The Journey Of Love (True Love)…


In the Village of “Ufedo”, Eniafe went on a mission to find the woman that will be the father of his kids. He planned to name his kids not minding if they were all boys or girls as Ifunnanya, Feranmi and Inasonki.

He was due for marriage and so the village priest called him out as the next person to be married in the village. The next “Ceremony of Family Unity” will conducted soon and a new bride and groom will have to be initiated during the ceremony.

And this was how his journey was for a whole year as recounted by Eniafe. ” My journey to find my Woman”

                     THE JOURNEY OF LOVE
JANUARY                 –            Journey to the land of Love
FEBRUARY              –           Fetching for True Love
MARCH                     –           Marching to the Altar of Love
APRIL                          –           Appealing for True Love
MAY                             –           Making Love Sacrifices
JUNE                           –          Judged for True Love
JULY                             –         Joining the Circle of Love
AUGUST                    –          Accepting the Ring of Love
SEPTEMBER           –         Stepping into the World of Love
OCTOBER                –         Hunting for a True Love
NOVEMBER            –        Knowing True Love
DECEMBER             –         Dancing with True Love

He returned back to the village when he found “Ife” the woman of his dream. Then he told the whole town of how he had persevered to find her not minding the stages, challenges and troubles he encountered, the conflicts they both had and how they resolved it.The ceremony was an interesting and fulfilled one.

Latter in the following year he was blessed with triplets and he named them: Ifunnaya, Feranmi and Inasonki. Eniafe Valentina and Ife Loveth lived happily ever after with their three beautiful triplets.


THE END! :-)
Note by: The meaning of the names:
Ufedo means “Love” in Igala Language
Ifunnaya means “Love” in Ibo Language
Feranmi means “Love me” in Yoruba Language
Inasonki means “I love you” in Hausa Language
Eniafe means “the one we love” in Yoruba Language
Ife means “Love” in Yoruba Language

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  1. Love is the subject-matter of countless works. This is nice but I’m just wondering and pondering how Eniafe will name his kids Ifunnanya, Feranmi and Inasonki lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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