I have suffered all my life and this seems to be the peak. It doesn’t just turn out well with me. I grew up in the ghetto! Since my teenage years the only way I found love was in the opposite sex though I thought, because I never had so much love from anyone either.

For five consecutive years I wondered how I manipulated 3 men at a time. They only boast with their ego but they are fools. They so much deride and overlook the strength of a woman. Though I showed it in the wrong manner, I know my sins are forgiven and the guilt is gradually dying off. I am a mother of one child, with no solid educational background and work, and the father of my son is irresponsible. Despite all I still persevere to have a better life, no matter what happens I am 37 and what is my fate?

A beauty to behold indeed, I knew I was beautiful and I needed no one to tell me. Even a fly could tell by not perching on my face but rather on the next person or thing close to me. No exaggeration but it is just the fact.

Although I loved him dearly and thank God we got married but my marriage became sour when I and my husband were told that I won’t be able to conceive due to the previous abortions I have had still for the same man. Now he wants to bring in the bastard he fathered outside our matrimonial home. It breaks my heart and how will I bear this pain?

I wonder what kind of a will my father left. Why must I have a son to inherit such a wealth. He is still bound with old traditions. I am a man now but that wealth is too much for me to ignore. I have waited patiently and now the son is here but that useless prostitute won’t let me have him. Things are really going bad for me including my business. Why is it always bad for me?

Thank God at least I won’t die without a child. I don’t mind if she was once a prostitute my days of secret tears are over, my prayers have been answered. At the age of 63, there is still hope for me. Isn’t it?

Pump it.

All my friends call me “pump it” because I am the only one who pumps it right. To hell with those girls and their babies they know how to sought out themselves. Pump it! Koko master still kicking at 40 or what else is there to live for in the ghetto?

Chioma and her husband were in their room when they began to argue.

CHIOMA:(Talking in annoyance, demonstrating with her hands) over my dead body, that boy will not stay under the same roof with me, in this matrimonial home.

KEN: (Sitting on the bed with his hands on Chioma’s back) I am pleading with you that you should accept this boy after all it is for your own good.

CHIOMA: (pointing at herself and looking at him questioningly)my own or your own good? Is it not because of the wealth you want to claim? That is why you have decided to bring in the boy, you are a self-fish man. (She hissed)

KEN:(talking angrily)Look enough is enough Chioma!I am bringing that boy in and there is nothing you can do about it!

CHIOMA:(talking with self-pity) Haven’t I suffered enough Ken?, You know the story behind my inability to conceive, yet you cheated on me, fathered a child outside our matrimonial home, I allowed you to take responsibility and now you want to bring in the boy against my own wish. Why do you always remind me of my sorrows? Why?

KEN: Don’t think that way Chioma, try to understand, Loveth is a drunkard and that alone endangers the boy’s life.

CHIOMA: (she began to quiver as she spoke)Understand what? Did you not know she was one and a prostitute before you had an affair with her? Did you not want to abort it when she played smart on you because you considered her a demimonde? You are not a man Ken, now because of money, your late father’s wealth you want to tear your home apart .

Ken muttered while she still spoke “What home?”
KEN:Look here Chioma, I won’t consider your opinions in this house again and my words are final, take it or leave it. (He walked out on her)

Chioma busted out in tears as usual as she watched him leave the room.

CHIOMA: (Still talking after he had walked out on her)I have told you Ken over my dead body will that child live in this house. Oh Lord I am finished help me…. help me… (She puts her hands on her head sitting on the floor)

Ken went to visit Loveth in her home, it turned out to be a mess and he left in disappointment.

Ken prays in his mind that it turns out fine as he presses the bell: ding dong!
Dinggggggg dong!

LOVETH: ( shouts from inside)Just a minute!

Door opens:quiweyqwua

KEN: Hi, Good afternoon!

LOVETH:(looking unsurprised and answering sluggishly) hmn Afternoon, come in.

KEN : ( not bothered about her facial expressions) Thanks!

She shuts the door

(Standing in the in front of the sofa, with his hands pocketed) How is David?

(Taking her own stand few distance from him, not minding whether he sits or not)He is fine and any problem?

(Clearing his throat…)Well …. hum ..no, it just that as his father it is my duty to know his well being.

(Looking at him with a raised eyebrow) Really?

KEN: Come on Loveth I have not come here to quarrel.

LOVETH: (her face twisted) Whatever….

KEN: (Looking at the sofa to take a seat) You did not even ask me to sit, well never mind, I’ll just sit, (he sat at the edge of the sofa facing Loveth’s direction) but I have come to discuss with you that I want David to come and stay with me in my house at least for a while.

LOVETH: (Still standing with her arms akimbo) Oh,you want to take him away, right?

