Bring Back Our Daughters

I carried her for nine months

Through the rain and the harmattan

I held her when she was sick

Burning with fever and crying

I watched her sleep and wondered

What her dreams were made of

She has been taken away

Carried off in her sleep

In the dead of the night

By men holding machine guns

I wasn’t there to protect her

I wasn’t there to hold her

And calm her fear

There are no words for my pain

I can not sleep, thinking

What she has to endure

Her despair, her sorrow

And the fate of her friends

My tears couldn’t tell you

What my life has become

My heart is shattered

In pieces that are scattered

And will not be whole again

My heart is broken

For my daughter, my life, my soul

Bring her back safe

Bring her back

Bring back our daughters.

13 thoughts on “Bring Back Our Daughters” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    #Bringbackourgirls!!! thank you for sharing this…Another weapon and attempt to conscientise our government to double up their search efforts..

  2. Thanks for reading @sambrightomo. These young women need to be reunited with their families and until they are, it is our duty to spread awareness and keep them in the news.They can not be forgotten. Future generations will judge us on what we are doing to help them today. It should matter to all of us. Here is why in an article on CNN:
    Keep talking about them, change your facebook cover,use the hashtag #bringbackourgirls.Everything matters.Do not let them down!

  3. Words fail me on this issue too. Thank you for sharing, @jefsaraurmax

    1. Thanks for reading @febidel.

  4. a beautiful poem by Batsirai Chigama

    and a website with info:

    Don’t let them be forgotten!#bringbackourgirls

  5. Seeing the misery and melancholia that have wrinkled our faces… I sat wondering when THESE ALL WILL STOP…

    @JEFSARAURMAX, thumbs up for keeping our girls on your mental screen. We love them; we cherish them; we value them; we care for them; WE WANT THEM BACK…*sobbing*

    1. @innoalifa, thanks for reading and for your comment.
      Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in the US and I can’t help but thinking about them and their parents. We need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. And we need to keep them talked about so the effort to find them doesn’t dwindle as we know the news are fickle.

      1. @jefsaraurmax, my belated Mother’s Day wishes, would have dropped some words earlier but was off due to an ailment… still wondering whether our cries will be heard #bringbackourgirls

        1. @innoalifa, thank you.I hope you feel better.Every day that passes with them still not back is worrying me.I worry about what they are eating,where they are sleeping and what kind of hygiene and privacy they have.I am worried that every day that passes will leave a deeper scar in their memory.Also as a mother I ache for their parents who must be in agony.I can not foresee an easy solution. I don’t think negotiating with terrorists/criminals is the solution as it will encourage more crimes of the same nature.But what else can we do? They need to be back home as soon as possible.Already CNN has stopped talking about them.I am going to a protest in Miami tomorrow.I don’t know if this will have any result but I can’t just sit there.It is painful to be so powerless when children are taken away.I wish I could do more.I know that I will not rest until they are safe at home with their parents.May our pleas and prayers be heard.

          1. @jefsaraurmax, #bringbackourgirls has been the slogan everywhere but the kidnappers seemed deaf to all our pleas and cries… hope they get released because they are part of the future that is Nigeria and the world… may your protest in Miami yield some results… I’m kind of imagining myself kidnapped; not something to pray about… take care…

  6. The mothers of these girls will not eat or sleep. Nor will they be able to rest.
    Let us do what we can on social networking sites. It isn’t about religion, politics or the North/South sentiments.
    This is every mothers’ worst nightmare.

  7. @olajomuke,it breaks my heart every day to know that they haven’t been released yet.
    This is everybody’s duty; keep them talked about.If you can go safely to a protest, do it.If you can’t, change your profile picture on Facebook or spread the word about #bringbackourgirls.We can not rest until they are safe at home.A world where criminals can snatch kids in the middle of the night and get away with it, is not a world I want to leave as a legacy to my children.

  8. I meant @olajumoke, I apologize.

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