Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 7

I didn’t want to drive but they had all nagged me, they said I just wanted to give an excuse not to go. I was tired but a part of me didn’t really want to stay at home that night. So without complaining too much, off we went.
It was a slow drive, I realized how such a bad idea it had been when I found myself getting sleep on the wheels. I smiled to myself and yawned again; friends dying together, I thought. The others complained about the yawns except Sandra who told me that she wasn’t ready to die, that I should concentrate harder. I was trying to concentrate but I was really tired. I listened and followed Timmy’s instructions, and I was surprised when she told me to stop the car in front of a mansion, in a very ‘elite’ looking estate.

“Are we there? Someone else should come and drive o,” I complained and yawned.

“No one would have to drive. This is Marvin’s house. We’ll park your car here and go in his,” Timmy said.

“Hian, how are we supposed to fit in? Aall five of us.” I queried.

Sandra told me to keep quiet and get my butt out of the car.
“Lovely. This house is beautiful. I can’t wait to meet your cousin,” Cindy exclaimed. “Just lovely.”

“Thanks, I guess,’ Timmy said, and eyed Sandra who just shrugged.

“Okay, bring Mr. Marvelous out and let’s get it over with,” I said and yawned loudly.

“You had better stop it. Don’t give him that stupid attitude of yours,” Timmy admonished.

“Yes ma’am,” I said and yawned so loudly that they all burst into laughter and I smiled.

Timmy brought out her phone and called Marvin’s number. We were directed to come in, and someone opened the gate and I drove into the compound.

The compound was very big; well manicured lawns, carefully trimmed hedges; one was even shaped like a swan. The open garage had two cars, one Avalon and the newest Range Rover jeep. I unconsciously glanced at the others and my stare settled on Cindy; she had this look on her face, and I smiled. It was her ‘I have landed a big fish’ look. We got out of my car and went inside; Cindy was just looking around like a village girl brought into a missioner’s quarters for the first time. It was obvious the view mesmerized her and Bimbo had to pull her through the door.


Marvin had good taste and the place felt like a lot of money had gone into play to achieve the interior designer’s style. As we tried to find our way around, we found a maid in a white uniform waiting in the sitting room with a tray of bottled juice, cups and snacks. She told us “Oga go soon join una” and left.

“He had better hurry before I fall asleep on one of these beautiful couches,” I said.

“Alice!!!” Sandra said warningly.
“I’m sorry. I’m tired, I told you but you didn’t listen to me,” I said and smiled. “Nice place though.”

“You can say that again,” Cindy said walking around the big sitting room.
I looked around and knew it would have cost Marvin a small fortune to furnish the place. The settee was made of nice Italian leather, the rug was Indian-like and the blinds looked Chinese. One side of the wall had the newest movement sensitive Samsung plasma over a wall paper design that was definitely Arabian. The place smelt expensive too, and somehow if also felt welcoming to me.

“Beautiful décor your cousin have here, Timmy. He really has a nice taste,” I commented as I felt the couch I was sitting on.

“Thank you very much,” Marvin said as he came into the room. “From you, I’m so flattered.”

“Don’t let it get into your head,” I said under my breath and Sandra frowned and pulled at my cloth.

“Good evening,” they all said.

“This place is beautiful,” Cindy commented with her flirty smile.

“Thanks. I’m sorry for keeping you pretty girls waiting. I just had to look good, probably get into the good books of a pretty girl tonight,” Marvin said smiling at me. I looked away.

“You do look good,” Cindy said going towards him. “I’m Cindy.”
Marvin said Hello.

“Marvin, this is Sandra, Bimbo, Cindy has just introduced herself and that is Alice, the birthday girl, you guys met earlier,” Timi said laughingly.

“Of course we met, but not the way I liked, I must say,” I said as I stood up to shake his outstretched hands and that was when I took a good look at him.

Marvin was a man of average height. Not as tall as Jamal though but he was more muscular, dark and really handsome with his well- toned skin. He had a lovely set of teeth that made his smile beautiful. He was clean shaven and smelt very nice. He had on a pair of jeans, a purple Ralph Lauren T-shirt and black sandals.

“I don’t think I will be okay with just a hand shake. I need a hug to say thank you for coming,” he said and I hugged him to Sandra’s amazement, I caught her stare and smiled.

“I think we should leave now,” Cindy said. Timmy and Sandra looked at her and frowned.

“So, are we going in my car or what?” Marvin asked as I moved away from him.

“We came in Alice’s car,” Sandra said.

“I don’t think Al would want us to exhaust her fuel when we can go in other cars,” Marvin replied, looking at me.

“Well, the name is Alice. Who am I to stop you from being generous?” I replied, “If you car can take all of us.”

“Alice!” Sandra said as she stood up.
“What? Don’t do that again,” I warned and walked towards the door.

“who said anything about these cars?” Marvin said and brought out his phone. We looked on as he spoke to someone about a car and champagne.
“Okay, let’s go then. Cindy, you look awesome,” Marvin said and held Cindy’s hand.

“Thank you. I know that,” Cindy replied and held onto his arm.

“Oh please,” Timmy and Sandra said. Cindy smiled and winked at them.

“Jumai! We are on our way. Lock up after we are gone,” Marvin said as the maid entered.

“I don hear Oga,” she replied. “Have fun, sir.”

When we got outside we chatted for a few minutes and then there was a honk from outside the gate. The gateman hurried to open the gate and the said car was driven in.

We were going clubbing in a stretch limo. I could literary see Cindy melting to the floor.
“Wow, now this is style,” Bbimbo commented.

“I know, and it’s mine too,” Marvin said looking at me. I rolled my eyes and moved towards the car. I was impressed but I didn’t want him to see it on my face.

“Can we please leave already. I need to dance sleep out of my body, people!”

We all got into the car, with Cindy making sure she was holding fast to Marvin. There was champagne but I didn’t want to drink so I declined when I was offered and off we went to embrace the Lagos night life.

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  1. Marvin seems to be a show off.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. He just wants to have the attention of someone and he got it right? Might not the one he wanted though. **smiless**

      Thanks for the comment, anyhoo…
      We still have a long way to go. Please keep reading. Thank you.

  2. Cindy cindy cindy….na wa oh

    Wish men like marvin exist around my side of the world..hmmm

    1. Hahahaaha… men like that are only found in our fictitious mind, dear. if they exist, their ego would twice their sizes just like it read to nalongo *smiles*

      Cindy, right? That babe tire me ooo. **thumbs up**

      Thank for reading and leaving a comment.

      1. Very true…thier ego will be the size of titanic..

        Always good to read your stories..please try and be more constant abeg

  3. @Tai, I enjoyed, Marvin is an interesting dude even though he tried playing to the gallery…

  4. A very interesting story. Well enjoyed and well written
    **thumbs up** biko.

    1. Thank you @pkc. I appreciate your comment.

  5. Veey interesting story but pls always proof read…jquite a lot of typos.
    For example…………when I found myself getting sleep (asleep?) on the wheels. I….

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