Best Love Stories Ever To Be Told! – Episode 5:

Running a relationship without the full acceptance of your friends is very very dangerous. When your friends start telling you your relationship with your partner won’t work out well… need to watch out. I really don’t know why my friends didn’t support my relationship with Darasimi. They really liked her but they just never felt anything good about her. Of course, they didn’t like the way she was treating me and they never adviced me to break up with her cuz they knew it would affect me so bad. Darasimi does not greet my friends. My friends never complained about that. Even me sef, she no dey greet me if we jam each other anywhere.

I invited Darasimi over to my house the next day I forced her out of my house. I apologized for reacting the way I reacted the previous night. But, I made it clear to her that we were running an unhealthy relationship. I explained in the best way I could, not making her feel like a ‘devil’ and not getting her angry. I told her every thing she does that I didn’t like. I also asked her what I was doing wrong that made her reciprocate my love for torture, and hatred.

I begged her for forgiveness and also assured her that I’ve forgiven her of all the things she has done to me. I told her we should start all over again. I wanted a relationship her friends will envy. For the first time, Darasimi opened up and revealed to me that she did all she did cuz she did not want history to repeat itself. I had known that my suffering was as a result of what she suffered in the hands of her ex-boyfriend…..I had always known that there was something behind all she was doing. I’ve heard of relationships where the gurl’s love is been taken for granted by the guy…..the reverse was my case.

Darasimi didn’t promise to change buh told me she needed to take her time. I love Darasimi’s eyes…..especially when she talks…..the way she flips her eyes open and close intoxicates me. God knows I truly loved Darasimi with my every being. That night after she left my house, I sent her a heart-melting message on facebook…..I do this almost everyday. In my message, I renewed my love for her, told her I was ready to face and tolerate anything from her if that would make her my wife and the mother of my children. Darasimi replied my message telling me she really loved me and would always make me happy…..I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. I slept that night feeling very happy. For the first time after a very long time, I walked into my office the next morning looking very fresh and excited again.

Darasimi and I made it a tradition to always meet in my house every Sunday. She would come after Church service and leave like around 8pm. The 1st three Sundays went well, no issues, no problems, no ‘mute mode’…..I was so happy that I’d eventually put the enemies to shame. Darasimi knew so much about me, I told her everything she needed to know, even the things my family didn’t not know about me, I told her EVERYTHING willingly. She does not like sharing things about her family with me. Sometimes, I always wanna know by force, buh if she insists, I’ll ‘hands up’. She knew the security code to unlock my phone. But, I didn’t know hers. She never gave me her phone freely, and I was never bothered. This alone should give me enough reason not to trust her, but I trusted her, even when I was not supposed to.

I really loved Darasimi so much that it got to a point that something out of nowhere would just wake me up early in the morning, like around 5am…..and I would have nothing to do than think of Darasimi….rolling on my bed saying all sorts of things about her…..all to myself. I’ll do this till 6:30am and then go on facebook and drop a lovely message in her inbox of which she replied sometimes, after hours. By 7am, I would be out of bed to prepare for work. This continued EVERY BLESSED DAY. I had to force myself to stop it before it gets out of hand…..cuz it was no longer NORMAL.

I’m very ambitious and hard working, due to this I had some projects I was nurturing back then. Darasimi knew them all, I used to tell her in detail the progress, the challenges and come what may. Even though she never asked how far as she seemed not to be interested in any of my projects at all, I still kept her updated always. I could remember a night she was with me in my house, and after playing her a video of one of my projects, I asked her what she felt about it, my Darasimi just carry her face comot like “Na rubbish you dey do about”. I just smiled and continued loving HER.

Days passed, Weeks went by, Darasimi and I kept going strong, most especially online…..we were the best lovers on social network. But in the real world, we were like strangers. We would chat for hours, never getting bored. But whenever she was with me in my house, I would surely sleep….and she would be seated right there with me watching me till I wake up. The first time this happened, I felt so sorry for our relationship…..I knew at that very moment that we would not last forever. My own girlfriend, with me in my house, we had nothing to gist about, we were both bored and all I could do was sleep off unknowingly? I’m a very jovial person, there has never been a dulling moment with me. I knew chatting with Darasimi frequently wouldn’t help our relationship to click well. That was why I always find time for us to be together. I wanted to make things happen and limit the time we spend on Facebook or 2go chatting. “Matured relationship is not done online; it is seeing each other and having wonderful moments together.” This was exactly what I wanted….wonderful moments together. Unfortunately, Darasimi and I were not made to enjoy wonderful moments together.

