Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 17

The pregnancy was soon seven months and the babies moved more frequently, and I had started getting my lasgidi vibes back. I was getting more and more expectant and happy about my babies. I registered at a hospital for my ante-natal check-ups. I stopped doing anything as Sandra wouldn’t let me do any of the chores anyway.

One morning, I yawned, went into the kitchen and tried making a cup of hot tea for myself but miss bossy interrupted the process.

“Alice, what are you doing?” Sandra asked as she came inside the kitchen.

“Making tea of course,” I replied without as much as a pause.

“Did I not tell you not to come inside the kitchen again?” she queried.

“But my babies want some tea,” I answered.

“No they don’t. I don’t want you here. Get out right now. I will make you green tea,” Sandra said, leading me out of the kitchen.

I took my cup of cinnamon tea and I ignored her stern face as I made my way to the sitting room. Sandra came in, took the cup I was holding and thrust a cup of green tea into my hand. I didn’t complain because I knew it wasn’t going to make any difference.

At the dining table, I ate two whole plates of rice and Sandra laughed.

“The rate at which you eat, I wonder if you would have the strength to bring out these boys. It really worries me,” Sandra commented as she took the unfinished plates away from me while I protested.

“Na curse? I’ll have them myself,” I said.

“Sorry ma. I have said my own,” she replied. “You need to stop eating so much.”

“They are the one’s hungry not me,” I said touching my tummy.

“Don’t call my name when the day comes because I will not answer you,” she said further.

“Me? Call you? Wetin I wan call you for? Na you put am there?” I said laughing.

“Anyway, I got some baby clothes for the boys, you’ll love them,” Sandra said.

“Stop saying boys. I want girls,” I replied, “Okay, may be a boy and a girl.”

“I agree with you. I have to go to the supermarket and get some things.” Sandra said and took the used plates to the kitchen.

I told her to branch at my lawyer’s office to ask if he had sent some money to Sean and I gave her my atm card so could withdraw some money for me at the bank. She gave me a peck and went out.
After she had gone, I smiled my lazy smile, got up from the dinning table, switched on the television and sat down to watch cartoon network.

Hours later, Sandra came back. She gave me the money and told me that Henry’s family had finally decided on the date they would be going to her mum for the wedding date.
I congratulated her and told her how sorry I was that I wouldn’t be fit to be her maid of honor.

“Not with this big belly anyway,” Sandra said and told me she was glad I took it well.

We started planning the wedding and it was so much fun. The wedding day was fixed for the following month and the plan was marvelous. Henry insisted that Sean would be his best man and I called Sean to tell him and he said he was honored. Sandra contacted Cindy and Bimbo, she made them her confetti ladies and her sister was to be the maid of honor.


On the wedding day, everything was beautiful and glorious. I bought Sandra a microwave oven and Jenny wrapped it up. Cindy, Bimbo and a few others put up at my place. I ignored Cindy all through the stay, and she didn’t act like she cared anyway. Mrs. Bennett’s youngest daughter was the little bride.

Instead of preceding the maid of honor, as soon as the bridal march started, she skipped up in front of the bride and started distributing her rose petals to people seated at the pews in the church. So, it was a late congregation that gathered at the aisle and the pastor finally pronounced the couple as husband and wife.

The reception was held in a hall down the street to the church. Everyone was present including Sandra’s relations from her village. Sandra’s mum was beaming from ear to ear. It was the look on her husband’s family’s faces that gladdened her heart. They had thought they had the best of her but now, they saw that her daughters were doing very well after all. The family members looked on with amazement, and they couldn’t keep still.

Sean came with Brenda and I was glad he did. It was an opportunity to really get to talk to her. The party came to an end and the couple were escorted to the bridal car. Harry picked up his bride and bundled her into the Mercedes Benz jeep and he blew me a kiss.

“Where are you doing your honey moon?” I asked as I moved towards the car.

“I’m not telling. Sandra doesn’t know too, it’s a secret place Sean and I picked up,” Harry said.

“I’ll call you when we get there,” Sandra said as she removed her veil.

And so off they went with everybody waving behind them. Sean drove Brenda, Jenny, Sandra’s mum and I to the house. Bimbo and Cindy were left behind to organize how Sandra’s gifts would be taken to Harry’s house from the reception venue.

Sandra called the next morning from Barbados and she promised to call again. Aunt Betty came over and helped in parking Sandra’s things to take to her new home. I tried to ask Brenda a few questions about herself but somehow Sean kept shielding her from me. The only thing I could find out was that she was fascinated about Abuja. I called Sean to my room to have a little conversation with him, since he wouldn’t let me talk to Brenda.

“Okay bro, tell me what is going on,” I said as we got into my room.

“What is what?” Sean asked and sat down on the bed. I sat beside him and took his hand.

“You know you can tell me anything right? What are you shielding Brenda from? Is she an addict or something or is it a terminal disease? Is it about her parents? What is it Sean?” I asked.

“All I can tell you is that she has been through a lot. I will tell you more about her myself just please don’t ask any more question about her,” he pleaded.

“But why not? I need to…”

“Stop, all I need you to do is to trust me on this and love her like you love me, I love her with all my heart sister,” Sean explained. I looked at my brother as he talked. He was all grownup and manly now. I smiled and he hugged me and then stood up.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked.

“It is nothing. If that is what you want, I will trust you to know what you are doing. I will love her like my sister,” I replied with a bigger smile.

“Do you promise? You will love her no matter what the clause is?” Sean asked again.

“Ehhmm…I’m not sure about that but I think so.”

“Thank you. You are the best,” Sean said and we hugged again. I didn’t know what to make of our conversation but I let it go. We went back into the sitting room. Sean went over to Brenda and hugged her, she looked over at me and I smiled at her, she smiled back. Sean whispered something into her ears and she smiled with relief.

“Brenda, I do not think I have really thanked you for keeping this one out of trouble for me. Thank you,” I said as I sat down.

“When are you ever going to stop treating me like a little boy? I am a man now, you know. I am a grown man with hair on my chest.”
Everyone burst into laughter then.

They flew back to South Africa the next morning. I later got to know what the big secret was but it was for Sean to tell not me.
I didn’t know what I would do living in an empty house so I hired a nanny and life continued.

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