Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 14

I couldn’t keep the news to myself without telling a family member. I knew the news would soon become public knowledge anyway, so I told my aunt about the situation. She was furious at Marvin and swore to give him hell.

“You have to be more careful in the future. These men are just a bunch of deceivers,” Aunt Betty warned.

“I was careful, aunty. It just happened so fast and I fell in love,” I said.

“Who is the man anyway? You refused to bring him to me. I only talk to him on the phone. In fact, I am going to call him,” she said.

“No, ma. He is not worth it. Aunty, the guy is just a pretender. If you see him you would think he is a perfect gentleman,” Sandra said as she came into the room.

I knew my aunt; she was the kind of person who does not forgive easily. If she ever got to meet Marvin she would make life unbearable for him and I didn’t want that to happen.
I gathered my magazines and went into my bedroom. Sandra had started talking to my aunt about Harry and I was not really in the mood to hear it. I made a long call to my boss in Abuja and begged for an extension of my casual leave.

My aunt bade us goodbye a few minutes later, promising to visit me soon and warned me to take things easy. We saw my aunt to her car and waited till she disappeared out of sight.
Sandra led me back into the house and to the dinning table. She went into the kitchen and came back with a steaming plate of noodles with boiled eggs.

“What on earth would I do without you?” I asked with my mouth full.

“Just eat and shut up,” she replied and went back into the kitchen, and came out with another plate of food and sat down to eat.

“My tip is on Sean. He would have taken the best care of you and you know it,” Sandra replied finally as she ate.

“Now that he is in far away South Africa, how would he have done that?” I queried.

“You would have found a way. Have you told him yet?” Sandra asked.

“No. I don’t want to bother him. He would feel cheated. You know how close he was with Marvin eventually,” I answered. Those two had really hit it off, Marvin had even gone to visit him in far away South Africa a few times.

“So you haven’t told him. Is that fair?” she asked again.

“Please leave that. In my own time I will,” I begged and continued eating.
Harry came later and they went out together. I took the time alone to think, he was still in my thought. I wanted to hate him but the thoughts I had of him wasn’t hate. I was still in that state when I dozed off.

I tried to put Marvin out of my mind but it was not easy. For some reason Sean had developed a liking for my Abuja lifestyle. He would ask questions upon questions with regards to living there, but he always left any direct question about me and Marvin out of his curiosity. That was a relief to me because I knew I wasn’t ready to tell him. Sandra and Harry tried their best to make me ward off my loneliness.

Though, there were times I was left on my own but I just took up the habit of writing. I started writing books, poems, prose, anything that came into my mind. The habit really occupied my time and took my mind off things but it was always short-lived.

One day soon Sean called me and asked if what he had heard from Sandra was true. Something shifted inside me and I felt like Sandra had betrayed me. I told her I didn’t want Sean to hear this until later. My legs and arms went numb because it wasn’t exactly what I was in the mood for. I didn’t want enmity between Sean and Marvin anyway. I reserved my anger for Sandra and thought up something quick to counter what Sandra might have told Sean, but I had to know how much she told him so I asked series of questions from him just to be sure.

I held the phone in my hand and sighed when he finally hung up in anger. He had even sworn he would come over to deal with Marvin himself. I had to stop Sean from coming and Sandra had better think of what to tell him because it was all her fault.

Coincidentally, Sandra came into the house singing, she greeted me airily and sat beside me when I didn’t answer her greetings.

“What happened?” she asked. I looked at her and hissed. She shook me. “What?”

“You have brought up a war,” I said.

“Oh!! Sean probably called you then. The guy deserves to know what has been happening,” she explained, took her bag and prepared to leave. I told her Sean had threatened to come over in order to deal with Marvin, and that she had to do something about it.

“Marvin deserves to be taught a lesson but then Sean doesn’t have to come because of that. It’s a waste of money and not worth it,” she said.

“If that’s all the reason you can give him, just do it,” I said pleadingly.

“It’s not that Marvin doesn’t deserve to be dealt with but I’ll call Sean,” she promised and stood up to leave.

“When are you calling him?” I asked.

“I will call him in my own convenient time. Probably later today,” she said and went into her room.

True to her words, Sandra convinced Sean not to come over. I didn’t know how she did it, knowing how stubborn Sean could be when he had his mind set on something. Sandra told me that Sean said he would call Marvin instead. I still felt uneasy; I was restless and eager to know what transpired between them. I decided to call him when I get back to Abuja. I let the matter rest for the time being.

Two days after I got back to Abuja, I gathered up my curiosity and called Sean.

“Hello sister. I hope this call is not one of those baseless calls you make,” he said jokingly. I relaxed.

“Come on Sean. You know I enjoy talking to you,” I said.

“That’s new. The last time I heard from you, you thought otherwise,” he accused.

“Cut it out Sean. Don’t you act smart with me,” I said angrily.

“I know you wanted to know what I said to Uncle Marvin. We only made some things clear to ourselves,” he said and laughed. “Has he called you yet?”

Why was he laughing? I thought as a deep frown crept to my face. I asked him what it was that they made clear to themselves. Sean continued to laugh and asked if Sandra was around. I had a rush of anger; I felt the urge to slap him across the face if he were to be there with me.

He was a grown man now. It was time for me to just talk things out with him and not tell him what to do. I tried to persuade him to talk but he remained adamant. I lost my patience and told him not to call me again until he decides to tell me what he discussed with Marvin. It was the first time I was actually angry with Sean.

I paced the room, got tired of it and went to sit on the verandah outside my apartment. Maybe he didn’t even call him I thought, but I knew my brother. And his laughter could only mean one thing, something was fishy and I would have to find out what.

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