpmate, companion and created Eve out of his ribs. This further tells us that a married man cheating on his wife is cheating on himself and living in Self Denial.

  11. Why do i find this topic hilarious??weird

  12. i find this topic thrilling because men who cheats dont know what they are doing to themselves moreover since they decided to be cheaters, why must they shake when their women decides to follow their leader afterall what goes around comes around.

  13. i also think that the idea of cheating comes from the popular saying that all men are promiscus, now they all themselves dwell and get carried away with the fact that they have the right to cheat as the head of the family.

  14. s'am (@samenyuch)

    one man told me i should chill till i get married married then i would understand. For men to cheat that is. Said its a temptation we all gotta face and fall for. hehe. still chilling :D

  15. You didnt do justice to this article, young man. You literally asked a question. You could as well have left your topic and the content blank and it would have serve thesame purpose.
    You had the intention of writing an article and we clicked so that we can see your own answers. Why then are you asking us again, as if we too don’t sometimes ask ourselves thesame question.
    Man, step up your game in article writing. It’s not a joke!

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