A Tale of Nonsense

A Tale of Nonsense

Come! let me decieve you
With gown and beret
Of innocence like born-again christians

‘Cos I’m at the point
Where the three eyed owl
Will narrate the happenings
At the carnival of follies in
The land of the snakes
Where president of my state was
A comical cowboy

I was there as well
So intoxicated with
The beer brewed from
Sweat of grasses and
Tears of insects and

Yes, I was There so intoxicated
I told Mrs. History:
“Excuse me dance.”

She vexed
She was more than sixty
She told me how she first mothered me
In 1343

Being a spoilt prince
Who played with limousines
As toys in 1343

Who gambled with golds
At gladiators den in 1343

Who loved to rinse his hands
In fountain of liquors
After meal after meal in 1343

Mrs. History vexed and reminded me
How I loved to sit on air
For air were growing as trees
In 1343

She reminded me
How I loved to sit on air
And watch the rivers turn grey in the morning
And indigo in the evening
Then black at night in 1343

She reminded me of how
I used to reach for heaven with ladder I borrowed
From Mr. Horrock
As to break block and lick it
Heaven used to be glacier
In 1343

So before you get carried away by this tale
Don’t forget this tale is titled
“A Tale of Nonsense”
In case you want to tell someone else.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Nonsense” by samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

    a beautiful tale of nonsense
    though carrying sense
    in a way admirable
    and maybe adorable…………

      1. Hehehehe @kaycee why are you sighing oooo!!!

        Pls read my series Beautiful Colors Of Sin and make your comment. Thanks as always.

        @innolafia… you ehn! hian! *smiles*

        1. @Tai, weitin happen?………winking……………….

      2. Lordjosh (@Lordjosh)

        That was the best reply to this.

        1. @Lordjosh,
          which kind best reply?
          we no know weitin de hin mind
          make u know hype @kaycee‘s mind oh……..
          make hin talk
          like hin de do as usual………………

  2. Efe Edosio (@EfeEdosio)

    At first I got the feeling that there’s actually some sense in there that’s eluding me but after wracking my head, I just gave up and took it as nonsense. THEN it made sense!

    1. @EfeEdosio, funnily the best reply………….

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