The Airport Hotel And Its Guardian Newspaper

The Airport Hotel And Its Guardian Newspaper

I have been a loyal customer of the Hotel since about twenty years. My most recent visit was in April 2014. I noticed so much impact of downsizing, especially in the front desk area. A hotel is expected to satisfy me in more than just its looks and leisure services.
I have also been quite a fan of the Newspaper for just about the same tenure. However, the paper caused me much rethink of my high regards by the way it treated a report I made in respect of the Hotel about a decade before my recent visit. The impact of that report and the Newspaper treatment of it stared me in the face again during this my most recent visit.
As I watched the Hotel literally gasping for survival breath under the weight of some other or similar seizures of the kind in my report, I wondered what would have happened if the Newspaper had acted for the good of all, rather than to simply cover up the matter.
A group of fraudsters had holed into the Hotel system to operate on its guests. At the time, the hotel had sets of seats in the lobby area for guests waiting to receive room registration. Among the fraudsters was a particular Asian accustomed to surrounding himself with few girls and together filling up one of the sets of seats in this lobby area. Any guests could easily notice that this Asian cheat was often on and off the cell phone.
He also had agents who followed up on his leads and made physical contacts with unsuspecting victims in the hotel room. They obviously had contacts within the Hotel staff who provided them guest information and access. It was also obvious that their whole operation was endangering the hotel business in visible and invisible ways.
These fraudsters had guts. A few of their agents followed me to my base deep in the nation’s middle-belt. That was when I opted to do something and sent a report of their verifiable activity to the Newspaper. And much to my sweet surprise, during my next visits I noticed there were no more guest seating set out in the lobby. It looked like some rescue operation had been done successfully.
I didn’t get to discover where the Newspaper publication happened. I assumed that any Hotel staff likely involved were properly determined and flushed out. And since I did not receive response from the Newspaper, considering the nature of the issues, it seemed proper to let the matter rest at the time.
Then after a long break, I met a virtual shutdown of the accounting unit and the front desk during my most recent visit. It was a sad reminder of that past handling of my report of a bad hole in the hotel system.┬áRichard Maybury served us two simple rules: ‘Do all you have agreed to do, and Do not encroach on other persons or their property’.

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