A Smile A Sunrise…

When my heart is down and battered with the thorns of sorrow, not even a barn of happiness sets me free.

All locked up in the darkest, complex large hole in my heart, it is a hole wide enough to drench me in agony, I could only wish for a miracle.

A state of fear…

I become numb with a cold feeling, quiet like a morgue, sad like I mourn and I have no peace.

I once had joy, but that’s in the past…

Whatever took my joy does not know how much it cost, but I am at last rescued!

I was captured with a crucial pain after letting him go, the one I loved, the one I adored.

My heart was damaged! Voluminous continuous outflow of love, I was weak. Words cannot express what I felt, psychologists cannot relate what it was like, and scientist cannot formulate a formula to measure what I felt.

But… my breakthrough, what rescued me from an ended life, what showed me how to locate the sunrise from that very dark corner in my heart was just a SMILE.

One thought on “A Smile A Sunrise…” by Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

  1. a beautiful idea but I’d suggest you work on the structural arrangement of the poem…………………….good job though,,,,,,,,……………..

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