Ken nods his head

LOVETH: Well, I won’t let you do that Ken. David is going nowhere not now or any other day with you! Schewwww.. (She hissed)

KEN: Loveth you have to understand this, your drunken life can and will endanger David life, while don’t you let him stay till…………

Loveth She interrupted while he spoke

LOVETH: (she flared up in anger) Listen to yourself Ken? Who are you to tell me what is and how my life should be?

KEN: (Trying to calm her down with his hands on her shoulders)You don’t have to raise your voice calm down Loveth.

LOVETH: (Pushing him off her body)In fact leave my house now, I mean it, if you don’t I’ll raise an alarm!

You don’t want to embarrass yourself before your neighbor’s do you?

Ok try me. (She walks to the door and opens it and making an attempt to shout)

KEN: (stammering as he find his way out) em, Lov, em o..o Ok !Ok! But I will come back for my son, I mean it, I mean it Loveth!

KEN: (As he steps out of the door he muttered words to himself) “Why don’t I ever say the right words?”
Has he left, Loveth pondered on his words and thought of what to do.

Loveth: (Panting and pacing around the parlour soliloquizing) I need to get to chief’s house this night. In fact I am parking into his apartment right away. I can’t dear that idiot; he does all that he says and I don’t want it beyond this stage. He has hurt me before, I remembered when I told him I was pregnant, he almost killed me with his big fat hands. Just few months ago, he turned up suddenly that he wants to take responsibility over David. I wonder what good spirit had entered him. I’ll get David from his friend’s house and off I go.


Nah three days & we never see chance to get her or her pikin.

SISCO: Whose fault? Instead of you to grab the boy the other day, you stand there dey look like a dummy, if nah Kupo, he for do something. Nah you dey spoil the whole plan sef.

what do you mean?, are u a fool, you no see the trader wey dey talk to am at a distance, how you expect sey mek I grab am even when okada park no far from where we dey, people go know sey something is wrong and they can lynch me out there

KUPO: (Speaking with a rough voice and ash tone) it’s okay nah, no need for argumenti joh, abi nah? mek we just plan fresh fresh again and carri action. The pikin know sey you be in papa?

PUMP IT: (he talked sniffing his weed) for where, for what nah. Wetin concern maga now? I no go ever claim sey na me be hin papa.

KUPO: What? Guy you get bad heart oooooo…kai!

SISCO: You no even happy sey you get pikin. (He hissed)

KUPO: How u come think sey the mama go get money come bail hin pikin?

PUMP IT: The sugar daddies wey she dey carry go settle am particularly chief. Abi nah wetin you think?

SISCO : If nah chief we wan get money from, e kuku beter if we go attack chief collect money dan the pikin wey we wan carry, abi una get food wey una go take feed the pikin?

PUMP It: Oooooo, u diz guy u just dey fall my hand, wetin nah? abi which can stupid talk wey u dey talk so?

KUPO: Guys leave that tin mek we follow the plan wey we don plan before….ehn ehn ehn, see, ebi like sey they wan commot…(pointing) Who even give her car sef?

Nah the chief o! nah the maga give am oooo

SISCO: Guys! Guys! No time wasting, mek we follow, start the car! start the car!


Chief Lawal was in his house with his friend when he received a phone call from Loveth.

CHIEF:(talking with excitement) The business proposal was a very brilliant one. I have always believed in that Kaduna guy.

AJAYI: Do you mean Musa?

CHIEF: Yes, that boy is good in fact he will be promoted as soon as possible in my company

AJAYI: Yea, but he is sometimes rude, one cannot joke with him.

(Laughing while his phone rang) hahahahaha! Excuse me, my woman is calling

AJAYI: (Waving him off with his hand) Never mind!

(Picks the call) Hello my dear!

LOVETH: Hello, Chief Chi…. Chief am… am ..am in trouble

CHIEF: What is it my love?

LOVETH: I am not safe, my life is in danger.

CHIEF: (He sits up ) What! What do you mean?

LOVETH: (Speaking hurriedly and breathing heavily) I noticed some strange faces recently around my house, I am scared and I want to come over to your place now!

CHIEF: Sure! I’ll send the driver to pick you while I inform the police?

Don’t bother, I can’t wait for the driver, I will come myself… wit..with my car, in fact am out of the gate.

CHIEF: Are you sure that you can drive with the situation on ground?

LOVETH: Yes, I can

CHIEF: Alright I’ll be waiting… My dear hope my son is doing fine?

LOVETH: Yes he is, I am on my way, few distance away from my house. bye!

CHIEF: Ok bye!
He hangs up the phone!

AJAYI: (Looking at chief in an inquisitive manner) What is it?

CHIEF: (Worried and unstable, scrolling through his phone for a number)I need to make an urgent call the Police, right now.

AJAYI: (at a loss) Why and what for?

