A Ban on Female Clothing – They are a Threat to Sanity

Some female clothing and wears should be banned! Why? Because they pose an active threat to national security that’s why! Or should I say national sanity! What would you call something that can turn a normally rational man into a slobbering dog in heat? Or distract a professional from the job at hand? I saw the latter first-hand sometime ago.

I am a cinematographer and I was editing a video when I noticed that the camera kept coming back to a girl wearing a particularly,em, distracting skirt in vogue now. As she started walking away, the cameraman stayed on her retreating, eh, back, slowly zooming in before the camera suddenly jerked back to covering event.I could actually hear the poor guy panting! We lost a major part of the event because of this but I couldn’t really blame him. I have seen that skirt in action before and its effect is devastating! Its a threat to sanity! The way it moulds itself to the curves, drawing the eyes irresistibly is highly,em, distracting to say the least. In fact excuse me, I need to go take a cold bath!

13 thoughts on “A Ban on Female Clothing – They are a Threat to Sanity” by Efe Edosio (@EfeEdosio)

  1. these ladies don’t manufacture these clothes for themselves, they want to be in vogue so they buy what’s reigning in the market maybe the clothe-makers ought to consider OUR SANITY whenever they are manufacturing clothes oooooooooooooo………………

    1. Abi o! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hahaha! I ditto innoalifa but then I think we ladies should take note of that. Any woman who goes about half naked have no reverence for God nor respect for herself.

  3. I think nigerian babes should stop imitating rihanna and the beyonce…aint cute when ur butt crack is showing and ur cleaveage blinding everybody…they have taken fashion to a whole new level

    1. LMAO……………..am done! this comment had me.

      1. Babe its true naw..showing thier dirty bra all in the name of flaunting cleavage…noting cute when a babe is showing her butt crack..expecially when the jeans aint fit

        1. Hahhahahahh chai! you too get mouth finish dem ooo……….
          Especially when the jeaans are not fit!!!!

  4. Yes, the manufacturers are producing what is in vogue, But babes too need watch what they buy and wear. Guys function by what they see , so we ladies need to help the guys think straight by dressing modest and decent. I want to believe there are two motives behind all the skippy and revealing clothes , it is basically to mess the minds of guys and make sales.

    1. Help us o! Soon cold baths won’t be enough. lol!
      Thanks for dropping by.

  5. kay (@kaymillion)

    ……………passing by……….

  6. I hate to play devil’s advocate but ehmmm, even if girls are fully covered up there would still be men with straying thoughts.

    In the Middle East there are still cases of rape, prostitution and other sexual vices and yet these women are covered up. It’s not a matter of covering up but a matter of self-control. If a woman covers up, she still has the shape and curves and more often than not you would still see the curves through the clothes. True, women tend to be overly indecent but that doesn’t excuse a man from exercising control over his body.

    You want to tell me that in “Obodo Oyibo” all the girls are covered up?

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