Find Iyanda Feranmi Oluwatobi


Imagine there’s no greed
A world where you want for me
As much as you want for yourself

No one will take away my dear sister
Our well beloved colleague
From ‘our world of love’
To leave us with an illusion
An illusion of what peaceful coexistence should be.

You’ll not sob in the dark
While I wear a fake smile
To the exam hall
(Short of one candidate)

Your efforts may tell the world
That she’s missing
Your prayers will do more than a little
To confuse her wicked host

I also hope,
That my writing will remind you
That our minds will find no rest
Till together we
And the 234 Chibox Girls

One thought on “Find Iyanda Feranmi Oluwatobi” by ADEBOTE (@ADEBOTE)

  1. Wherever they are, the Chibok girls say thank you for being concerned about them… let’s hope to find them o… they are precious to us…

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