Sacrifice To ÀgÓngÁ

Sacrifice To ÀgÓngÁ

Golden age women mumble,
“Àgòngá has chosen her sacrifice”
while mother’s angrily grumble.
The village of òshuká knows that Àgòngá must be appeased

From the house hold of égbòmí,
their new born.
From the house hold of the king (Èbíkùn),
their only son the (The prince)
From the house hold of Ólòkbón,
their twin girls and their only brother.

As they take their last meal and get their last touch of motherly fill.
Then they enter the shrine were the doors remainder tightly sealed.
Laying on the altar
the priestess get their blood quickly spilled.

The next morning ,
The mourners are consoled as their tears unfold.
“If the spilling of blood will cleanse our land from all these plagues then so be it.”

Year after year
but nature is always repeated.
Conspiracy among the elders and priestess,
Àgòngá never existed.

2 thoughts on “Sacrifice To ÀgÓngÁ” by Kiel (@kiel)

  1. a beautifully constructed traditional poem………… the flow……..

  2. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @kiel, I like this. Well done.

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