My Carrot Story 1

My Carrot Story 1

I am back again, my day was stressful. My mother made me work my socks off, but I still love her though. My mother is a very tall carrot with straight legs and a very big, not bulging, eye that gives her sexy look. She’s got the mixture of green and orange skin. When I was young I used to think my mother was a foreigner. My silly friends used to joke about my mother being a half-carst. Here in the carrot world, a half-carst was somebody who had some gene of carrots and pear. Pears were not very famous in ikorodu. The carrot world, my people, is not exactly on good terms with the pears. Rumors had it that anybody with a pear gene would get burnt under extremely hot sun. The myth that I know is that… when I found out about the pear and carrot story, I became afraid for my mother.
Back in the first centuries when the ‘CARST” were just establishing themselves as a formidable force in the “fruital” world, my ancestors had some problems with our land. We originated from Egypt, a place in the northern part of Africa. But due some environmental problems like flooding and oppression from stronger fruital nations, we decided to move out of Egypt. After a long walk from Egypt, we finally settled in Nigeria.
Nigeria weather conditions were not in any way friendly. The sun was too hot for us, the ground was not fruitful, the climate was as unpredictable as the release of mess, but we had no choice. That was the only ‘FREE” land available. We finally settled in northern Nigeria, a place called Jos.
My ancestors wanted to make the land productive. The land had all the elements of a productive one but somehow it was yielding anything. We were worried. After consulting a lot of deities we found out that our predecessors, the pears who dwelt there before had laid a curse on the land. The gods had told them to leave the lad to some other place, but because of their greed they laid a curse on the land. The land would never be productive. Our elders sought ways to cleanse our land from the curse. After many consultations, the god of the sun finally decided to help us wash off the curse. The god of the sun, after consulting the other gods-the gods of the earth, the moon, the waters and the weather, they came to a consensus that we sacrifice eight virgins to them. The eight carst virgins would help break the chains that the greedy pears placed on the land. Eight virgins were sacrificed on a hot midday sun. After the sacrifice a curse was laid on the carst- anybody that had anything to do with a pear would melt under a hot sun.
For centuries we all have been bound by that curse.

The curse means that my mother would melt under the sun, but thank god I found out otherwise. How she got the skin? well that is another topic for another day, but for now…

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  1. I’m still reading, keep them coming…………..

    1. thank you, dey are coming

    1. thanks for stopping by.

  2. lol….I can see a wild imagination at play here.

    A colorful one at that.

    Nice….keep it going

    1. wow! never knew my imaginations were that… appreciate a lot. the other parts are on their way

  3. Oh! now i understand what your “Carrot” mean’t.
    your mom is beautiful!

    waiting for more.

  4. kay (@kaymillion)

    nice one

    1. me grateful baba kay.

  5. @oxymoron93, beautiful story. Best I’ve read on here today. The writing might need a little work but the story itself is really different in a good way. Keep doing your thing.

    1. really! i feel so so honored. i would definitely improve. thanks for reading and commenting. i must confess this community has so helped me improve. reading stories here has been more than an eye opener for me.

  6. Quite creative, never thought I’d see carrots talking and farming in my head.

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