That temperament of judgment, hidden be

Every warning, heeded be?

Seeing all, time traveler

Obeying all told by the master

That raging channel, hot

touch not the anointed else thou be hurt

the unknown pronounced Known

the dead  announced living

Sunken, higher and a flown

time changer, life saving

“I see that which is yet to come

I know he who is yet unborn “

All claims to have the SPIRIT

Be it conspicuous or secret

Every man is sacred to himself

Referring to an acclaimed master as “himself ‘’

That name to be praised but not called

Go beyond the Ordinary

Achieve more mastery

Else your power and soul be in bond

The realms of mystery

What it does is uncontrollable

All in the name to attain that “level”

A graveside made of Mable

State it not  be true, end would justify my  fable

that so called state of holiness

that so called level of godliness

All others impure, marked clean-less

You are asked to come for spiritual empowerment

That differential improvement

runes read , search for the unknown

conscience  evanesce

An Ouija board of  destruction, yet you predict peace

Who is he wise enough to see tomorrow?

Let him say and be cast away

Let him come forth and be slayed

Still we boast of unknown forces relayed

If lower gods spite the creator

What becomes of other creatures?

What becomes of men cajoled into empowerment?

Those five-lettered words mold out of destruction

Let it not make sense

But my son; ti’s your license

Amongst men seeking that which is not lost

but search astray, they most

Hmmn…, look around you, nature speaks

Like a whiff, its fear reeks

Why ask me, ask the creator

I am just an Orator

I speak when “” has spoken

I spake before all goes broken

Look into the book of life,in case

Thus; I rest my case.

5 thoughts on “être…” by Elizabeth (@ElizabethII)

  1. Nice but I’d suggest you sometimes write in stanzas……….

    1. Yes boss…learning continues
      Merci… :)

  2. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Etre, that french phrase ‘to be’ reminds me of my conjugation attempts–it was what called my attention to this work—expected more though,but well done.

    1. Merci monsieur :) …that tension you get when your teacher says A turn conjugate…lol
      thanks for reading but maybe, just maybe, re-reading would help…

      1. so sorry… ” A ,it’s your turn to conjugate”…

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