“I’m getting a divorce”he annouced to his parents,watching slowly as hope was replaced with disappointment in their eyes..apparently they thought Sarah was pregnant.:He laughed bitterly;like that was ever going to happen.He had decided to call it off two weeks ago,he couldn’t take it anymore.He had put off telling them long enough just because he knew they were going to take his wife’s side.Hey!every man wanted their parents to love their wives but when they loved them more than their own children that was pretty annoying.

“What did you do?”he heard his mother ask accusingly.He knew it,ofcourse they’ll think sarah wasn’t at fault.He stared at his father who looked at him with rage filled eyes.

“You are not getting a divorce”he said simply and picked up reading his newspaper.”I’m tired of her dad,she always gets on my nerves”he said,a tinge of fustration in his voice.His father couldn’t tell him how to live his life,he was now a grown man.It didn’t matter that he worked under his dad,he was soon getting a new job anyway.

“Hmm Jacob..are you trying to say Sarah is at fault here?because I know that innocent girl did not do anything to you…or is it because you’ve seen another girl that you like?”His mother said softly as though that will make him say the truth.

“Leave this boy..don’t you remember how love-struck you were when you introduced her to us..it must be another girl putting this rubbish in your head..look at us”he said indicating him and his wife”we’ve been married for 35 years but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had disagreements, aren’t we still together?”his dad ended.

‘Aww was that meant to convince him’he thought..just one little boring speech..well he was still getting his divorce.His dad was right about something though,he had been lovestruck from the first day he had set his eyes on her.She was a wonder to both men and women.’How could someone be so perfect’they must all have thought.Her face was one which must have been with extra care by God.and her body was capable of turning saints into unrepentant fornicators.He had gone to talk to her,boldly ofcourse afterall she couldn’t refuse him.When she set her eyes on him,he had seen admiration and definitely lust.She had met her match,he didn’t like to brag but he had had his own share of girls throw themselves at him,one couldn’t blame them.He was goodlOoking,with great physique and ontop all that,he had lots of money.At first she had acted hard to get but it was clear it was only a matter of time before she accepted and he wasn’t wrong.He had fallen hard and fast.They had been the perfect couple,wherever they went they turned heads.

The day he had introduced her to his parents,they had both been nervous.But one look at her and his parents had fallen too,she had been eager to work,humble and even respectful.”She is better than all those girls you’ve brought to this house”his mom had said,a proud smile on her face.

Then they had gotten married and just like that the love had faded or could he call it lust.She had turned into a nagging wife,complaining whenever he came home late or refused to eat her food.She had even called him a fool once just because he hadn’t come home for 3 days .Now after a year he needed a divorce,her beauty had gotten lost sometime within the 12 months and all he saw irritated him now.To make matters worse,she was always crying and demanding to know what she had done wrong.He had to get her out of his life.”Look..that woman nags all the time,she’s never grateful.When I bought her that Honda, she threw the keys away saying her friends were riding better cars..she just pretends all the time you people are around..and the food,look at me now am getting thinner”he said stretching his hands so they could get a full view.”

She doesn’t cook swallow food oh..she only does spaghetti, rice and indomie sometimes. Indomie!!!!!for a man?a husband?”He shouted,a fresh wave of anger pumping through his veins.He looked up and saw his parents still not looking convinced,their eyes narrowed at him.They still didn’t believe him.

“Whenever I come to your house I always see good food..I’m your mother,I know you..stop lying to us..”He could feel himself breathing hard,anger did that sometimes..They just couldn’t believe him,it was clear they didn’t love him enough to trust him for once..

“I’m your son,not her.I don’t know what kind of charm that girl has used on us but am happy I found out earlier..she is evil”he said,voice raised.”Can’t you see?”He raised his voice higher,his neck veins threatening to escape.”Shut up..enough of that,you are not getting a divorce”his dad shouted,his whole body vibrating..Jacob stared at his father..he hadn’t wanted to tell them this last one but he had to,let him see how they were going to defend her now.He didn’t really need their permission anyway he just wanted them to support him..

“She cheated..I caught her in our bedroom,on our bed with another man.”He said,his voice shook slightly.It was evident he was hurt.His mom had squeaked but apart from that all else was quiet..They couldn’t say anything now,could they?He felt himself relax..he had triumphed..

After a while he heard both their voices”that’s a lie”…He felt his jaw go slack.They still weren’t convinced..what???..it was clear,she had actually used charm..he wanted his parents back.After all he had told them.After all the lies he had said,they still chose to believe Sarah over him.He had to get out of here..he had to go back to the loving arms of Nadia,his next wife.

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  2. @HALIMA
    awestruck at the words
    I couldn’t restrain my thoughts
    as divorce has turned to a daily event
    in marriages and unions less spent

    I f one is cheating the other
    like a boorish wife making a patter
    and a difficult man on the edge
    adding a page to his story’s page

    Maybe or rather perhaps
    peregrinating through life like herbs
    ripe to be plucked from the tree
    disagreements abound in a way so free

    Divorce is an option when one cheats
    but staying with one’r partner through life
    is an option noble and sublime
    transcending every space and time…….

  3. Punctuation issues.

  4. divorce is what you get when a marriage is rushed or not thoroughly thought over or when a partner suddenly starts cheating. i pity sarah but happy for her for having her inlaws support anytime

  5. Jesus. People should at least try to re read before posting. The typos are evil.

  6. The typographical and punctuation errors made this difficult to read.

  7. Divorce is a bitch….

    Lotsa errors..proofread next time..hope u get better

  8. Good work.
    Loved the insinuation at the end that he too was cheating.
    Lots of typos though.

  9. kay (@kaymillion)

    when things get damaged they should be fixed
    when things are hammered beyond repair, they should be managed
    wedlock is a padlock that has no lock or luck………
    divorce is not an option or answer

  10. Divorce is unfortunately becoming a norm now, good one but the typos detracted from your writing.

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