Though undead I am, mythless

I miss the stars at night, speechless

The aura of the sun, endless

Nature I appreciate

Its beauty you can’t negotiate


By and by it’s perfect

You can never slow it down, respect

What it’s made of, do continue to inspect

For we knoweth not how the mighty one works

Gather your pens, get cartons of chalks


Helpless is he who tries to analyze

For his medulla all shall disorganize

The faster he adores, the best he realize

That the work of nature is unbeatable

Re-modeled though it be, it’s unchangeable


Green we want and scream

Whatever happened to it? , Him!

Yes, man changed its hue with his “cream”

It was greener and far better

We claim it’s best but for self satisfaction, does it really matter?


Cry not I may

But staked, here I lay

Man made night and day

Scared be the moon of thy light

Would it ever be what was? But to hope I hold on tight


4 thoughts on “Nature…” by Elizabeth (@ElizabethII)

  1. trying to capture nature’s grandeur… nice!

  2. thanks :)

      re-reading your poem
      keeps beautifying my mental screen
      filling my mouth with foam
      of words rich meaning unseen……………..

      1. Thanks a lot :)
        I’m smile-crying…

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