Welcome….I Missed U

Standing outside the gate of my compound at the early hours of the day,the sun smilling down , I watched the children in uniforms walk to school a few distance from where I was, laughing at their naughtiness and the pranks they played on each other, smiling on my own I remembered when I was also a student, the pranks I and my friends did while going to school and returning at closing hours.

“Chioma! Chioma!” the sweet little voice caught my attention, “take your pencil, I saw it under the table yesterday” He stretched out his arm to give the fair little girl a red and black pencil. “Thank you Fola” she said smiling “My mum asked of it yesterday and I told her that I left it in school” both walked further. I can only sight them from afar now and not hear their conversation. I smiled as I watched them tap each other’s head and laughing at their own act as they entered the school compound.

And I just wondered, “how will Fola feel when he hears that Chioma has gone to her village because there was a war and each man and his family had to return to their homeland, or how will Chioma feel when she hears that Fola was killed when some group of people who are not his tribesmen stormed his residence and killed his family”. These are just ordinary people living their lives peacefully, though conflict might arise but still they settle with each other satisfied and contented. Hmm I thought.

In the afternoon
At noon, looking at the mirror to see how well I have dressed my hair with the things I got from a free ads site, I was distracted by some chuckles of loud laughs, I peeped through the window to catch a glimpse of what was happening. I had been standing at the window for almost 15 minutes without realizing it, I was carried away by the act been displayed by Mallam Ibrahim and the land lord teenage son Wale. They were both trying to mimic Mr Edet who loves to dance in the traditional way , and it was looking more like a competition between the duo on who could do it better. The movements made by Mallam Ibrahim and Wale was just too funny to be ignored.

Realizing that I was preparing to go out, I closed the window to concentrate, quiet on the inside, the imagination still ran through me. I also tried out my own skills looking at myself in the mirror if I could do it better. I bursted into laugh, am not in any way close to it..the etigi dance hmmm.

I appreciated the loving atmosphere of the scene, different tribes yet fun to be with happily. I asked myself angrily why some selfish people would disrupt the peace of others to achieve a greedy objective? Gush! Why will they not settle their dispute as responsible educated men rather than turn it into a fight for all scenes, killing each other and innocent people too?

At night
Its 9:30pm already and am set to sleep. I remembered a popular phrase been said by one of my lectures back in my university days, it was his favorite saying “as you lay your bed, so you shall lie on it”. Looking at my well laid bed with the beautiful printed drawings of pillows with multiple colors, I lay slowly to feel and enjoy the comfort of the bed. Turning to the other side and lying on my left cheek, an empty bed space in front of got me frozen for a while, tears streaming down my eyes. Oh no! I exclaimed, it’s going to be another night to sleep with prayers on my lips and tears in my eyes.

Something big was missing from that bed space, and the knowledge of it cuts me on the inside like a knife. It’s been days now and no traces of her whereabouts; she is not the only one and others too. My night is clouded with worries, tears and confusion, am sick on the inside and my strength is draining out gradually.

I try not to imagine a world without her, I hear the time ticking loudly, I am losing my patience and it’s looking like forever. I hope it passes away with the dark hours of the night as I sleep, but to wake up by faith that she is back in my arms because joy cometh in the morning. I shall arise to see her, feel her and adore her.

Welcome home my sister, I missed you
Welcome home our daughters,
Welcome home mothers of tomorrow.
The world is happy is receive you back.
The world is happy is see you chibok girls safe and sound.

5 thoughts on “Welcome….I Missed U” by Oloruntoba Yetunde (@Olushademi)

  1. Very evocative.

  2. I’m glad…………………..

  3. I luv d imagery. Nice one

  4. @Nalongo: Thanks! am so hopeful about the girls.
    @innoalifa: I am glad that you are glad & lets remain that way…”gladful” lolzzz
    @uzywhyte: Thanks babe.

  5. @Olushademi gladful in anticipation of your next work………….lols

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