Forgive me SHIRLEY.

Forgive me SHIRLEY.

forgive me SHIRLEY

“ I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t even look in the mirror without seeing her, do you think I’m  myself?, …I mean I know am not psycho but…”

Kunle starred at me without saying a word. He must think I have totally lost it.

Welcome to my once was perfect life, yes!

My name is Aderonke Adepoju, a  post graduate student in a renowned private University . Myself, Kunle and late friend Shirley Ike were very close friends back in the University but unfortunately the hands of death just hand to take a grip on Shirley. We also had a not so close friend Michael; so gentle and would never hurt a fly personality; well we parted ways during service year.

Shirley Ike, the GUY of us all was quite simple, rich but tough in her approach to doing things,you might say that egun Igbo (Igbo Power). That Igbo power was incomparable with death’s.

Who the killer is happens to be on my conscience.  I promised Shirley I’d avenge her death, I believe those were like the words you say  when you lose one who is like a sister.

The longer  it  becomes without vengeance, the more her ghost haunts.

“Look!”   Kunle says, pulling me out of my reverie, “ I know how hard it’s but you have to let the dead  rest, What is it with you and Shirley?, I’m beginning to think you have something, in fact a lot to it..”

“!”  I cut in sobbing  , “that’s so, so ridiculous, You  of all people know I can’t “

“Can’t or didn’t , maybe you ‘re acting out your unconscious impulses …oh! I  bet you had a perfect alibi” he says clapping his hands.

“Oh! My God, Shirl…ey, please do forgive me”   .

“See!… Shirley do forgive her!, you now begging for forgiveness, Heaven knows you had something to do with her death… Why am I even here, what was I here for?”   Kunle left my room banging the door behind while departing.

“Shir..ley!, Oh I am done for’’  I said to myself crying.

Last day of Service year Shirley came down with an unforeseen sickness and the following day she died. What exactly caused this fast and mysterious sickness, no one knew. We all speculated, cried and oh so good ; carried on with our academic and social life. Except the fact that I am not part of the “WE” that forgot. I am still standing on the promise I made to my dear friend.

“Mummy O ti su mi o..he! se mi o ti r’ogo bayi “  I said talking to my mum on phone . ‘’ It’s now gotten to that point…Kun..Kunle …”

“ Calm down and talk Ronke,  what are you fed up about?” she asks.

“Kunle believes I had a hand in the death of Shirley”.

“Oh no no!, see ! I warned you about trying to avenge, would you come over to my office tomorrow and let us chat “

“Iya Ronke, all I see is Shirley,to drink water, look in the mirror , even my new neighbor downstairs looks like her except she’s married and older“ I explain sobbing.

“This is serious,  you really need to pray more and be careful, I  pray this wouldn’t disrupt your  academics, seeing your personal life’s  a mess.”

“Thanks a lot mum, I ‘d come around tomorrow”. I said and ended the conversation.

I took my leave of the sitting room to my bedroom.

“…Dear God what exactly is this, is Shirley trying to tell me something, am I still doing the best thing trying to avenge her,  does it mean I had a hand in her death?”  I thought lying on my bed.

“Hey babe how’s it going, how you doing” these were the words I heard as I picked up my phone rubbing my palm over my face,  I must have dosed off.

Oh Kunle again!…

“Hello, oh hi, how may I help you?, Kunle I thought ..”

“Yes, you would be helping by coming downstairs, time to go n catch fun “  he cuts in.

“Hey, fun aiite ? “ I said feigning ignorance and drowsiness.

”Please forget about what I said earlier and be a good sister okay, else I’d call your neighbor to do the deed”

“Kunle, you wouldn’t dare! , Ok, ok, just give me some minutes to  freshen up and then dress up”

“Women and “ en up” words!  dear , bathen up and hurryen u…I’d be waitingen up” he said chuckling and hung up.

“Oh my my, bless his pure heart, he is a life saver  but I still stand to wonder where words of that hour came from, the uncommon Kunle Imaseun… “ I thought dressing up.

Kunle Imaseun  A.k.a  Kunle is friendly, detest lies  and anti- feminism, give him anything  jollof  rice; you become his pal, he loves seeing movies and good music but he is so temperamental and sanguine in nature.

We had lots of fun and departed late at night, he; going home happily and me back to being me in my Shirley state.  Kunle now has a name for my moody state:  SHIRLRYIKE state.

NEXT DAY, I paid a visit to my mum’s office as it was the closest to the University in comparism to my parent’s house.

“Oh dear, look how pale you are, please don’t tell me you’ve been skipping meals” she  asked.

“ Good morning ma, and no, I haven’t” frankly stating.

“Hmmn?!, you haven’t and you are this pale…Maybe you should come and spend some days  with us while we assess you, Ronke this is so so ridiculous”.  “Speaking of , Michael  asked after you yesterday, he came around with his dad to pay a curtsy visit, he might even come to say hi to you one of this days ” my mum said with a devilish grin.

“Muum!,  don’t tell me you are now playing matchmaker and besides Michael is not my type….he is a lot but definitely not my sorts.”

“Pray tell what your type is, my dear, believe me, I’m not trying to preach but remember you’re…”

“ female”  I said interrupting her before she goes into the myrriage thing as I prefer to call it.

“ Ma ale I don hear, the mata  na Shirley  issue abi we noh go find solution for am again?”

“I do remember, well all we’d  do is continue to pray, with time all would be made clear and resolved, I can’t go fetish because of a ghost as you said”.

“I explained everything to Reverend father Peter during Mass on Sunday and he made a promise to continually put you in his prayers, you should go see him soon…oh, lest I forget, there’s this meeting I’d be having soon, but be rest assured I’d be here whenever you need me ok ”

“What can I do without you?!” . I said giving her a hug

We both  left her Office  for our respective destination. I went for an afternoon  lecture and made for home immediately it ended.

Parking my car as usual, I met my neighbor and her husband; they were on their way out to a friend’s as they explained while exchanging pleasantries.

“Oh dear I forgot my purse” I overheard my neighbor say.

“Ronke , remember ! you are running out of time!”  Shocked to the marrow, I turned around and saw my neighbor a.k.a  Mrs.  Sade Idghile .

“Ma’am, were you talking  to me? …Time? ‘’  I asked looking around  and shocked.

“Yes you, time! Vengeance, Shirley!!! “Aderonke Iwalewa Adepoju…Vengeance!!!” shesaid

“you…you …you just called… know my full name!”  I asked perplexed.

She looked at me with scorn and burst into an hysterical laugh  .

I couldn’t wait to get another line of her words; instead I took to my heels and ran as fast as my legs could.



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    the one Yoruba expression in the story
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