I think the reason we always had great moments together online was because she told me YES online. So, since the relationship began on a chatting site, it could only be sweet and smooth on a chatting site…..Hmmmmmmm.

My relationship with Darasimi eventually became an ON and OFF type. She was a very SWEET LOVER GIRL online, but a BORING SOUL offline. There was something she enjoyed doing whenever she came around on Sundays…..ruining my mood 20 minutes before leaving. She would ruin it to the extent that I wouldn’t be willing to see her off. And after like an hour she had gone, when I find her online, I would still be the one to HOLLA at her. If I didn’t, Darasimi would never say Hi! All she would do is go on facebook and post updates that are not straight forward…..buh, I always knew those updates were for me.

I never kissed Darasimi. There was an evening I will forever live to remember in my life. I have never asked for a kiss from a lady in my life. I have never begged a lady for a kiss in my entire life. But, that evening there was nothing I didn’t do to get a kiss from Darasimi, I didn’t get it ooo. I felt we had gotten to the stage where little romance should be enjoyed in our relationship, so I decided to ask for a kiss amid all fears. At first, I thought she didn’t wanna give in freely so that I wouldn’t think she was cheap. But, after days of trying, then I knew romance will never be a factor in our relationship. This was disheartening to me as I am the type who really love ROMANCE more than SEX. But, Darasimi hated BOTH. She told me herself when we were chatting that she does not like kissing. What was I supposed to do? NOTHING! Abi, I sha cant force her…, I have to bear my cross. And continue loving her wholeheartedly.

Again, I wasn’t enjoying my relationship with Darasimi. I didn’t wanna complain….so that it will not be like my own gan sef is too much. And reminding myself of my promise to face and tolerate all of her attitude, I was not gon complain. But, one thing was for sure – I knew what I wanted and I was not ready to give up until I get it. I have a big Auntie whom I trusted very much in my office. She was my senior colleague. I decided to relate everything that was going on between I and Darasimi to her. She was so mad at me that how would I have kept such a thing from her for a very long time. She felt pity for me and gave me a tactic which she said if I make use of it maturely, I’ll bring Darasimi back to her senses. She asked me if I had another girlfriend apart from Darasimi….I had none.

I was single as at the time I met Darasimi. Although, my projects has drawn some couple of ladies to me….buh I just couldn’t do it….I simply can’t share my LOVE for Darasimi with another lady. It wouldn’t even work. My senior colleague, who was actually a married woman but still young told me to find myself a lady who can make me happy while I ignore Darasimi for a period time. She said ladies do not love to be abandoned and neglected. She made it clear to me that it wouldn’t be that easy for me to do , that was why she told me to get another lady who will replace Darasimi for the time being. So, whenever I am missing Darasimi or feeling lonely and wants someone to pet me, I’ll call up my new lady. And if after this, Darasimi does not come looking for me to get me back, I should just LET HER GO…..that means she never loved me.

I agreed to ignore and neglect everything about Darasimi for a period of time, but I disagreed to having anything to do with another lady during this period. I will NEVER do such, not until Darasimi says she’s no longer interested.

I informed a very close friend of mine about what I was about to do in my relationship with Darasimi. He doubted if I would be able to do it…..even if I would, it wont last for a long period of time cuz we both knew Darasimi will not come looking for me and once I discover that Darasimi is not doing anything to get our relationship back on track, it was sure I’ll go look for her because EVERYONE knew I was never ready to lose Darasimi.

It took me almost 2 weeks before I finally decided to make use of my senior colleague’s tactic.

But, did it work as expected?

…to be continued!

Written by The Charming Humble Nice Guy.
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  1. Waiting to find out if it worked.

  2. @Mc_Jawbone, hoping to see Darasimi and her lover reunited…

  3. I wouldn’t pray for my enemies to experience the kind of torture Darasimi has subjected the MC to..
    Waiting to see the productivity of this newly found Tactics.

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