CHIEF: MY love is not safe, She said that some strange people are around her home and her life is in danger. Ever since I lost my wife she has been a comfort to me and I am not ready to loose her. I am calling Inspector Chike to send his boys to fetch her for me now.


LOVETH was on her way to chief house when she had a ghastly accident and was taken to the hospital together with David. David loosed a lot of blood through a deep cut on his thigh and Loveth became unconscious.
At the hospital Chief, KEN and his wife were present, David was severely injured and he needed blood to survive.

DOCTOR: This is not a good situation, all of this test results shows that neither Mr. Ken or Chief Lawal is the biological father of this child.

(Exclaimed aloud)…ahhh….hummm this is real super story!

DOCTOR: (Cautioning her) would you keep your mouth shut! Yen yen yen yen …yen (micmiking her words) is that all you can say?

NURSE MABEL: (Bowing her head) a…am…am sorry sir!

DOCTOR: You and Nurse Titi, your gossip entourage hun (shaking his head), your days are numbered in this hospital, go out there and call me Chief Lawal and Mr Ken. Then tell Nurse Titi to get the bills ready.

NURSE MABEL: (Taking her leave) ok sir!
(Soliquising ) Ha! it was nurse Titi that caused all this rubbish ooo, I only told her that I think doctor Mike is In love with Nurse Amina, and she went ahead to congratulate Doctor Mike on his upcoming wedding with Nurse Amina.
Funny enough, Dr Mike asked her where she got the information and she gladly told him that I was the one who told her.

Heeeeee! I felt like sinking into the ground when I was called in to the office by Dr Mike, on getting there I saw Nurse Amina, Nurse Titi and the senior Matron. Seeing the four of them, I sensed something was wrong but I could not tell what it was. Dr Mike asked Nurse Titi to repeat what she told him, and when she did; My mouth was wide open, with my hands on my head.

Outside the office

NURSE MABEL: Chief, Mr Ken the doctor wants to see the both of you.

Inside the doctor’s office
Expressions on Ken and chiefs face shows that they were confounded.

KEN: What do you mean Doctor? That boy over there is my son you had better not let him die.

Chief: Would you shut up! You this young man, that boy is my son Doctor and I don’t know where this imposter originated from?

Doctor: Something is wrong somewhere, neither of you is the father based on the test carried out, the mother of the child is in coma, she would have been in the best position to tell who the real father of David is. (While talking a nurse called on the doctor for an emergency)

NURSE: Doctor! Doctor! We need you in the theater now.

DOCTOR: Excuse me gentlemen, (He excuses himself from their midst)

Both men were looking at themselves speechlessly in the process Ken’s wife came in

CHIOMA: What is going on Ken? The gate man told me you were at the hospital, are you ok?

KEN: (looks at his wife , hissed and kept quite) Hissssssssssss schewwwwww!
The doctor returns to give a report

DOCTOR: Gentlemen, both of you claimed to be the father of that little boy but I am sorry he is dead now and the mother still in coma.

CHIEF: Nooooooooooooo!Doctor nooooooooo……..(His head bowed down)

KEN: This is rubbish this is total rubbish! (He bangs his fist into his palm)

DOCTOR: We tried all our best but no blood soothes his.

Chioma later discovered that David wasn’t Ken son. There was a little relief but his death pained her. This was about 10: 45pm at the clinic. As the tension was still high and the doctor making some inquiries about Loveth from Chief and Ken, Pump it walked into the scene.

(feeling exhausted) You see Gentlemen; Miss Loveth is in coma and…

(Pump it comes in)

DOCTOR: Yes how may I help you?

PUMP IT: Good evening doctor, I am David’s father.

DOCTOR : What? Anyway, emm, Mr emm..

Pump it:
Pump it! Pump -it! is the name.

em… ok Mr Pump it, I am sorry David is dead.

PUMPIT: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


LOVETH (After recovery)
I thought it was all over, but Chief forgave me and still married me despite my unfaithfulness. But I missed David. I never had from Ken again. Chief was a God sent to me to ease off my days of suffering. The real father of David was Pump it, but he never took responsibility. I don’t care how he feels now. He is a big fool.

Ken thinks he can always get what he wants. I and Ken will surfer together for the sins we both committed but I still pray, “Oh Lord answer my prayers, have mercy on me and let me carry my own baby.

Oh what a life! I have wasted all my years not to accomplish nothing, I made a fool of myself. How did I not know that the child is not mine? He resembled his mum so much anyway. Loveth you are a bastard wherever you are! I guess Chioma is happy now.


At the age of 63, I am okay with Loveth as long as she loves me. Now I have a wife, the next is a child either by adoption or not, I don’t mind. A new life and a new family!

For the first time I really did had a rethink about my life after the death of David, I knew him at a distance but stayed away from my responsibility, what a life? I came too late to save him. I am finished all because of money! A fool at 40 is a fool forever!

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